Those lips . . . are tempting


Honestly, I always thought I preferred fuller lips on a man. I thought of thin lips equating hardness, cruelty, an unpleasant disposition. And then Richard Armitage came striding on those long, lovely legs into my life and brought his very expressive and sensual mouth with him. I was reminded of something Spencer Tracy once said about Kate Hepburn, which was roughly “There ain’t a lot of meat on her, but what there is, it’a cherce (choice).”
Well, Mr. A’s lips may not have a lot of meat to them, but they sure are choice.

The set of John Porter's lips seems to say to me, "I am not impressed."

Oh, Mr. A. Those lips--soft-looking, the hint of a smile, slightly parted in anticipation . . .

I am amazed at the sensuality he can project on camera.

For a scene depicting Guy in the throws of a nightmare--it was no nightmare for the viewe.r Take note of the particularly delicious upper lip, the Cupid's-bow more pronounced than ever.

A smug "Glamour Guy" oversees his plan to trap Robin and gang in S3.

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  1. Notice in photo #3 of Lucas how his lower lip is slightly swollen, as if with desire? Method acting, yeah, but I’m not asking how he does it. If that image does not make you want to kiss those lips, you might want to check your pulse.

    • He’s amazing . . . he says he can smoulder with his back, and I believe him. Apparently, he can also swell his lovely lip at will. I think you might have to be comatose to fail to respond to those lips, those eyes . . . *thud*

          • I definitely believe he can smoulder with his back! He can smoulder with his presence alone. Not bad for a man who has “some” talent..(or did he say he had a “little talent” ..I can’t find that comment of yours where you quoted him)

    • Re photo no. 3, maybe he’d just had an intensive kissing session with someone before he got to the set that morning, and that’s why his lips were slightly swollen! Somebody was probably being proactive with him that morning at 5.00 am.! 🙂 .

  2. That mouth is incredibly gorgeous…and delicious I’m sure. 😉 I never gave much thought to what kind of lips were attractive until I discovered RA. The thinks you notice on a beautiful man.

  3. I have sneaking suspicion that Fedoralady is a Moriarty type mastermind criminal, who’s trying to give women worldwide a massive heart attack from major RA sexiness! You are killing me with cuteness overload 😉

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