For Me, Everyday is Guy Day . . .


At Facebook and the Richard Armitage Friends Network, Friday is Guy Day, time to share photos and fanvids celebrating The Black Leather Adonis himself, Sir Guy of Gisborne. (I am miserably behind at Facebook, too, so if you happen to have left me a message or a friend request in recent weeks, I am not ignoring you, I promise).

Guy was the character that introduced me to the wonders of Richard Armitage. He was my first ChaRActer and remains number one in my heart. Don’t get me wrong–I love Lucas and Portah and Mr. Thornton, the adorable Harry Kennedy, delicious bad boy John Mulligan, the passionate artist Monet with his incandescent  eyes, sweet, shy John Standring (my heart is very crowded). 

But it is Guy is his S3 glory–flowing glossy mane, expertly shadowed and lined eyes, and his magnificent new Milanese ensemble–that serves as my laptop background.  Guy is the character that appears most in my fan fiction, the character most frequently celebrated in my fanvids and the first one to start paying visits to my home in the ficlets that proved to be precursors to my Sloth Fiction.

He will tell you Lady Writer, my alter ego, loves him the best. And I do.

But part of the reason I love him so might surprise some people. Yes, I find him incredibly sexy. He appeals to my inner cave woman like it’s nobody’s business.

I adore his commanding alpha male attitude in a way I would never experience with a man in Real Life (I am much more the Harry Kennedy type). Guy’s commands, spoken in that extra-deep, earthy voice, send thrills and chills down my spine.


But the reason I love him the most is not his awesome good looks or considerable sex appeal.

It’s because he reminds me of my late dad.

Oh, trust me, Daddy and Guy look nothing alike. Daddy stood five feet, seven inches tall and was on the portly side (he did, however, have a striking aquiline nose). His favorite attire was a pair of Liberty overalls and a feed cap.

But Daddy was also a man with a quick temper; a man who felt much remorse once his anger died down. A man who longed for love from his family and never quite got the nurturing he needed growing up.  His mother became an invalid with he was a toddler and was a distant figure in his life; his father, a teacher turned well-to-do farmer, was a cantankerous, demanding fellow who fully believed in “Do as I say, not as I do.” He worked my daddy so hard on the farm he had to drop out of high school. He was too tired to pay attention in class.

He always felt like he had to prove himself to his family. Daddy would never hear a bad word spoken about his father. Abused children often are protective of their abuser.

Loyalty, you see, meant a lot to my father; loyalty, and being able to put his trust in others.

Daddy possessed a heartbreaking vulnerability at times. He could be so naive and easily manipulated by some of those in whom he placed his trust. If you were in need, he would give you the shirt off his back.

He craved affection. He loved his three girls deeply, even though he was rather ham-fisted in the way he showed it sometimes. He adored my mother and thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world, I do believe.

 I think he would have done almost anything to make her happy.

He had flaws, my dad, like every parent; but there was also so much potential inside him.

He needed affection, loyalty, love, the right kind of people in his life to guide and encourage him to be the better man.

And when I see the knight who knelt and sought the hand of the woman he loved in order to save her; a man manipulated by the only father figure in his life, a man hungry for affection and too easily taken in at times, a quick-tempered man who could be harsh and brutal, but could also be tender and gentle, part of my heart yearns to protect him from harm. To let him know how much he is loved.

And that is why every day is Guy Day for me.

Guy of Gisborne after saving the Nightwatchman (Marian) from execution. Screencap courtesy of Richard Armitage Net.




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  1. Beautifully written post Angie. It got me thinking about my own darling dad who passed away twenty five years ago. He was probably more the Harry Kennedy type, I think; an unassuming, gentle, gentleman. Nowhere near as tall as Harry, but he was in finance too!

    • Thank you. I married the Harry Kennedy type–tall and lanky, and good with numbers (math major in college) so I have a great deal of appreciation for such men. 😀 It just dawned on me one day while my heart was breaking a bit for poor Guy and how he was manipulated by both Vasey and Marian and i began to think of the similarities to my dear dad.

      • There’s no getting away from the time factor now Angie, it’s out there loud and clear! 😉 I love that this blog gives those of us down under another opportunity to chat when you’re up late. Or early as the case may be!

      • Well, what can I say? 😉 Guilty as charged I have been having more trouble with my lower back (the busted tailbone reminds me it is there on some days more than it does others. It has been really damp here the last few days). So I took a nap earlier in the evening last night and just haven’t been able to get comfy enough again to fall asleep.

        When I was writing for the newspaper and working from home part of the time, my editor used to laugh at the time stamp on some of the articles I e-mailed: 2 a.m.; 3 a.m. So you just never know when I may pop up on the horizon. 😉 I have actually done some of my best writing in the middle of the night. I should add I have also made some big gaffes, too. But i always would remind them to double check my copy just in case I got a little hazy while writing it . . .;)

  2. You know everyday is Guy day for me as well.
    What an amazing attraction he has got on me since the first day I spotted him on TV, one year ago!
    Many times I feel the instinct to protect and offer advice to Sir G, like a mother would do, but the most of the times my feelings for him are of a quite different kind 😉

    • One can never have too much Guy. 😀

      Yes, I move between wanting to protect him, give him a big hug and tell him it’s all going to be alright and wanting to show him comfort in a very different way. 😉

  3. Hi there Angie what a lovely blog Congratulations. Love all your fanfic and fanvids, I must admit I love all of RA’s characters but Guy has always been my favourite and I’m feeling a bit under the
    weather today and it’s really cold here in England at the moment so seeing these lovely Guy pictures
    has really cheered me up. Thank You,

    • Hi, AJ Daisy,

      Thank you so much. 😀 Glad to share the Guy love. I figure he never got enough love and appreciation on the show, we might as well make up for it. 😉
      It’s not cold here but it’s very damp and dreary and it flares up all my ailments. So a visit to Armitage World definitely lifts my spirits. Glad I can be of service. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  4. A most touching post. I’m afraid my motives for loving Guy are nothing like as worthy – It’s his all-out utter sexiness that draws me in…a willing victim of the Armitage effect….

    • Thanks, Kap. I dearly loved my dad and that vulnerable side of him was so endearing and heartbreaking, too. However, I must say Guy does bring out my inner cave woman. 😉 I still think Marian was an idiot. Justin Beiber with scruffy facial hair whose idea of sweet nothings is comparing you to his weapon–or 6 feet, 2 inches of black leather-clad Adonis who is willing to die by your side? I wouldn’t have to think twice. 😉

  5. * Gets the hanky out. * Very moving and sweet Angie. Your Dad sounds like he was a lovely man. As you say no one’s perfect but that doesn’t stop us from needing to be loved just as we are.

    For me it’s Guy’s fascinating contradictions that pull me in. A gorgeous man, oozing with animal
    sensuality, and yet who could be as vulnerable and simple in his needs as a little boy.

    A sadistic bully and a killer who would risk life and liberty for the woman he loves; and who finds his heart touched and opened by a sweet girl who shows him real affection.

    • Thanks, AJ

      Yes, we all need unconditional love, affection without strings. Manipulated and deceived by
      Vasey and by Marian, poor Guy didn’t discover such a relationship in his adult life until Meg came along, and then she was cruelly snatched away. RH may have been a kiddy show, but Richard created such a complex and compelling Guy it lifted it to another level. In Guy’s gentle and tender moments he was incredibly sweet.

    • Thank you so much, Amanda. Wonderful to see you here. 😀 Guy is a fascinating character, so full of contradictions, at war within between his desire for power and wealth and status, and his desperate need to be loved. I so wanted someone to be kind to him and thank goodness, although it was all too brief, he had sweet, spirited Meg come into his life and help transform it. “You’d do that–for ME?” And how gallant and truly chivalrous he was awaiting execution, pleading not for himself, but for the girl. There was a lot of good inside him underneath all the bullying and bluster and swaggering and sneering.

  6. Hi Angie,
    Lovely post! I fast-forwarded my way through season 2 of RH only stopping to watch the Marion/Guy scenes and it amazed me how many times Guy fell for Marion’s tricks…There is that scene where she says she had feelings for him and I was wondering if there was any truth in that statement.. On the other hand and to be fair to Marion, Guy DID burn her house to the ground, and I’m not sure I’d fall into the arms of the man who did such a thing to me and my father.. No matter how attractive that man is. Having said that, I thought her treatment of Guy was despicable throughout season 2.

    • I think Guy was so desperate to be loved and to have someone he could trust–I mean, who did he have but Vasey, a nasty, evil little pervert– that he ended up quite gullible. He naively believed Marian because he so wanted it to be true, to believe she really did care for him and she wasn’t spying for Robin. I think she did have an attraction to Guy. As for the house burning down, Guy would have never done that if she hadn’t skipped out on the wedding. She didn’t just leave him at the altar, she punched him out at the altar. I think that was a huge blow to his ego.

      Remember, he didn’t know in advance about the fake king coming to town as the sheriff didn’t share that information. He really believed Richard was returning and you could see him wrestling with the idea of telling her the truth once he did find out. I don’t think he wanted to lie, but he also didn’t want to take a chance on losing her. Of course, he did anyway.

      And Marian became quite the master manipulator of Guy in S2. It made me really angry with the character at times. In fact, the “heroes” of the show didn’t act in particularly heroic ways sometimes IMHO.

      • OK, fair points Angie! 🙂 I was so glad they didn’t make Guy kill the children who saw him trying out the new armour. I don’t think I could’ve forgiven him that..:) And I don’t know why I keep calling Marian “Marion”?

        • Even though he threatened youngsters at times in his big, bad Guy way–deep inside I think that was a line he didn’t want to cross. Whereas the sheriff would have killed them (or had someone do the dirty deed for him) with the blink of his bulging eye.

          As for Marian, I have noticed quite a few people spell it with an “o.” It is spelled “Marian” in the show.

  7. I am an unabashed Guy apologist. I think of how others would behave and respond in his situation, and I truly doubt that they would have done better. He was routinely deceived and used, manipulated and humiliated, everyone ready to kick him in that gorgeous leather-clad arse. Much as I feel protective of him, other feelings come to the fore quite often **growls softly**, as you well know.

    I really liked your post, Angie, and I can see why, more than ever, Friday is Guy Day for you.

    • Thanks so much, Leigh.You know I am also the complete Guy apologist. He was in a very difficult situation–damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Struggling to make his way without any family support, to re-establish the status of his family, trying to make his employer happy, follow his orders and enforce the laws of the land (harsh and brutal as they might be)–even the creators of the show said Guy could have easily been Robin if circumstances had been different. And Robin could have been Guy (although he wouldn’t have been nearly as fetching. 😉 )

      Guy is a complex character who also arouses complex feelings in us.

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