Spotlight -Series 3 Guy


Guy as happy as a kid at Christmas after being presented with the keys to Nottingham Castle and the title of sheriff..

Guy begging Robin to kill him. "I live in Hell!" Robin cutting his cheek and telling him to "stay there." Heartbreaking.

The first time we see boozy WildMan Guy stumble drunkenly out of Locksley Manor for his confrontation with Robin.

Guy to Sheriff: "You know, I've come to the conclusion that I don't like you." And then tossing Sherry on the table and pinning him down. Finally, Guy standing up to the troll.

I think Sir Guy is one of Richard’s most complex characters and he is the one we got the most of–37 eps in all, although there was not nearly enough Guy in some of those eps. *shakes fist at TPTB*

In Series 3, Richard pulled out all the stops. He displayed despair, desperation, fury, a feral madness, shame, guilt and thirst for revenge. And that was just in the first episode. The character of Guy truly took on an operatic grandeur as the quintessential tragic hero. It was a tour de force performance by RA.
Here are just a few of what I consider stand-out moments for S3 Guy. What are some of yours?

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    • Well, there is some silliness and anachronisms galore–you certainly don’t watch it for historical accuracy or it would drive you insane– but there are also a number of talented actors and Richard as Sir Guy just keeps evolving throughout the show. And by S3 he is definitely very intense!
      At first it seems Guy might just be the standard evil henchman, but you quickly start seeing those little nuances in his performance. In fact, when rewatching it, I saw a lot I missed the first time around. They also beefed up his screen time in the second series upon seeing how popular he was and his strong chemistry with Lucy.
      I enjoy all the extras, the behind the scenes docs and the ep commentaries.

  1. I’ve watched series 3 but unfortunately they were french spoken (luckily series 2 were V.O). And Richard’s voice is essential for full pleasure ! I want to ask you : do you speak french ?

  2. Same here Angie I rewatch all my RH DVDs alot and there is always something I have missed.
    Mind I have to say I concentrate on Guy more than the other characters (shallow or what) he he.
    Guy S3 is my all time favourite don’t know why but he seems more conflicted somehow and he seems much more vunerable and that brings out my “want to give him a love”. Mind you it also brings out my cavewomen too gorgeous or what!!

    • Each time I view his work I seem to catch hold of something different and new. To me, it is akin to listening to a wonderful piece of music, or reading a good novel or looking at a good painting–each time I revisit, it’s a new experience. And S3 Guy is also my favorite. We see such a full range of emotions here. And I experience the full range of emotions about HIM. I want to comfort, shelter, protect him, give him TLC;I also want to drag him off to the nearest cave and have my wicked way with him.
      And all those buckles, straps and laces look very tempting. 😉

  3. Oh, Season 3 Guy has all the nuances, scope, and range you could ask. In addition to the moments you chose, I love the moment when he returns to Sherwood after the Sheriff shopped him to Prince John. Astride his horse, he is almost smug; he tosses that hair and gives that tight little smile as if to say, “Who’s got it now?” His expressions as he plays cat-&-mouse with the Sheriff are wonderful. I love the way his leadership shows in the defense of Nottingham Castle, And I don’t think anyone can play a death scene the way Richard played Guy’s. Seriously, can you watch that and not tear up? Then, lest we forget, “tree porn” — do you really think it was an accident that the cameraman and the director kept the shot with Guy’s trouser laces in the very center of the frame?

    • All wonderful observations!! Watching Richard in Season 3 is like watching a master actor at work. He throws in all of those subtle looks that make his acting so special. You really have to follow him carefully so you don’t miss those little nuances. He’s such a thoughtful actor. He shows so much range of emotion…it’s unbelievable. You’ve already shared many of my favorite parts of S3. However, I need to add the episode with Meg. You really wonder what would have happened to our damaged hero if Meg had lived. Would she have been his perfect partner? I think she would have been much better for him than Marion!!

      • I think aspiring actors could learn a great deal from watching Richard at work. His subtlety, his attention to detail, his command of his expressive face and body–I swear, I do NOT understand those individuals who think he can’t act or call him “wooden”. They must subscribe to The School of Excessively Hammy Acting. Of course, Male Patten Jealousy may also come into play; I can imagine them grousing, “He’s already handsome and sexy and charming, dammit. How can he be that talented, too! Curses!!”

        I am not sure about Meg as a romantic partner for Guy–there was a considerable age difference and while she had captured his heart, I am not sure Guy saw her in that light. But if she had lived, undeniably she would have been a positive force in his life and certainly better for his emotional well-being than Marian ever was.

        *as an aside, Holliday also played Lisa in Sparkhouse, so she was Standring’s sister-in-law/stepdaughter in that series*

      • I do agree that she was too young but I always though Marion was too young as well. In that first season especially, Marion seemed like she was about 19. They both could act like spoiled, little brats! However, I saw that having someone who thought he was worth saving and caring about, started to help Guy believe that he could go on, could care about and help others like when he tried to save her from his nasty sister. Even if all she was to him was a “little sister”, she lit that little spark in Guy that enabled him to move past his despair and self loathing. I remember the actress from Sparkhouse, too. I also remember a picture of her gazing at John and her sister getting married that made me think that she had a little crush on RA. But then again, don’t we all!!

        • Actually, Lucy was only 20 when she started filming RH as I recall, so 19 wouldn’t have been far off the mark. I also think the way Marian was costumed in much of S1 make her seem younger–the little cardigans, for example. Which would have made her really young by modern standards to be in a romance with Robin before the Crusades. Wasn’t he gone four or five years?

          Then again, in spite of all of Isabella’s endless bleating about Guy marrying her off at 13 (gosh, but I wanted to slap her!), high-born females often married in their early teens in those days. It was the less well-off folks who waited to marry until they were older and could achieve some sort of financial stability.

          I always thought the vibe between Robin and Marian was more brother/sister than sweethearts. They seemed to interact the best when they were arguing, actually.

          I think Lucy had a bit of a crush on Richard, too. She bubbled with enthusiasm when she talked about him and certainly enjoyed having him as a screen partner. If it had been left up to her, I suspect Guy and Marian might have gotten married after all. Of course,I think EVERYONE should have a crush on Richard. 😉

    • Glamour Guy!! Stunning, absolutely stunning. And the cat-and-mouse game . . . two scenes I considered for the post. 😀 The man can make being tied to a tree such an erotic experience for the viewer . . . I also thought it was interesting when they designed the Marvel of Engineering Trousers and used laces of constrasting colors for–extra emphasis. 😉

  4. I didn’t even watch series 3 when it first screened here, I was so hacked off by the writers killing Marian. And by Guy…uuurrgh! I caught up with YT snippets then bought the box set.
    I love all the moments mentioned here. Aaah yes, the tree porn..*sigh*
    Other memorable ones for me are the scenes with Meg. His relationship with her, as short as it is, is a real turning point for Guy. The tenderness he shows as he cradles a dying Meg gets to me every single time.
    Another is when Little John and the others rescue Guy, Robin and Archer from hanging in York. Poor Guy, he is the only one remaining on a horse with a noose around his neck while the others have been freed, and he makes a helpless kind of sound. I always squirm in my seat waiting for his rescue. Guy helps out John in the ensuing fracas, then asks him if he is alright. John’s reaction is priceless.
    I have nothing to add about Richard’s powerhouse performance that hasn’t already been said, except it leaves me with a pain in my heart every time he dies, testament to his creation of Guy as a character I love and want to protect and nurture.

    • In truth there were so many memorable moments it would have been a REALLY long post if I had listed them all. I am sure there will be future posts of other such mements.

      I think it’s a performance Richard should, and I hope, does, rate very highly and take great satisfaction in . . . I cried buckets throughout the Guy/Meg ep. To see someone finally care about and want to help Guy without a hidden agenda was so wonderful for us as an audience and for Guy as a character. And then to lose her . . . Thus began the process of Guy’s redemption so that he will ultimately die “free and proud.” The look in his beautiful eyes when he smiles up at Archer and says, “Brother” just breaks my heart.

      I have written in my Sloth Fiction series about the various characters–Guy, Porter and Lucas–all being “Loved into Being” by the many ardent admirers who love and believe in the reality the Creator crafts for us. It’s wish fulfillment of course, that I am happy to provide.:D And in truth, the characters haven’t died; they live on in our hearts and minds and souls, to be remembered in fanfic, fanvids and on blogs and websites.

  5. Just started watching season 3 and Richard was astonishing in ep 1.That feral scream after he throws Robin off the cliff (btw HOW on Earth did he survive that?? OK let’s not go there), WOW! But ohhhhh that Kate woman is SO irritating (can’t stand her voice and the hairdo…As if her wig is slipping down her forehead!) and I didn’t like brother Tuck all that much either! The only ones I really like out of Robin’s gang are Allan and Much.

    • It is a tour de force performance, without a doubt. I knew of course, that Bobbin would survive (drat!!!) but I was laughing and clapping when Guy gave him the heave-ho. *evil cackle* I really thought Sarah Caulfield was the character I loathed the most in RA’s shows–but I was wrong. I hated Kate even more, if that is possible. Didn’t like Tuck, either. There’s a reason I call them Screechy and Preachy. L) Allan and Much were always my favorites, too.

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