Richard is incandescent in the role of Claude Monet in The Impressionists. With lovely locations, stunning cinematography, a strong cast and Mr. A’s ability to capture the passion and intensity of a true artist, it is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

This post includes two slideshow vids I made from this series.

First Impressions covers his early career while Lights and Shadows deals with a tumultuous part of Monet’s life that had its bright and dark moments. The quotes featured are from Monet himself and the music features the amazing Yo-Yo Ma.

Monet: Portrait of an Artist

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  1. Sooo beautiful! Thank you for these great vids. Some of those screencaps look like paintings themselves! And I’m beginning to warm to the Monet-type facial hair on RA! He so looks the part with his beautiful, artistic, elegant hands and the intensity in those eyes…*swoon*

    • Yes, there are some beautiful images. Actually, at least one of those videos is in High Definition. RA really is an excellent choice to play the passionate, intense artist who practically lives to paint. His beauty transcends the funny facial hair–I still think he’s just gorgeous.

  2. I love these vids, images and music. I am so glad Richard played that role, bringing to it the wonder and the creative drive of the artist. When I saw an exhibition of Monet’s work done toward the end of his life, it made me even more sad not solely because I had seen his earlier work, but because I had seen Richard’s portrayal, full of the exuberant strength of youth and passion.

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