Richard as himself


Richard Armitage in his signature blue.

Richard is in on the joke backstage at the BAFTAs. (photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Net)

Richard has sometimes said it’s just the characters that women are attracted to and find so irresistible. Bless your modest heart, Richard, of course we fancy Luscious Lucas, Passionate Mr.T, Gorgeous Guy, Sexy Sgt. Porter et al. But you, my dear, aren’t exactly chopped liver.

I have for consideration two photos of Richard. One was taken backstage at the BAFTAs, a wonderful candid moment when someone has apparently told a cracking good joke. The other is a studio shot.

I believe we will all agree Richard looks movie-star handsome in a tux. He was made to walk a red carpet. What I love about this pose is the way he’s got those long, long legs folded up and that huge laugh that you know has to be genuine. And those hands. The hands in a photo are always a bonus, don’t you think? I wonder if he’s giggling a bit in there, too. He looks comfortable, relaxed and happy.

In the other photo, it’s the bared forearms that get my attention. The softness of his smile with both a suggestion of the tease and a hint of shyness in it. The glint of humour and bonhomie in those amazing blue eyes. He looks like an interesting guy I would like to sit down and chat with over a cup of coffee. Maybe buy him a chocolate iced doughnut in hopes he’d lick some stray icing off his fingers. Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Anyhow, Richard, we adore the characters; but we also like what we perceive to be the real man behind all those amazing creations.

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. I repeat, the hair on those forearms… *thud* 😉

    Angie, I am so not going to get anything done with these posts; the pics and the accompanying essays are Armitage heaven for me. I love serv’s educational and thoughtful posts, but ogling, drooling, swooning over and downright lovin’ Richard et al certainly makes my day!

  2. Dear Dr. S is our brilliant professor of Armitage Studies and I bow to her superior intellect. (love you, Prof)

    I am just the artsy-fartsy one who happily and unapologetically waxes rhapsodic over the dear man. What can I say? “shrugs and gives a cheeky grin*

    I knew you’d like the forearm shot after reading your comment on the last post. 😉

  3. Just to know a man like Richard exists on this planet makes the whole thing seem a lot better. He’s living proof that hard work and being a “nourishing and nurturing” man with the gift of laughter as well as a world-class smoulder is in fact possible. Then there’s talent and skill and articulate literacy — yum! The *thud* factor is just the icing on a beautiful cake. Sometimes, I just want to drool a little.

    • So true, Leigh–knowing there is someone so lovely inside and out as RA brightens even the gloomiest day.

      And for me, to see someone like this, a beautiful man who is kind and generous of heart, compassionate, thoughtful–a good man–be acknowledged and recognized by someone like Sir Peter for his amazing talent makes me really happy. All his hard work and dlilgence is paying off.

      Nice guys don’t always finish last.

      And you can drool all you would like to drool here. 😀

      • If he wasn’t as beautiful on the inside as he is on the outside, I don’t think I would find him so irresistable. Other actors have the looks and the talent, but there’s a contrived artiface to them. I realize Richard has an interview persona, but there’s enough evidence out there to convince me he’s definitely not one of them.

      • Mezz,

        It is definitely his personality and character that make him so appealing to me. As you say, there are other actors with talent and good looks and sex appeal, but they don’t measure up to Richard. Too many of them end up believing their own press and have a tremendous sense of entitlement, become serial womanizers, throw cell phones at people in a childish fit of pique, over-indulge in drink and drugs, get into fistfights, act rude and obnoxious (in the case of Tom Cruise, just plain nutty).

        They are phony-baloneys.

        Personally I think that if RA had this really dark side it would have cropped up in some way, shape or form by now.

        Sure he has flaws, everyone does, but in my heart I do believe he is a good man. If as an essentially shy person he feels the need to put on an interviewing persona, I have no problem with that. In fact, I have been known to do something of the same thing in certain social situations.

      • Aren’t we lucky? We not only have the fabulous chaRActers, but the wonderful man who brings them to life to love and admire as well. 🙂

  4. Amen, sister! Richard is such a sweet, unassuming guy! Oh ya, we love all the characters! I’ve never before been delighted over a Nazi spy until Richard sneered on the big screen this Fall. But the reason I’m nuts about this man is the man himself: dedicated, thoughtful, shy, enthusiastic about his chosen profession, etc. As I said in the comment section of your latest You tube video: I’m as proud of him and his accomplishments as I would be a member of my own family! And thank you for starting your blog. I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with:)

    • Hello, Laurie!

      So nice to see you here! I have been toying with doing something like this for a while and just decided to go ahead and go for it this week (as I get older, I realize more and more you shouldn’t put off the attainable dreams nor should you give up on the seemingly unattainable dreams. Look at Richard!) So I am writing my novel and doing a blog. 😀
      I am still taking baby steps here but I am learning as I go. I want to establish some regular features and am happy for any input readers would like to share.
      Richard’s own sweet, good-humored, modest, self-effacing, thoughtful, lovely self never ceases to appeal to me. And you know I am with you on the pride in his accomplishments. 😀

  5. I think it would be hard to gush over Lucas, Thornton etc. if the man behind those characters wasn’t so delightful.
    I sometimes encounter admirers of actors who are in the press for all sorts of nasty things and I can’t imagine spending my time exploring them or their characters. I am thinking about one actor in particular, whose fan base overlaps with RA. He has been charged with domestic abuse. Hhnmmm. I like the fact that RA is more Gandhi than Sun Tzu.

    • I totally agree. As I have said before, there are too many performers who misbehave and in a very public way. For example, I never found Ashton Kutcher appealing–too much of a “pretty boy” for my tastes and no great shakes as an actor IMHO. But if I had liked him, his public hot tub sex antics with women other than his wife (and on their anniversary!) would have sorely tested my affection for him. It’s not that I expect celebrities to be perfect; they are human, too, and make mistakes. But Richard seems to be someone who practices what he preaches rather than just offering lip service. His support of charitable causes is one of the things I really admire about him. He’s just a breath of fresh air in a jaded and cynical world.

  6. Richard said in an interview about North and South that he tought people were in love with Gaskell’s book and that’s why the TV series was so popular…(that’s why the BBC message board collapsed right after episode one was aired…aha). I know for a fact that that’s not true because I haven’t read the book or even heard of it until I watched the show (upon reading the title, I initially thought it was a remake of the American TV series with Patrick Swayze, was relieved when I realized it wasn’t), and I only sought out the show because of Richard! I suppose it’s easier for him to deal with all the compliments and adoration this way because he’s so modest. And I’m SO glad he’s not one of those actors-turned-tabloid celebrities who publish their every bowel movement on Twitter and continuously appear in the Daily Mail for all sorts of scandals, divorces, cheating etc.etc.

    • The novel North and South is not all that well known in the US, or at least it wasn’t back in my school days. After seeing North and South, I did get the book to read and I enjoyed it, but I don’t know that I would have read it otherwise. His modesty is rather endearing in a world of over-inflated egos. There are certain actors and actresses who are better known for their partying and various hook-ups than for their actual work. ROTFL over the “every bowel movement on Twitter” comment. The sad thing is it isn’t much of an exaggeration. *rolls eyes*

      • I’m planning to read North and South too. Plus The Hobbit. All thanks to Richard.. I think he’d be very happy if he knew he inspired people to read books!

      • And I’m waiting for Michael Gambon’s biography to be delivered from Amazon.. I ordered it because Richard mentioned in one interview that he’s read it or was reading it, plus Michael Gambon is one of my favourite actors of all time.

      • When I ordered Richard’s LOTN audiobook, I wanted to listen to it in context, so I ordered the first two books of The Saxon Chronicles. I enjoyed them so much I bought the remaining four, including LOTN. I became seriously hooked on Uthred’s story, and was sorry to come to the end of the sixth book. Hopefully a further one will be written.
        I enjoy Bernard Cornwell’s writing, and have sought out more of his work. I am currently reading the Arthur/Camelot trilogy.
        So yes, Richard has inspired me to read books I would not otherwise have even considered and because of him I will revisit The Hobbit and The Sunne in Splendour, books I read many, many years ago.
        Gaskell’s N&S is also on my reading list.

  7. I know this will sound seriously corny, but my theory is that Richard is as beautiful as he is because his inner beauty shines through… I would not spend time exploring his work either if I didn’t believe he was a good person.:)

    • That’s OK, Judit, to quote from “South Pacific” “I’m as corny as Kansas in August.” 😀

      I notice people’s eyes. Some people have beautiful teeth and lips and a dazzling smile, but their eyes are cold. Dead. Richard’s eyes have so much warmth and expression and intelligence in them; he smiles with his eyes as well as his mouth.

      An otherwise plain person can become very attractive because of their character and personality which animates their features and gives them beauty.

      Take someone like Richard who is already handsome, endow him with a sweet spirit and good character, and he becomes truly stunning. I’ve also known people who initially seemed very attractive, but the better you got to know them, the less and less “purty” they became.

      • Yes, it’s all in the eyes isn’t it… His eyes in the last scene of North and South for example..The way he was looking at Margaret while she was talking about her “business proposition”..He was telling a story with his eyes only, a beautiful love story. *sigh*. OK I know that wasn’t Richard as himself but Richard as J.T….Still..
        I’ve noticed another thing in season 1 of RH there was a scene where Guy killed the advisor of the sheriff and just before he put the knife through the guy’s heart his eyes went dead! Just blank. (That wasn’t Richard as himself either, forgive me for going a bit “off topic”)

        • I think there were times when Guy was trying to compartmentalize his actions in terms of the killing he had to do for the sheriff. Sort of cut himself off from the deed as if someone else was doing it, thus the empty eyes. Unlike the sheriff, he did have a conscience in there somewhere. Also, Guy was more of a machine in RH 1 . . . he became more human as the show progressed.

          Yes, Richard’s eyes as JT are so eloquent. Speaking volumes without saying a word. *sigh*

        • I love that we will be able to see those eyes and, due to some changes in the makeup, that expressive jaw at work, as Thorin. He expresses so much about the character through his eyes.

  8. Wouldn’t that be an incredible imagination, sitting with Richard and sharing a hearty laugh (like in this candid pic), instead turning into a pillar of salt, what is most likely to happen if the impossible should transpire…. Just a thought.Thanks Angie for inspiring a couple of dreams… 🙂

    • I once dreamed I got to do an interview with Richard in the back of a limousine. And no, that is not a euphemism for anything else, ladies. It was a real honest-to-goodness interview, and he was delightful. Sweet, thoughtful, good-humored and a little flirtatious in the loveliest way. A very nice dream, indeed.

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