Richard as Thorin Oakenshield in the upcoming Peter Jackson project “The Hobbit.”
The polar opposite of the smouldering Sir Guy. Sweet, sunny, funny Harry Kennedy.
This was the character that first captivated my attention. Are you surprised?

 I have played around with the idea of having my own blog for a while. So here it is: a very non-techie writer’s foray into the 21st century. I am starting this site after being inspired by the blogs I read regularly; blogs tied together by one thing. Or should I say by one man–Richard Armitage, the actor.

Richard was recently named “One to Watch” by MTV. For me, he earned that title when I saw him as Guy of Gisborne in the BBC’s 2006 re-tooling of “Robin Hood.”

Frankly, I found  their vision of Robin Hood for a new generation a smug, arrogant, self-glorifying, petulant creature who in no way impressed me as a hero. On the other hand, the smouldering henchman, the sheriff of Nottingham’s right-hand man, did make an impression on me.

 Initially, it was the looks that got my attention–tall, broad-shouldered with long, long legs and everything encased in black leather. Dark hair that flopped fetchingly over his brow, amazing blue eyes fringed in thick lashes and lined with kohl, a distinctive aquiline nose and the best smirks I had ever witnessed.

Slinking through the castle corridors like a great black cat, snarling at the populace defying the sheriff’s orders, he was one big bad handsome man indeed.

Ah, but beneath all that masculine beauty was something else: talent.

Whilst the good looks first got my attention, it was the incredible talent of this actor that hooked me; his ability to express so much with a mere flicker of an eyelid, a raised brow, the curl of a lip. He was good, this one. I was definitely intrigued.

I began to seek out more of his work. I saw him in quick succession as John Thornton in North & South, Harry Kennedy in the Vicar of Dibley and John Standring in Sparkhouse. And I was completely and utterly blown away. How was the same actor who brought us the Sultan of Swagger, Sir Guy, able to also play so convincingly a shy and awkward Yorkshire farmhand, a proud Victorian mill owner and a sweetheart of an accountant who experiences love at first sight?

He wasn’t just good. He was great, a veritable chameleon onscreen. And that voice! Deep, earthy, warm. Aural chocolate. Yum.

 I had discovered a detailed and nuanced character actor inhabiting a leading man’s face and body. I became a fan in a way I never have been for any other actor, buying every DVD I could obtain of his work, visiting sites devoted to RA, trying to learn as much as I could about this particular British actor.

I have been writing about RA for several years, posting occasional essays at my Live Journal blog. In December 2008, I posted my first piece of fan fiction inspired by Richard’s incredible performance as Lucas North in Spooks. That ficlet was well-received enough to encourage me to continue.

Now I have multiple multi-chapter fanfics under my belt. A few months ago, I stumbled–and I do mean stumbled–into making slideshow fanvids. Did I mention this behavior can become addictive?

Closing in on 120 fanvids, I can certify it can. And it all comes down to Richard Armitage, and the effect he has on me. An effect that has been experienced by lots of other fans. The Armitage Effect is powerful, even life-changing; it’s mysterious and amazing.  Why Richard Armitage, why this one particular British actor over all others?

I am not completely sure. For me, he’s magic. Life-affirming. A creative muse. He’s led me to do things I probably would have never done otherwise.

Like starting this blog. Every entry won’t be about RA, but most will. Oddly enough, so many “roads” in my life of late seem to lead in one way or another to Richard Armitage. Am I obsessed? Yeah, I think so.

But in a good way.

Why Richard Armitage?

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    • We had wordpress for our site at the newspaper, but I mostly just did word processing and loaded photos to the onine photo gallery. Didn’t get to play with all the bells and whistles. 😉

      Thanks for commenting! 😀

  1. Congratulations! That’s a lovely first post. You know perfectly well that I (and many others) share your obsession.

    • Hello, darling,

      Yes, when I could not sleep last night, I went ahead and signed myself up and wrote the post this morning. (Don’t worry-I have another 500 words of TL&TP done as well . . .) All in all, as obsessions go–I think it’s an awfully nice one to have. Thanks!

  2. Welcome to WP!!! I finally caved a while back…but RA is a sidenote in my world. I know. Sacrilege. What can I say? Not sure if I ever sent my link out tho, now that I think about it. Come visit the farm!!

    And you may get a small helping of RA at some point!??? 😀

    BTW…ArmitageEffect? I have NO idea what you’re talking about… *maniacal laughing in the background*

    • Howdy, girl,

      Thanks for supplying the link to your blog! Amazing how RA slips in when you least expect it. 😉 I have a new fan at YT who just discovered Richard last month and it’s been fun introducing her to the Armitage Effect. 😀

  3. Congratulations on starting this new blog Angie!! You know you will have an avid follower in me, don’t you!! 😀

    BTW, thanks for the lovely birthday greeting you left for me over at! Glad you liked the picture I chose of our darling Lucas! 😉

  4. I.m so happy you have a blog. I am a huge Armitage fan and it’s true he is magic. I adore your vids. Could you give the links for your vids and fanfics ?
    Thank you for your talent and Ienjoy reading more !

    (Excuse my english but it is not my mother tongue)

    • Thank you so much, Nadia. 😀 Can we ever get too much of Richard? I am glad you are enjoying my vids. My vids can be found at YouTube at and at vimeo (where there are a number of vids not found at YT) at and my fan fiction is at Live Journal and also can be found at DreamerFiction, which requires membership (let me know if you are interested).

      And your English is just fine. 😀

      • I have already read some of your fanfics (they were , oh la la, great) and I am very truly interested being a membership.. Let me know how to proceed if you allow it . Thanks, thanks.
        OMGuy, why did I purchase “North and South”. I was lost .
        Regards from Belgium.

        • Nadia,

          Hello from Alabama, USA!
          I love the “oh la la great” description 😀

          If you want to give me the username you would like to use at Dreamer Fiction, I will proceed to contact the admins at DF (if you are familiar with Richard Armitage Net, Ali and Hedgey manage both sites) and I will share your email with DF admins so they can touch base with you as needed. There is quite a large variety of fanfic featuring RA’s characters there.


          • Hi Angie,

            I don’t know if I ever got back to you about Dreamer Fiction? My username is kathryngaul (so it’s easy for me to remember!!!!) and, if you need my email address, just let me know, please.

            I’d really like to get into reading more fanfic and, with your talent, yours would be amazing.



            • You didn’t, kathryn . . . I will submit your username to Hedgey. As the blog admin, I have your email addy so no worries. She was having some issues with a sick child recently and I am not sure if all that is resolved, but it took her longer to get some other names I submitted registered, just a heads-up.

              Well, I don’t know that it’s amazing, but readers do seem to find my stuff entertaining and good page-turners. And as Carlw would say, “very spicy.” 😉

      • Dear Angie,
        How sweet your are ! Oh yes, you can share my email with DF Admins. My username would be Nadia.
        You know I’ve transferred your fanfics on my Kindle and I can read them in my kitchen, in the train, in my bed … That looks insane but isn’t the RAeffect ?

        Merci et amitiés de Belgique

  5. Angie, just discovered you have this blog. Congratulations!! It’s a natural step for you to take with your writing talents. I look forward to reading your posts; so much of what you say about Richard and the Armitage Effect is true for me too.

    • Hey, Mezz,
      You know what they say about great minds, don’t you? 😉 As I said in another reply, writing is a compulsion for me now (and one I enjoy) . . . after writing regularly for a decade for the paper and fanfic for more than three years, it just seemed like the right thing to do. And hopefully there is room for more
      RA blog out in cyberspace!! 😀 Thanks!!

      • OT, but our great minds are definitely thinking alike! I’ve just been over to YT, ready to upload another vid, and I decided to look again to see if the song I had picked was already used and how. This time however, I typed in richard armitage + nobody does it better, not just the song title. Your’s popped up. Same song, same subject-Lucas. I’m glad I checked. Not the first time it’s happened either; we seem to be drawn to the same kind of music. It’s that good taste gene at work again! 😉

      • There is always room for another RA vid for those wonderful songs, Mezz. It’s inevitable our little community ends up choosing some of the same tunes–since we all share in the Good Taste Gene. :;) We can put our own spin on them.

        I have found a new singer–new to me–Elizaveta (which made me think of Lucas) and I have done one video to her song “Dreamer”. I want to use her “Odi et Amo” for Guy or possibly Guy/Lucas. It’s lyrical and angsty and poignant. *sigh*

        One of the things about fanvids that I don’t think gets taken into account by record companies is how often we are introduced to different artists’ music through these vids, and the fanvid viewers go on to purchase music through mp3s or CDs. I think it can be beneficial to the artists.

      • I love that video angie, and I must revisit it when I’m signed in so I can “like” it! I don’t bother with favouriting, as I download the ones I want with RealPlayer for keeps. 🙂
        I thought by subscribing to your channel each time you uploaded a new vid I would be notified, but it’s not happening, so I’ve been missing out on your latest ones. Something I’ll have to look into, but it’s probably me, I’m still working out how the whole YT thingy operates!

        I agree about the fanvids introducing us to music that we wouldn’t otherwise come across. I discovered the music of Secret Garden from a Guy fanvid I think it was, recommended by Teuchter over on serv’s blog, and loved it so much I bought a couple of albums from iTunes.

      • PS I meant to add…thankyou for the kind reassurance. It’s a bit daunting being a newbie, trying to find one’s way and do the right thing. 🙂

        • Hi Mezz,

          What’s your YouTube username, please?

          I have an account there but I haven’t made any vids to upload!!!! My username there is thekathryngaul as, for some reason, it wouldn’t accept just “kathryngaul”.

          I have closed my old Facebook account but now I’m thinking of opening one under an alias – will let you guys know when I get around to it.



  6. Hi Angie!
    I like your fanvids too,but pleeease write,write as much as possible.;)
    Please accept thanks from your admirer!.
    Your humble servant

    • Hi, Joanna, thanks for commenting. I promise I will keep writing. It is sort of a compulsion with me now. I wrote for the newspaper for ten years and now I just can’t stop! 😀

      • Ah, Jonia, you made me giggle. 😀 Yes, I am writing and I just can’t stop! Hopefully folks will enjoy what I have to say or at least find it interesting. 😉

    • Yes, she is an absolute sweetie for doing that. 😀 I had sent you an email but it was the wrong address and it bounced back. 😦 Thanks!!

  7. Ang, I’m thrilled that you have a blog now, but I echo Joanna. PLEASE keep writing your fanfic!! You know I’m a huge fan.

    And I also found you thanks to a link from Serv.

    • Thank you , Cindy. 😀 I swear, I will keep writing. I am currently working on Chapter 18 of TL&TP and I am feeling a possible installment of Sloth Fic coming on, too. Once my broken tailbone heals more and I (hopefully) get another job, I won’t have as much time to devote to my “hobby.” but I am certainly not quitting. Writing–fiction and non-fiction–is an important part of my life now.

      • Ooh, Sloth Fic! Now you have me really excited!

        I’m sending good thoughts your way, both for your tailbone and your job search. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping up with both your blog and your fanfic.

        Take care!

  8. @Mezz,

    For some reason it’s not letting me reply directly to your last comments. I am glad you liked the Dreamer vid. As someone said at YT, in spite of the fact I have never met the man and likely never will, I feel as proud and pleased for him in his career as i would for a close friend or family member.So looking back at him over the years and how he’s changed, yet retained that sweetness in his smile and eyes–it gets me a bit teary at times.

    I know what you mean about subscribing at YT. I get alerts but not immediate ones. They seem to lump everything together in a periodic email. And sometimes not at all. *shrugs

    I also find myself listening to a variety of music as I consider possible songs. My musical tastes have always been eclectic and it’s fun to discover new artists or rediscover old ones and share them with fans. 😀

    • Also, Mezz, I remember very well being a newbie myself and feeling overwhelmed at times. I still have a lot to learn here, but rather than say, “Oh, I can’t do it,” I decided to jump in–carpe diem and all that–and learn along the way. 😀

  9. Hi Angie,
    I’ve just subscribed to your blog! 🙂 I completely agree with your description of Robin. I hate the way he treats Much, the things he said to him before Marion and Guy’s wedding were simply horrible. Guy reminds me of a black panther too! 🙂

    • Yey! thanks, Judit. I honestly wish Much hadn’t just shoved Robin in that episode, although I laughed aloud when he did.

      I think Much should have kicked him so hard the Legend would roll right down the hill. and hopefully smack into a boulder. 😉 Of course, I also applauded when Guy gave Robin the old heave-ho off the cliff in S3. I was hoping Robin was dead but knew that wouldn’t happen in the first episode. (as if we watched Robin Hood for–Robin Hood. Hardly!!:)

      Can you tell I am solidly Team Leather? 😀

  10. Dear Angie, I just want to wish you all the best for and lots of fun with your new project. Thanks to Servetus, I finally also ended up here. Wonderful! TheArmitageffect. Still a miracle, but somehow lifechanging and always worth a closer look. I´m looking forward to read your storys and whatever you are going to concoct about our dear RA……:-)

  11. Hi Angie, I’ve only just discovered your blog as I haven’t been around much this week. It was high time you started blogging as writing seems to come so natural to you. I’m looking forward to reading your posts. (And I’m enjoying TL & TP too). 🙂

    • Thank you, Suse. Well, I just started this a couple of days ago, so it is a very recent development. I do love writing and it is gratifying when others let me know they enjoy what I produce. And thanks for the love for Lizzie and Guy 😉

  12. Angie…..I found your blog only a couple of minutes ago!!!!! The little I’ve seen so far I’m loving! As it’s around 2.40am Saturday in Canberra, I’d better try for some sleep but I’ll be back first thing when I wake up. Congratulations, Kathryn

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