Lucy Griffiths (her, I like!) and some Swedish ‘eye candy’


I’ve just taken a quick look-see through all the comments that came in whilst I was napping (ah, bliss. Sleep!) and I want to make it clear when I object to Marian, I am not objecting to Lucy G. She, after all, cannot help how her part was written or directed.

We all know that Lucy really enjoyed working with Richard and described him as “the best screen partner.” Her enthusiasm always showed in her interviews. And yes, who can blame her if she developed a little crush on her dreamy co-star? She also seems to be a very bright, bubbly, well-grounded sort of young woman. I really enjoyed her performance in Collision and have looked forward to seeing her in more projects.

I am happy to announce she is getting her first big break here in the US, after several near misses on our shows, including a CW pilot that was not picked up by the network. Lucy will be a regular on the upcoming season of the very popular HBO series True Blood as the English “sister” of gorgeous bad boy vampire Eric Northman (they were both “made” by the same vampire). Poor Lucy, having to play opposite another tall, hunky guy (albeit not a love interest).

Her character Nora is described as intelligent, cool under pressure, a good liar and a little intimidating. She fiercely loves Eric but believes she has a higher calling and works as a double agent with the Vampire Authority. It sounds like a good role for our Lucy and I hope it will bring her bigger and better opportunities. I loved her dark hair as Marian, but she does look quite angelic with the blonde tresses, does she not?

So here’s to Lucy–and here’s a look at the 6’4″ Swede who plays her “brother,” Alexander Skarsgard. (Photos from Google images)

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    • I think so, too. I used to wish Richard could do a guest stint as Bill’s vampire cousin from England–I think he and Alexander would look so good on the screen together–so I am glad to see Lucy get this break. I just watched another former co-star of Richard’s in the season premiere of Walking Daad, Andrew Lincoln, Hugh in Strike Back. Andrew is really good in the role; his character has taken a slighter darker turn. He also does a very credible southern accent.

  1. Lucy was the reason why I liked Marian in the first place, for all her faults and the way she played Guy. It’s only as time has passed and I’ve seen S2&3 of RH so many times that I wished Guy would set his sights on someone else. But then there wouldn’t have been the love triangle that the writers set up in order to create emotional friction.

    • I thought for a young, relatively inexperienced actress, Lucy really did shine. She showed more range as Marian, in my opinion, than Jonas did as Robin and he went to RADA. It’s funny. When I listen to the audiobook CDs of RH with Richard narrating, I envision a Robin I could actually like and possibly root for. It’s the difference in the way he delivers the lines, the nuances to his performance. And that is with a Robin still written as the cocky, arrogant Robin we all know and don’t particularly love. Richard could have given us a heroic, compelling and very sexy Robin Hood for the ages–but then we wouldn’t have had the splendour that is Guy of Gisborne. And “it’s so much fun to play the bad guy . . .”

  2. I elected not to watch any of the newer American vampire movies or television series as I’ve seen so many shows in that genre during my long life!

    Have I made an error, Angie? Would “True Blood” appeal to me, do you think?

    Our ABC has recently started showing “Being Human” again from 2007 onwards and I must admit I quite like it! I’ve also started watching “Torchwood” as the ABC has started it again from the beginning – like that, too!

    We have iView/ABC Catchup here [it’s like BBC iPlayer], for which I am entirely grateful. I can’t always manage to record everything I’d like to watch as, of course, there’s either nothing I’d like on or 3 programs I’d like…. shown at exactly the same time! My DVD recorder gets a good workout! I have hours and hours of “stuff” saved on the harddrive, so I need to go now and transfer some things onto disc in order to make room for tonight’s recording!

    I’m regretting now that I missed watching “Moonlight” with our Alex O’Loughlin and Sophie Myles (Beth Bailey) but I don’t know if will ever be repeated as it was shown on one of the commercial free-to-air stations.

    • I am not a “Twihard,” let me say that first of all, and I do not understand the fervor over those books and the flims. I know there are people who do love them, and I respect that.

      “True Blood” is based on the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris. I have read most of the books and did so before the series was created.

      I really enjoy the books, their southern setting (Louisiana) and the vein (no pun intended) of humour that runs throughout. There are quite a few changes in the TV version, which has some people up in arms, but it doesn’t bother me.

      There are some wonderful regulars and guest stars–James Frain, who was Cromwell in The Tudors, is brilliant as a very insecure and obessive vamp in one of the seasons. Lara Pulver from RH actually had a recurring role as a fairy until she was killed off.

      So Lucy won’t be the first RH actor to appear on the show. Actually, one of the best, funniest, most endearing characters is played by Aussie Ryan Kwanten, who does a wonderful southern American accent as Sookie’s hunky but thick brother.
      In RL, he is very bright and articulate–which shows it takes smarts to play dumb sometimes. 😉

      In fact, several of the lead actors are British, Kiwis or Aussies.

      I enjoy True Blood. Sometimes it is a bit OTT but it can be very entertaining. You don’t just get vamps, either. There are werewolves, shape-shifters, werepanthers, witches and fairies. 😉 And the nudity and sex scenes are plentiful. The blood and gore is really not excessive. And it’s really funny at times.

      Plus Alex as Eric the bad boy vampire, a Viking in his former life, is pretty hot, I must say. Eric can be vicious but he also does have a gentle and caring side. Remind you of anyone? 😉

      • Angie, when I read the email alert’s subject line of this post, I immediately knew who you were referring to as “Swedish eye-candy”.. I have never been attracted to blonde guys but Alex’s gorgeous, isn’t he? Really, really sexy. I enjoy True Blood too but sometimes the violence gets to me, then I just have to look the other way until it’s over. I think the actors are all doing an absolutely fabulous job. I was stunned when I found out Ryan Kwanten was an Aussie! I love James Frain too, he’s exceptionally talented, I’ve seen him in “24” first, and then Cromwell and then this vampire. The guy can act! I’m happy for Lucy for getting this role, it’s a high quality show (I haven’t seen the last season – so don’t tell me too much about it 🙂 ) I have never watched any other vampire-themed shows or any of the Twilight films (can’t for the life of me understand the fuss over Robert Pattinson)! For me, as far as vampire stories go, it’s True Blood only!

        • Listen, blondes are not usually my type either, but for Alex I will make an exception. Here is another case where I feel the “hero” of sorts, Vampire Bill, tends to be eclipsed by the baddie. I find Stephen Moyer’s Bill to be a bit OTT with the southern accent. and I just don’t find him sexy.
          (I also do not understand those who think Robert Pattison is gorgeous.)

          I would never have guessed Ryan was an Aussie until I read it in an article. He seems like a real sweetie, too–and he is not too hard on the eyes. 😉

          James was just brilliant. I didn’t want him to ever be written out of the show!! I love Jessica the teenage vamp, too. Yes, I think it’s probably for the best that the CW pilot was not picked up. I think this is a better opportunity for Lucy. Trud Blood is also my vampire story of choice. 😉 I promise not to reveal anything about last season.

      • My daughter got the “True Blood” DVDs from Netflix and against my better judgment, I watched. It was rather like watching a train wreck; a compelling disaster, I couldn’t look away. It was funny at times, too. Then, there’s the theme song, “I wanna do bad things with you”, which has been used to score at least one video of Guy on YT.

          • I just thought that the premise, vampires and werewolves and shapeshifters and fairies in the American South, was over the top. I plan to read the books to see if I like the prose better than the TV series. I liked some of what Ann Rice did with vampires in New Orleans because her descriptive prose was so florid, commensurate with the setting, but I did not care for her later work. I can’t stand the “Twilight” stuff; I find the writing so mediocre, it hurts. As for Pattinson, I liked his work in “Water for Elephants”, even though he doesn’t thrill me at all.

            I think it would have made more dramatic sense to put someone like Alexander in the role of Robin Hood — still young, cheeky, irresponsible, glory-hungry, but more like Flynn in terms of dramatic weight. With someone stronger to play against, Richard’s Guy would have been even more compelling.

            I agree about the theme song; it suits Guy beautifully. I imagine we all want to do bad things with Guy, especially if fanfic is any indication.

            • Consider that photo of Jonas from an earlier post with the sleeveless shirt holding the bow. He looks so scrawny and scruffy and unimpressive.

              Now imagine Alexander in the same pose–tall, well-muscled, handsome, with a dangerous yet amused glint in his eye–a man you could envison as a hero and imagine as someone who would be a worthy match with RA as two members of a love triangle.

              Also, if they were going to come up with this story of Guy and Robin having a back story together, it wouldn have made more sense to have someone like Skarsie (his nickname) because he is a few years younger than Richard, but still old enough to realistically be the little brat shooting his arrow where he shoudn’t (not that realism or logic was ever all that important to TPTB).

          • @Leigh, I quite liked the premise of True Blood. 🙂 I saw a lot of negative comments on message boards about the books though, a lot of people criticised the style of writing. You’ll just have to see for yourself, I guess. Haven’t seen Water for Elephants. Pattinson may be a good actor but charismatic he is not (for me anyway!).
            I really admire Alexander S. for speaking English without any hint of a foreign accent! At least I can’t hear it in his speech, maybe you native speakers can tell that he’s not American or English? He certainly would have been more convincing than Jonas as Robin. From a physical aspect, since he’s even taller than Richard, all the fighting scenes where Robin gets the better of Guy would have looked more believable. Blonde vs. dark would have been a great contrast as Angie said. Also, Alex is a lot more charismatic than Jonas as an actor.

            • I read the books well before the series was created, because I liked another mystery series by this author. And I suppose I liked Harris’s writing style just fine, as I read the first seven books in the series. The books are narrated by a young woman without a great deal of formal education who has always felt like an outcast, so I don’t expect great lyricism. There is a thread of humor that runs through the books and some very sexy scenes. 😉

              I think, as with some other series by other writers, the overall quality of the books diminished as the series continued and I no longer read them. I have read reviews by people who hate the novels and love the series, and who love the books and hate the series. I enjoyed the books and I enjoy the series.

              Robert Pattinson, aside from the fact he’s WAYYY too young for me, just doesn’t appeal to me at all in the way Richard does. I actually think he’s kind of funny-looking (sorry, any RPatz fans out there).

              I can discern a slight accent with Alexander, but he is supposed to a 1000-year-old Viking in the show. 😉 Yes, someone like Alexander would have made the fights much more believable between Robin and Guy. And they would have looked great onscreen together and with Lucy. Alex is a much more understated actor than Jonas (I thought he relied too much on a few stock expressions) and I think he could have also brought that world-weariness of a soldier who has seen combat to the role.

              On a purely shallow note, he also looks really good with his shirt off. 😀

            • Well, what I was specifically thinking of was the singularly unimpressive sight where Jonas takes off his shirt so Lucy can tend Robin’s wounds. Now, if that had been Alex–whooo. Think of how much more we all would have enjoyed it! But yes, I agree, like Richard, you could dress him in a garbage bag and he would still look great.

          • He’s got a nice smile too. And he is so damn sexy as Eric! Like you, I actually prefer him to Bill. Bill’s accent seems a bit manufactured sometimes.

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