Since you asked . . . where to find my fanfic & a small sample


The big black gorgeous cat of Nottingham Castle, one of my favorite fanfic subjects.

Several people have asked me about my fanfic and where to find it, so here we go:

My fanfics go back to December 2008 at LJ, so there is quite a lot archived there, both fan fic and essays. You do not have to be a member to access anything I have posted at Livejournal.

I also have some of my fiction at where I am “fedoralady60.” However, the adult-rated stories cannot be accessed without a special password.

If you are a member of Dreamerfiction, you will find all my fiction under “Fedoralady’s Fics.” If you are not a member, enjoy reading a variety of fanfics and are over 18, contact me.

Be forewarned, much of my fiction is very steamy and each ficlet or multi-chapter fiction has an appropriate rating at the beginning. I just don’t want anyone to get an unwelcome surprise. 😉

Guy has this great slinking, sinuous stride through the castle. He is like a beautiful black panther. Cats are very sensual creatures, and so is our lovely Guy . . . this is a poem I wrote a few years back. It’s PG so no worries. 😉

Prowl: A Sir Guy Poem by Fedoralady

He prowls the torch-lit corridors
Like a massive black cat
Moving with a feline grace.
Supple and sleek, he swaggers,
And all eyes are drawn to him.

Teeth gleam sharp and white
in the darkness,
Eyes pierce you with their fire.
Be wary of those black-clad hands;
They may strike a deadly blow.

He stretches in the soft bed
Like a massive black cat
Moving with a feline grace,
He sheds his leather skin,
To reveal the Apollo underneath.

Claws sheathed, his calloused palms
And long, elegant fingers touch gently.
Eyes pierce you with their desire.
Welcome the lips that caress,
For they bring only sweet pleasure.

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About fedoralady

I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Hi Angie, I must celebrate. I’ve just receveid now an email from Hedgey with my password. I am very excited and thank you a lot for your recommendation. Household will be hard today. But I have tricks. I hate ironing but since my RA addiction, I have headphones with RA ‘audio works and plus (!!!) imagine ironing RA ‘shirts and trousers. How naughty I am ! Think that ironing has become a pleasure.It’s a bit crazy and naughty, isn’it ?

    • Hoorah! You are absolutely welcome. 😀 I hope you enjoy many hours of happy fanfic reading. I hate ironing myself–but if I imagined I was listening to RA and pretending I was ironing Mr. A’s shirts and trousers, I think it would be considerably less unpleasant. 😉

    • Nadia, I used to iron in front of the television, but I find the task passes much more quickly now because I listen to Richard on my iPod. I’ve loaded on all his audiobooks, radio interviews, “Clarissa” (a radio play) and the North and South soundtrack.

      BTW Angie, you mentioned in an earlier post that you have some of Richard’s stuff on your Kindle. Mine’s up and running now (it’s the basic model)and I’m wondering what it is of Richard’s you can actually load onto it.

      • I don’t know if I well understand because I’m not english speaker but french. As concerns my kindle, I’ve said I transfer fanfics’files on it. I have also a basic Kindle model. I open Word, copy paste the fanfics, and use mobipocket creator to convert the files (Kindle reads Mobi format). So I don’t read on my computer because my eyes are fast tired. Reading on Kindle is more comfortable. Excuse my english syntax errors but it’s easier to read than to write.

        • Nadia,you are doing just fine with your English. Do you know how many Americans speak/write/read nothing but English, and sadly, some not very well? Here is a place where you can practice. 😀
          I agree, reading on the Kindle is much easier on the eyes. My sister actually has been loading my current fanfic-novel chapter by chapter onto her Kindle. As she is legally blind, this works wonderfully for her.

        • Many thanks for that Nadia. I would never have thought of putting fanfic onto my Kindle. You can download the radio interviews and Clarissa from website onto an MP3 player.
          Your English is very good, I easily understand your Kindle instructions! 🙂

          • Mezz, I didn’t think about putting fanfic on a Kindle either until my sister mentioned she wanted to give it a try. She had been wanting to read TL&TP and even blowing up the font size on the computer screen, reading for any length of time tires her eyes out very quickly.

            See, Nadia–I told you so, my darling. 😀

      • Mezz,

        I actually have a membership to which is part of Amazon. You get free credits every time you buy an audiobook (yes, I will actually listen to other people outside of Richard, although he is obviously my fav narrator. I can highly recommend Juliet Stevenson, for example) and they have the Georgette Heyer books available. So I have them uploaded to my Kindle. They are transferred by Whispernet just like the reading material is. As I said, I don’t have an iPod, but I just pop in my earbuds and listen in much the same manner as you would using an iPod.

        • Thanks Angie. My iPod earbuds don’t fit into the kindle port so I will have to look into finding a set that do so. I’ve downloaded My Lady Gisborne, and look forward to reading that this weekeend. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was free.

          • I have some el cheapo earbuds I think I got at Wal-Mart that work really well in the Kindle. There are quite a lot of things you can get either free or very inexpensively. I get emails with the Kindle Daily Deal, and it offers a different book every day in a variety of genres, for 70-80 percent off regular prices. I have purchased several of those.

        • I have signed up to Audible just for Richard..They have this one month trial membership offer, which allows you to download 1 audiobook free! I downloaded The Convenient Marriage, and I listen to it on my laptop when I’m alone in the office (have no iPod or Kindle or whatever other gadgets these books can be downloaded onto). Richard’s so great at doing all the different types of voices and accents! It’s amazing. What a fantastic storyteller he is. Unfortunately, only 3 of his audiobooks are available on Audible if I remember correctly. The rest I’d have to order from Amazon but they’re quite expensive. 😦

          • Yeah, and you actually get 1 credit a month free and now I have three credits plus $10 towards audiobooks, so I am going to do some shopping soon. I have several audiobooks on my laptop as some of the non-RA are unabridged and very lengthy and I had limited space on my Kindle.

            He doesn’t just read the books; Richard PERFORMS them. I purchased the books for each of audiobooks in order to have the full novel, and i find that as I read the books, I hear Richard’s voice in my head, even the unabridged parts he didn’t narrate. Such is his amazing talent. 😀

          • Angie & Judit, thanks for mentioning Audible and Kindle Daily Deal. If I can put audio onto my kindle as well as books, then I don’t need to take my iPod away with me on holidays.
            The Book Depository did very well out of me when I was playing catch-up with everything Richard had ever done. I bought his three Heyer audiobooks (which I adore) and all the Robin Hood cds, six I think.

            • Yes, you can put other audio on there, too, music files, etc. etc. I intended to put some of my music on here onto my Kindle before our cruise and just didn’t get to it. It was so nice to just pack the Kindle instead of carrying conventional books with me, as relaxing and having a good read while enjoying the sea breezes is a favorite activity.

            • Yes, I have some of my audio books in MP3 format on my computer for that reason. Let me tell you, unabridged versions of Gone with the Wind and Outlander take up a lot of space! Benny has an iPod and he has transferred some Kindle books onto it.

          • @Mezz, Forgot to tell you, there is also an audio interview with RA on the Audible site about the experience of recording the audiobooks. But maybe you’ve already found it. It’s worth listening to. Very insightful. 🙂

  2. Your fanfic is wicked good. I’m pleased to recommend your stories as (1) good stories; (2) happy erotica; and (3) delightful humour.

  3. @Leigh Vondereau: Whole truth, in three points!:) Thank you!
    Sir Guy is irresistible,he is the sole subject of my fantasies!
    Ah…I can’t wait for your novel,Fedoralady! 🙂

  4. Fedoralady would you consider recommending me so I can have the priviledge of reading your fanfic. I am not sure how to send you a private email so I am making the request here. I have been addicted to wattpad reading all the fanfic I can. I LOOOOOVE Guy! LOL…

    Btw, I am so impressed with everyone’s ability to handle and download the mp3, mobipocket, kindle, etc. I am learning so much. Thanks to everyone for all the info here. Not only is this so much fun, I am gaining wealth of knowledge.

  5. Hi fedoralady, I’ve just recently discovered Strike Back and the joys of John Porter and I would absolutely love to read your fic, Truce. Would it be possible for you to recommend me on dreamerfic? I’m afraid I don’t really want put up any proof of my age like they ask, though I realise it is well intentioned. And just so you know, I’m 26 :)!
    PS sorry for leaving a random message years after you’ve published this post, but I wasn’t sure where else to go!

  6. Hi fedoralady, I’ve just recently discovered Strike Back and the joys of John Porter and I would absolutely love to read your fic, Truce. Would it be possible for you to recommend me on dreamerfic? I’m afraid I don’t really want put up any proof of my age like they ask, though I realise it is well intentioned. And just so you know, I’m 26 :)!
    PS sorry for leaving this random message here on this post years after it’s been published but I wasn’t sure where else to go!

    • HI, Anya,
      I will be happy to, but I do need you to do a couple of things. Email me with a valid email addy as I got a delivery failure using the one currently listed. In your email, give me examples of events that took place in the year of your birth. Also, let me know what username you would want to use at DF.
      And thanks for your interest! 😀

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