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Since you asked . . . where to find my fanfic & a small sample


The big black gorgeous cat of Nottingham Castle, one of my favorite fanfic subjects.

Several people have asked me about my fanfic and where to find it, so here we go:


My fanfics go back to December 2008 at LJ, so there is quite a lot archived there, both fan fic and essays. You do not have to be a member to access anything I have posted at Livejournal.

I also have some of my fiction at http://www.wattpad.com where I am “fedoralady60.” However, the adult-rated stories cannot be accessed without a special password.

If you are a member of Dreamerfiction, you will find all my fiction under “Fedoralady’s Fics.” If you are not a member, enjoy reading a variety of fanfics and are over 18, contact me.

Be forewarned, much of my fiction is very steamy and each ficlet or multi-chapter fiction has an appropriate rating at the beginning. I just don’t want anyone to get an unwelcome surprise. 😉

Guy has this great slinking, sinuous stride through the castle. He is like a beautiful black panther. Cats are very sensual creatures, and so is our lovely Guy . . . this is a poem I wrote a few years back. It’s PG so no worries. 😉

Prowl: A Sir Guy Poem by Fedoralady

He prowls the torch-lit corridors
Like a massive black cat
Moving with a feline grace.
Supple and sleek, he swaggers,
And all eyes are drawn to him.

Teeth gleam sharp and white
in the darkness,
Eyes pierce you with their fire.
Be wary of those black-clad hands;
They may strike a deadly blow.

He stretches in the soft bed
Like a massive black cat
Moving with a feline grace,
He sheds his leather skin,
To reveal the Apollo underneath.

Claws sheathed, his calloused palms
And long, elegant fingers touch gently.
Eyes pierce you with their desire.
Welcome the lips that caress,
For they bring only sweet pleasure.

(Photo courtesy of Allthingsrarmitage@blogspot.com)

The Magic of the Armitage Eyebrow


A Harry Brow-Crinkle combination. Adorable.

A classic quizzical Guy brow.

A teasing lift of the brow from the charming bad boy John Mulligan.

One of the (many) things I love about Richard Armitage is the way he uses that expressive face to convey a variety of emotions. And one aspect of his physical appearance must not be overlooked: his bold, masculine eyebrows, the perfect foil for those lush lashes many a female would enjoy having.

Disdain, curiosity, surprise, sarcasm, humor. Richard’s lifted eyebrow (or brows) can say it all. Sometimes it partners with the Crinkle for additonal expressiveness.

So here’s to the magic of the Armitage eyebrow. Long may it rise!


A cat so sweet and lovely I wish I could afford to clone her--Callie.

The chocolate, caramel and cream-colored beauty is Callie. The long-haired diva is Puddin’, who has been featured in a couple of my fanfics. These guys gave me a lot of comfort in the first weeks after my car accident. Even now Miss Callie is tucked up against me, purring away. I know everybody isn’t a cat person, but everybody appreciates a friend when in need. 😀 I see Richard as a guy who likes animals, although his lifestyle would make it hard to have a pet. I can envision the Athletic Armitage playing with a dog in the park or going for a jog with the canine on a leash. Introspective Armitage I imagine sprawled out on a big, comfy couch with coffee or a glass of wine and a novel or script, a purring cat at his side. I mean, the man does remind you of a big ol’ feline . . .

Two of my “furry babies” & musings on Armitage as pet owner

Sir Guy Seeking Piacular Action: TAE Word for the Day


Guy and Marian's ill-fated wedding day was to be the piacular offering to wash away Guy's sins . . .

The word for today here at The Armitage Effect is piacular. Piacular (adjective):*1) expiatory; reparatory, atoning (2) Requiring expiation; sinful or wicked.

Methinks we need to clarify that expiation refers to removing guilt for wrongs done through the payment of a penalty.
A piacular offering is one given to atone for sinfulness or wickedness.

Before his planned wedding to Marian, Guy told his servant Thornton that he believed marriage to someone as good and pure as Marian would serve as atonement for Guy’s “heinous crimes.” Thus, Guy’s marriage vows could have been described as piacular in nature–if he had ever gotten the chance to make them, that is.

Frankly, I think Marian should have been making some piacular offerings to atone for her own sins of deceit and manipulation, but, hey–that is just ME.