*Squee* One of my favorites.

Dirty, disheveled Guy and his tempting lips.

Lucas: beautiful eyes, beautiful skin, beautiful mouth. Just . . . beautiful.

As young Claude Monet Richard's facial hair emphasizes the beautiful shape of her lips.

More lips . . . (What can I say? I’m greedy)

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  1. I am THRILLED to see you now have your own blog going! I am always checking out your videos a few times a week to see if you have anything new. “Simply the Best” is my favorite. Thank you for creating such inspiration for my writing!! I have wanted to leave comments because I enjoy all of them so much. I also feel a kindred spirit with a fellow teacher. I believe we’re from the same state (I’m on the Gulf Coast). This is the first of many visits to come!

    • Thank you, Kate! Lovely to see you here. Yes, I live in Sweet Home Alabama. I’ve been pretty involved between the blog and working on my novel and dealing with some health issues, so I haven’t made any new videos of late. But don’t worry, I am sure inspiration will strike me again before too long. 😀 Richard is such a wonderful muse, I am glad if I in turn can inspire others. Yes, please stop in often and share your thoughts. 😀


    • Generally speaking, I don’t think of describing an attractive man as “stunning” or “alluring,” but those words often come to mind when I think of Richard. And as he gets older, it just seems to grow. One beautiful, stunning, alluring hunk of a man. *sigh*

    • Leigh, I’ve just finished reading The Dancer…great story. Lucas deserves a happy ending with a woman he loves, and your descriptions of him in his dance gear are wonderfully evocative.
      Thanks again angie for pointing me in the right direction! 🙂

    • Oh Carla, thank you for that link..THAT kiss…The best kiss in the history of television kisses, IMO. Must have watched it a gazillion times. Btw, RA’s lips are not thin on those pictures above at all. Any fuller and they’d be feminine looking lips. Like the Scrubs guy’s lips. (Zach whatshisname). Sorry I don’t like it when a guy’s lips are too plump.

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