RA mephitic? Noooo. Guy? Sometimes. TAE Word for the Day


Ewwwww! There is something rotten--downright mephitic--in the shire of Nottingham!

God's tears! Hood, you and your fellow forest boys are so ripe, you are mephitic!

Our word for the day is mephitic. Mephitic: (adjective) poisonous; foul-smelling.

Robin Hood will help us illustrate today’s word. I think we could safely say the Treacherous Troll (aka Vasey) had a mephitic influence on Sir Guy. After all, Guy himself said Vasey poisoned everything.

And I am quite sure Forest Boy and his gang smelled pretty darned mephitic as I never saw any bathtubs or showers in their camps–just the medieval garage door opener.

Sir Guy, on the other hand, changed his tunics routinely and no doubt enjoyed bathing and having Robin’s servants rub his feet. I am certain he did his best to avoid becoming mephitic in his unceasing efforts to win Marian (ungrateful cow).

However, after the Episode Which Dare Not Speak Its Name at the eod of S2, Guy’s grooming skills were distinctly lacking. One suspects between the greasy hair, unwashed body, dirty garments and smell of alcohol, early S3 Guy was quite mephitic (thank goodness for Prince John’s Red Door Salon and Spa).
However, it should be noted that Greasy Madman Guy still managed to retain his sexiness. When you got it, you got it, baby.

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  1. Thanks for yet another new word! I didn’t think back in those days bathing was really “en vogue” for the lower classes, so naturally they would smell…I’d like to think too that Guy enjoyed bathing regularly but didn’t the Sheriff told him once to change his clothes every now and then? 🙂 Or was Vasey just being nasty as usual? 🙂

  2. Great word Angie. I think Robin and his forest friends had to be mephitic. I never understood Marian’s attraction to Robin anyway, but the smelly,disgusting, aspect of things at least should have pushed her into Guy’s arms.

    • Yeah, at least the real Justin Beiber looks clean and well-groomed (no scruffy facial hair). And as I recall, Marian wasn’t all that thrilled with living in the camp with the gang. And I am sure it wasn’t just Robin expecting her to stay out of the way — I know Guy smelled like heaven compared to the outlaws. 😉

      • The real JB may be well groomed but I detest the way he wears his trousers! These “low rise” things keep falling down to his thighs revealing his underwear which I have absolutely no desire to see! Yuk. Sorry for the rant but I just hate that “fashion trend” with a vengeance.

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