For JasRangoon–Green-Eyed Portah for your perusal

Bloodied, bruised, cut, sweaty, disheveled. Still gorgeous with defiance in those eyes.

No man should look so good in camo makeup and a watch cap.

Sgt. John Porter. Brave, heroic, resourceful, unrelenting, tough-as-nails and sexy as hell. And did we mention his eyes? JasRangoon did. We thought we’d share some of those images of a green-eyed Portah. Enjoy!

For JasRangoon–Green-Eyed Portah for your perusal

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  1. Can’t wait to start watching SB…(have to finish RH first…Season 3 to go). The intensity he exudes in these pictures.. staggering!

    • I LOVE John Porter. It’s been said Superman wears John Porter pajamas. 😉

      Oh, he is very intense. And yet Porter can also be very tender and gentle, as you will see. Another amazing performance by Richard.

    • Judit, this might sound strange, but in a way I envy you still having SB and a new role of Richard’s yet to watch. I can remember my excitement every time I sat down to watch another new performance. I still take enormous pleasure in watching and rewatching his earlier shows but can barely keep a lid on the anticipation of seeing him in The Hobbit, in a new role after so long.

      • I know where you are coming from, Mezz. I also fondly remember the huge amount of anticipation I felt before the new series of RH, Spooks and with the big build-up to the original Strike Back . . . and of watching his earlier roles as I collected the DVDs. I am so happy and excited for newer fans as they discover the riches of his performances, but also wistful for that feeling of a brand-new discovery. I have reached an age where I tell myself let’s not rush things, you have a lot less life in front of you than behind you–but I really, really want December to arrive.

      • @Mezz Oh yes, I have loads and loads or Richard-watching to look forward to! 🙂 He keeps exceeding my expectations every time I watch him! I watched the first ep of RH 3 last night and I knew he’d be good but I wasn’t expecting him to be THAT good! The way he transformed his movements to reflect the inner turmoil..Unbelievable.
        And I never thought I’d say this (not being a Tolkien or LOTR fan) but I can’t wait for The Hobbit to be released! 🙂

        • He just absolutely blew me away in that third series. *squee* From the moment he opens his bloodshot eyes to see the arrow and hoarsely intones: “He has come,” I was enraptured.
          And did you notice the hair acting? 😉 I think a lot of RA fans who weren’t necessarily that into Tolkien’s work are looking forward to The Hobbit. 😀

          • Fantastic hair acting indeed! 😉 I think the hair really helped him to lose himself even more in the character of Guy.(am I making any sense here?)

            • Yes, it does make sense. Richard used the long hair to illustrate his state of mind–he was like a wounded animal, trapped in a corner initially, and filled with self-loathing, hiding behind that curtain of dirty,unkempt hair. Later in the series when his confidence returns, he uses it to display Guy’s new-found bravado.

    • You are welcome. 😀 Porter holds a very special place in my heart, too. I do like a man in uniform (my hubby is former Air Force) And Richard gives him such shadings that take the character beyond being another cardboard cut-out Action Man. The tough man with a tenderness inside.

  2. Ahh!..Angie! that first photo is beautifull!
    I can not deal with it,..I can not help myself,..I just want to hug him (bit like a baby)and sprinkle his face with kisses. Ah well! I said it out loud!:)

  3. I love so much sergeant Porter perhaps because I have a son who is sergeant in French Foreign Legion and he is so beautiful in uniforme and képi blanc.

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