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    • They certainly capture your attention. The blue tones of the Spooks sets really brought out their color and the contrast between the black hair and hte pale skin. Of course, Sir Guy’s kohl eye makeup just made them sexier than ever. 😉

  1. First pic.I LOVE the lines around his eyes… They’re beautiful. I can’t believe how many “celebrities” (and a lot of actresses) are willing to inject poison into their faces in order to get rid of those! Those lines are proof that you lived, loved, laughed, suffered! They make you look real! I googled “lines around the eyes” and the first hits were all like this: “I’m 25 (!!) how do I get rid of the lines around my eyes??”.. What a distorted view of human beauty today’s society have!

    • What shocks me is how many actresses are having face lifts, Botox and other injections at younger and younger ages. Why should anyone have a facelift at 25?

      I do understand that there is pressure in their business to stay youthful-looking in appearance. But a frozen face for an actor is NOT a good look. I recently watched a movie with Mary Tyler Moore, an American actress best known for her very popular sitcom of the 70s and for her dramatic role in Ordinary People. She’s had everything tightened and lifted and Botoxed within an inch of her life. Her voice is still expressive, but her face never seems to move. It is as if she is wearing a mask. 😦 It has been said by a certain age “we get the face we deserve.” Richard’s face with its expressiveness, those lines showing a man who loves to laugh and smile–what a great face. A face with character.

      • How sad. And the problem is they don’t even look youthful, do they, with that “mask” for a face! They just look weird! Thankfully, I don’t see Richard ever going down that route. It’s a bit easier for actors, I guess. They are sort of “allowed” to keep their wrinkles whereas actresses are under huge pressure to iron out their faces. The mind boggles.:(

        • The overly plasticized remind me of wax figures from Madame Taussad’s or aliens posing as human beings. As you say, Judit, not younger, just bizarre. Richard actually asked makeup people on Spooks to let his lines show, but he said they kept coming by and touching up his hair and covering his wrinkles. And yes–there is a double standard.

      • What Joan Rivers has done to her face makes me shudder. Does she honestly believe she looks better for having had the work done? I admire Helen Mirren, Mery Streep, Diane Keaton and Susan Sarandon for aging gracefully. Maybe they have had work done, but at least it’s very subtle and merely enhances what they already have. Of course it helps if one has the genes to start with!

        • Plastic surgery that is subtly done can enhance a person’s appearance without making them look like a different race/ethnic group (I know of several Caucasians who now look Asian) or an alien. I remember Angela Lansbury, back when she was doing “Murder She Wrote” talked about some minor eye surgery she had. Still looked like Angela Lansbury, only fresher and more alert. As for Joan Rivers–can we talk? She looks like some kind of puppet. Cher is just about as bad. I thought she looked fine with her original face.

      • It’s a no brainer really,after all the man was rotting in a Russian prison for 8 years for Heaven’s sake! Of course he’s going to have lines on his face! How silly to cover it up, it undermines the credibility of the storyline. Well, it’s not like they care all that much about that sort of thing in Spooks..I mean the credibility.

        • He had really good teeth after those eight years, too, didn’t he? 😉 Credibility was not something they particularly worried about on Spooks.
          Considering “John Bateman” was supposed to have somehow managed to remain buried in Lucas’s pysche through eight years of abuse and torture in that prison. You think that wouldn’t have surfaced at some point? Because “Bateman” was a “weak sister” who would have caved as written by the scriptwriters.

          People who are well-versed in psychology agree it was a very implausible scenario. Richard’s performance was great, don’t get me wrong;unlike the other series, however, I have not re-watched S9 and have no plans to purchase the DVDs. S7 was outstanding, I thought; S8, somewhat less so. For me, S9 jumped the shark.

      • Very good points, Angie. OK, I accept, the writers wanted to get rid of Lucas at all costs but should have come up with a much, much better storyline. The character would have deserved it!

        • Some of us have considered Lucas could have had False Memory Syndrome, that the whole Bateman legend was planted in his mind in the prison and Vaughan was set to be the trigger. I have also thought of a scenario with him struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and perhaps getting caught up in helping his ex-wife out of a jam that causes conflict for him on the Grid. Listen there are many fanfic writers out there who could have come up with a better storyline than the ones who got paid to write one did. Richard specifically said he did not want Lucas to die a violent death. Well, I am sorry. But throwing yourself off a 10-story building? Imagine what that does on impact. I would call that violent. 😦

          • I prefer both of those storyline ideas to the one that was actually written for the series. And really, how come the “weak brother John” never surfaced during those 8 years of torture? Doesn’t make any sense whatever.

            • That’s just it. If Oleg knew every corner of Lucas’s mind as he claimed, I think John would have popped out at some point. If I had had electrodes attached to my nether regions and water boarding and all the other terrible things done to me that were done to Lucas, I suspect any spare personalities I had would take a bow.

    • One of the things I love about his eyes is their changeability of color, Jas. My eyes change color, too, from blue to green to grey-blue, but not as beautifully as his do.

      As Guy we saw them turn stormy grey in some of his angrier moments (when he thinks Marian is lying about the necklace, which of course she IS), as Porter in his desert mufti, they turned an amazing shade of crystalline green and even khaki. He has that limbal ring around his iris that just enhances his eyes all the more. Factor in those lush lashes–I love long eyelashes on a very masculine-looking man–and the bold, expressive brows and hey presto–one sensational pair of eyes capable of expressing a myriad of emotions. What’s not to love?

      I should add “A pretty man came to me, never seen eyes so blue” comes from one of my favorite songs by Heart from the 70s, “Magic Man.” Which also applies to Mr. A 😀

      • I love that song, Angie! Heart is one of my favorite rock groups of all time. I love the blue eyes. However, the crystalline green eyes when he’s Porter are my absolute favorite.

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