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Richard as himself


Richard Armitage in his signature blue.

Richard is in on the joke backstage at the BAFTAs. (photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)

Richard has sometimes said it’s just the characters that women are attracted to and find so irresistible. Bless your modest heart, Richard, of course we fancy Luscious Lucas, Passionate Mr.T, Gorgeous Guy, Sexy Sgt. Porter et al. But you, my dear, aren’t exactly chopped liver.

I have for consideration two photos of Richard. One was taken backstage at the BAFTAs, a wonderful candid moment when someone has apparently told a cracking good joke. The other is a studio shot.

I believe we will all agree Richard looks movie-star handsome in a tux. He was made to walk a red carpet. What I love about this pose is the way he’s got those long, long legs folded up and that huge laugh that you know has to be genuine. And those hands. The hands in a photo are always a bonus, don’t you think? I wonder if he’s giggling a bit in there, too. He looks comfortable, relaxed and happy.

In the other photo, it’s the bared forearms that get my attention. The softness of his smile with both a suggestion of the tease and a hint of shyness in it. The glint of humour and bonhomie in those amazing blue eyes. He looks like an interesting guy I would like to sit down and chat with over a cup of coffee. Maybe buy him a chocolate iced doughnut in hopes he’d lick some stray icing off his fingers. Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyhow, Richard, we adore the characters; but we also like what we perceive to be the real man behind all those amazing creations.

Paging Dr. Track STAT!


Yes, he can make even a bright orange jumpsuit look sexy. Richard as Dr. Alec Track in a promo still for The Golden Hour. (screencaps courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)

It’s been a dreary, lazy Saturday here. I pulled some muscles in my chest when I inadvertently smacked into the wall between the kitchen and the dining room a couple of nights ago and said muscles didn’t decide to protest until earlier this morning. Boy, once they got started—watch out!! My eyes have, however, improved since I started using the allergy drops. So there is good news, too.

Speaking of health issues and good news, let’s talk about about a certain handsome physician called Dr. Alec Track from Richard’s first starring role after N&S, “The Golden Hour.”

Never has a neon orange jumpsuit looked so darned appealing. The white T-shirt that cunningly bares his shapely biceps is very fetching, too.

Dr. Track is not just a looker; he’s dedicated and caring with a wonderful bedside manner. You know you are in good hands—literally and figuratively—if Dr. Track arrives on his helicopter to look after you.

Call Patrick Dempsey’s character in Grey’s Anatomy Dr. McDreamy if you will; but my money is on Dr. Track—the original Dr. McDreamy.

Excogitating Armitage


MI5 agent Lucas North (Richard Armitage) listens warily to CIA agent/lover Sarah Caulfield (Genevieve O’Reilly) as she pleads her case for him to trust her. (Pssst. Lucas. Don’t do it!!) It seems Lucas should have done plenty of excogitating in regards to Caulfield to save himself a world of trouble.

Not only do I have an obsession with Richard Armitage, I also have an obsession with words. Language fascinates me. When I was in high school one of my English teachers used a collection of Reader Digest magazine’s regular quiz, “It Pays to Increase Your Word Power.” It was a great way to build one’s vocabulary. Whenever I pick up a copy of that magazine nowadays, the Word Power page is one of the first I seek out.

Nowadays, I get a Word of the Day through Dictionary.com and it’s always fun to see which word is going to end up in my mailbox each morning. And sometimes those very words remind me of–oh, you know.
What’s the title of this blog?

Today’s word is “excogitate.” Excogitate is a verb which means: (1) to study intently and carefully in order to grasp or comprehend fully, or (2) to think out; devise, invent.

Richard Armitage makes me excogitate on a regular basis. I am endlessly trying to determine just what it is , why it is, this happy madness has struck me and so many other people (other than the fact we all share the Good Taste Gene, of course). I have read every article and watched/listened to every interview, and done it “intently and carefully” to better understand my endless fascination with the man.

As such a detailed and nuanced performer of the Method school of acting, I think Richard must himself excogitate to a considerable degree, in order to allow him to get inside the head of his characters and bring them to life so vividly for us. He thinks and devises and invents. Give him a headful of hair extensions for Robin Hood’s third series and he develops his own brand of hair acting. Yes, even hair can be expressive when it is attached to Mr. Armitage’s handsome head.

In fact, I believe one could say nobody excogitates better than he.