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A complex and controversial early TV role: Paul Andrews in BTS


Alona (Julie Graham) and Paul (Richard Armitage) in BTS

In 2003, Richard appeared in the supporting role of widowed sex therapist Alona’s live-in younger boyfriend, Paul in ITV’s Betwen the Sheets. Paul is also the father to a daughter the couple shares. BTS has been described as an “emotional touching, sometimes humorous carnal drama” revolving around the love lives and physical hang-ups of several couples who are all linked in some way.

Paul is a probation officer accused of inappropriate behaviour with one of his underage clients. Throughout the series’ six episodes, the viewer is not quite sure if Paul is guilty or innocent. As with other Armitage characters, one is left wondering about Paul’s past and his future and just what makes him tick. It is yet another character that, when viewed on additional occasions, allows you to pick up on nuances missed the first time.

If you have not seen BTS or have seen it only on YouTube, be advised that Richard is nude in a couple of rather graphic sex scenes–nothing most of haven’t seen with other actors in other shows or films, but it can be a shock when you see John Thornton going at it.

It is a frank adult drama about intimacy issues and has scenes that correlate to this theme. I personally don’t have a problem with this; excessive gratuitous violence is much more disturbing to me, I have found. But I do think potential viewers should have a forewarning, just in case.

I should also add that I don’t think of it as Richard Armitage when I watch this series. It’s Paul Andrews, just as it’s John Thorton in N&S, Porter in SB and so forth. he inhabits the character so well.

Do I feel the actor was exploited by his nudity and simulation of intimacy? No.

He was a grown man capable of making his own choices, fully aware of what the role required and he acts the part extremely well. But do we expect anything less?

On a lighter note, I do find it amusing RA told his mum he had a “bum double.” 😉 An edited version of BTS is available to view on YT; the DVD set of the complete six episodes can be ordered through Amazon.

Screencaps from RANet and Richard Armitage Central

Lucy Griffiths (her, I like!) and some Swedish ‘eye candy’


I’ve just taken a quick look-see through all the comments that came in whilst I was napping (ah, bliss. Sleep!) and I want to make it clear when I object to Marian, I am not objecting to Lucy G. She, after all, cannot help how her part was written or directed.

We all know that Lucy really enjoyed working with Richard and described him as “the best screen partner.” Her enthusiasm always showed in her interviews. And yes, who can blame her if she developed a little crush on her dreamy co-star? She also seems to be a very bright, bubbly, well-grounded sort of young woman. I really enjoyed her performance in Collision and have looked forward to seeing her in more projects.

I am happy to announce she is getting her first big break here in the US, after several near misses on our shows, including a CW pilot that was not picked up by the network. Lucy will be a regular on the upcoming season of the very popular HBO series True Blood as the English “sister” of gorgeous bad boy vampire Eric Northman (they were both “made” by the same vampire). Poor Lucy, having to play opposite another tall, hunky guy (albeit not a love interest).

Her character Nora is described as intelligent, cool under pressure, a good liar and a little intimidating. She fiercely loves Eric but believes she has a higher calling and works as a double agent with the Vampire Authority. It sounds like a good role for our Lucy and I hope it will bring her bigger and better opportunities. I loved her dark hair as Marian, but she does look quite angelic with the blonde tresses, does she not?

So here’s to Lucy–and here’s a look at the 6’4″ Swede who plays her “brother,” Alexander Skarsgard. (Photos from Google images)

OK, so I am feeling a little–mean . . .




In light of a recent discussion stemming from comments that I and some of you have posted, I thought we’d do a little visual comparison here of the “hero” of Robin Hood and the REAL hero. I also include early 8×10 black and white glossies of each actor taken when they were roughly the same age. And yes, Jonas is nearly a decade younger than Richard.
There’s a battle of the fake tats, too! Lots to mull over . . . fear not, Hairyphobic readers, Jonas’s chest remains covered.

Early Career Spotlight: RA in the Scottish Play


Our Richard has had a variety of venues in which to perfect his acting chops. Before his success on television and after studying at LAMDA, RA appeared on various stages in a number of different plays, both contemporary works and the classics.

In 1999 and 2000, Richard performed as Angus in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Macbeth.
The play debuted in November 1999 at the Swan in Stratford-Upon-Avon. The production toured Britain and Japan before moving to the Young Vic in London in April 2000. That June the cast traveled to the US to perform. Because the RSC production was filmed for TV, I have the opportunity to share screencaps with you (alas, I don’t know how to get access to the original video or if it is even available.)

The information on the production comes courtesy of Annette at RichardArmitageOnline and the screencaps are from RANet. During this tour, Richard was also photographed for a layout in a Japanese magazine. As you can see, he was also showing off his trademark smoulder. He reminds me of Guy in some of the Macbeth screencaps–the intensity of his gaze. As you can see, he was in more modern military gear for this version of the Scottish play, gear that included that very flattering beret. And all the stage dirt can’t really diminish his masculine beauty.

Marian, you’re an idiot.


Did they drop you on your head when you were a baby? Do you possess a particularly virulent case of Poortasteitus, my lady?

I mean, there’s Arrow Boy aka Justin Beiber with scruffy facial hair, who lives with a bunch of other smelly men in the forest, and there’s—*guhhhhhhhhhh*

I rest my case. (images from RANet)

So, my husband hijacked my laptop . . .


Bearded Armitage

Movie Star Armitage

Boyish Armitage.

Hmmmmm. Is Richard getting ready to "walk like an Egyptian?"

But it was for a good reason. He says he told me he was taking it to install the Adobe Elements software for our upcoming adult ed class–yes, finally I am going to learn how to use Photoshop, so watch out!–do some updates and run virus scans.

(I don’t need the Geek Squad. I have a one-man version in my bed. Love ya, hon.) 😉

I have absolutely no memory of Spouse entering the room, speaking to me or of me telling him, “Take the cat with you” (said cat had been cuddled at my side for hours whilst I caught up on my sleep and surely needed a bathroom/food break). I guess I was well and truly out of it.

It took quite a while for everything to finish, but I finally have my trusty Toshiba back. I have a lot of catching up to do later today, as I think I am going to have to rest up some more.

Thanks to all who have stopped in and to those who commented whilst I was “away from my desk.” You’re swell! 🙂
Of course, I can’t leave this post without some RA goodness, from boyish charm to mature masculine beauty. Enjoy!! (All screencaps/photos courtesy of RANet)


Yummm. Photo courtesy of RANet

I was very tired when I drafted this post this morning, or should I say, yesterday morning; so tired I didn’t managed to get it published. So here it is . . .

I have been sneezing my head off, sniffling quite a bit and coughing. Allergies or have I caught Spouse’s cold?
Not sure, but I am going to curl up with fuzzy Puddie Cat with her V-8 engine purr and try to catch some ZZZZs.
But I shall not neglect you, my darlings.

Here is one of my favorite shots of Lucas in Action Man Mode. I wonder–does he hold his hands in such a manner when he runs in order to deliver a karate chop to anyone who gets in the way? Or possibly to fend off any crazed fangurls who get too close? Does it somehow increase his speed? He certainly looks focused and determined to catch the bad guy/defuse the bomb/rescue his fellow agent.

I always felt safer when Lucas and Ros, kitted out in their cool denim and leather, were out taking care of business. Yes, even though I am not British and they technically don’t exist–the world seemed in better order with the Dynamic Duo in action.

But I know what your attention is drawn to. The Prize Thighs. So muscular they are straining the material of his black jeans. Poetry in motion, ladies and gentlemen.

Lucas,you can come speeding to my rescue any old time you like. (I know the whole Bateman thing was just a very bad dream and you are still alive and well and as hot and heroic as ever.)

Lucas in Action Man Mode: Poetry in Motion