Marian, you’re an idiot.


Did they drop you on your head when you were a baby? Do you possess a particularly virulent case of Poortasteitus, my lady?

I mean, there’s Arrow Boy aka Justin Beiber with scruffy facial hair, who lives with a bunch of other smelly men in the forest, and there’s—*guhhhhhhhhhh*

I rest my case. (images from RANet)

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  1. She must have been! All that hair plus gorgeous blue eyes plus black leather plus the smirks… sane woman would be able to resist Guylicious Guy.

    I’ve just watched an episode of “Zen” with Rufus Sewell – he was wearing Guyliner!

  2. Aren’t you supposed to be resting?! 🙂
    Marian was young, idealistic, impetuous and spirited. She was also manipulative and deceitful, and obviously had ice water running through her veins. To be kissed as she was by Guy, even though it was a ruse on her part, and then calmly leave…*shakes head* I wouldn’t have been able to stand up, let alone walk away. 😉 As time goes on, even though I wanted Guy to win her over, I like her less and less for the way she treated him.

    • The resting idea didn’t quite work out. *rolls eyes* I am the same way, even though I have written AU G/M fanfic and made fanvids. The longer the time since RH ended, the more I tend to think he deserved someone who didn’t have a hidden agenda and could truly appreciate him and earn his trust deservedly.

      • I agree, the writers on RH made Marian manipulative, deceitful, willful, and immature. It wasn’t Lucy Griffiths’ fault that her character was less than admirable or an idiot when it came to men. Sir Guy is supposed to be the villain of the piece, but he just comes across as a conflicted man doing a disagreeable job to the best of his ability, a man who becomes obsessed with Marian and is prepared to ruin himself for her. Guy deserved better, but after the fact, all we can do is give him a decent life with a good and loving woman in fanfic.

        • If anyone had bothered to get Lucy’s input on the matter, I suspect we would have seen a Marian genuinely torn between the loyalty, affection and the idealized puppy love she felt for Robin and the growing intimacy and empathy, the passionate stirring she felt when she was with Guy. As it was, she came off as stupid and just plain heartless.
          As it is, Leigh’s right. We just have to write our own versions of the “legend.”

  3. IMO, even Allan and Much were better looking than Robin, let alone Guy!:) I’ve never liked that caved-in chest and non-existent behind of his. Terrible posture too.

    • Oh, I agree. Allan looked pretty fit when he was shirtless and being tortured (bless his heart) and he had lovely bright blue eyes and an engaging grin. Much, when you got him clean and in some decent clothes for a change, was quite handsome. And frankly I liked both of them better than Robin. I also think Joe and Sam are better actors than Jonas. Just my opinion. I think Jonas would have been perfectly fine as one of the gang members-Allan or Will-but not as the heroic lead. Supposedly Jonas worked out before going back to shoot S3, but instead of being more muscular, he just looked bulkier. And he still didn’t have a proper backside. 😉 In fact, between Jonas’s increasing hair loss and the extra weight, there no longer appeared to be a decade’s age difference between the two actors. Which worked with the flashback story, anyway. *rolls eyes*

      • What??? Jonas is 10 years younger than Richard? I never would have guessed! 🙂 Totally agree about Joe and Sam being better actors than Jonas! I like Joe’s “Pinocchio” nose! Gives his face an impish character. And I liked the behind the scenes shot of Sam wearing thick glasses, I thought he was really cute! 🙂 I’m sorry the resting idea didn’t work out! Hope you’re feeling OK though! 🙂

        • Yep, I just looked it up and he was born on New Year’s Day in 1981. So there’s the same amount of age difference between Jonas and Richard as there is between me and my oldest sister–between 9 and 10 years. You know, somebody made a crack about Joe’s nose on one of the DVD commentaries and Richard jumped in and said, “Hey, watch what you say about noses!” 😉 His dad, actor Allun Armstrong, also has a very distinctive nose.

          There was really nowhere to go with RH at the end of the last series, although they were making tenative plans to shoot a fourth series in Scotland. They had killed off Guy, Allan, Robin, the sheriff, Izzy–Sam wanted to leave and do some stage work. That left Screechy, Preachy and Little John and, of course, Archer. Would I have watched it? NOOOOOO . . .

          • Wow, Joe Armstrong’s dad played Carol’s dad in Sparkhouse?? He was excellent! Totally and utterly repugnant! Don’t think they look anything alike though. Joe and his dad I mean.
            Ahhh, sounds like our dearest Richard is a bit sensitive about the “nose issue”! 🙂 I can’t believe he doesn’t like his own nose, I think it’s one of the most beautiful noses ever. .)

            • Yep, Allun was a man I loved to hate in
              Sparkhouse. He is also in Between the Sheets, but a much more likeable. At least he doesn’t physically and sexually abuse his own child. 😦 He is a very talented and versatile actor.

              I think Richard has reached the point where he accepts his nose; he just doesn’t like to see someone making fun of other people’s noses. He got teased a lot when he was younger.

          • Awww, he’s so sweet….Children can be horrible to each other. One of my best friends has gorgeous natural Irish-red hair and she was bullied mercilessly because of it through her childhood. It scarred her for life. 😦

          • I’m surprised you can understand any of the commentaries on the RH dvds; everybody talks over the top of one another, except Richard, who, ever polite and so-not-pushy, frequently gets interrupted. It drives me crazy!

            • For some strange reason my ears seem to operate the best whenever Richard does say something. 😉 I wish I could slap some duct tape over Gordon’s mouth at times. And Jonas is so grouchy in some of them. Whining about Guy. This, I do not like! 😉 It’s frustrating, definitely, but again I do admire Richard for being a gentleman and a class act (unlike some other people who shall remain nameless *cough* who are balding prematurely . . . ) And I love how Lucy is so bubbly and enthusiastic about RA. 😀

          • I have no trouble picking up on Richard’s voice, it’s that he makes some really funny and interesting observations and comments, and they’re often lost because someone else doesn’t have the manners to let him finish. 😦

            • Yeah, I see what you mean. I do prefer one-on-one interviews with him in which we can clearly hear what he has to say and he is given the opportunity to finish his sentences. *rolls eyes*

          • They would have been much better off just having two people doing the commentary, one of the actors and a writer/directer or whatever. I like to listen to them to get an insight into the whole process of film production as well as the candid stuff.
            One of my favourite shows in years gone by was Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman starring Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher. There was a commentary for the pilot episode with Cain and a woman, not sure if she was the producer or something else. It was interesting for the reasons I give above, plus you could follow what they were saying because they weren’t trying to talk over one another. (I’ve finished my gripe!!)

            • Yeah, that is what I was thinking. One actor and one person in the production end on a commentary, not four or five or more. As you say, it can really be interesting to hear about the process of creating a series or film when you can actually hear them.

    • Yeah, me too, IWantToBeAPinUp!! If I had known Richard was in the series, I would have watched it when it was first shown on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation – like the BBC). So once I found out about our Guy, I had to hire the DVDs one by one. I now own my own boxed set.

      Angie and Judit……Joe Armstrong also had a very small part in “Between the Sheets” – he was at the wedding of Alun Armstrong’s character’s daughter at the start of the show. He bears a resemblance to his father when you see them together.

      Alun is in a great BBC show called “New Tricks” with Amanda Redman, Joe Bolam and Dennis Waterman. I’ve seen him in a few other shows as well.

      Oh, how I love our free-to-air ABC – couldn’t live without it! I refuse to pay to watch television – however, there are one or two shows I would have liked but they are shown on UKTV,- a pay TV channel. Matthew sometimes records something he thinks I’d like but then I have to watch it at his house as his recorder doesn’t have the capacity to put anything recorded on to a disc (as mine does).

      I haven’t seen any other shows with either Joe Armstrong or the unrelated Jonas Armstrong.

      • Kathryngaul, I haven’t seen “Between the Sheets” in full (planning to get the DVD), but thankfully a gracious soul uploaded a “Richard-version” of the show on You Tube in 6 parts. I assume those 6 parts include almost all of RA’s scenes. And boy, he was staggeringly good in it. He took my breath away. I used to have BBC Prime in my satellite package but much to my dismay the TV service provider discontinued airing it some years ago. When I phoned them up to protest, they said the public just “weren’t interested”. They replaced BBC Prime with Poker CHannel. 😦

        • Hi Judit…..I don’t usually “plug” merchants but has some great specials on DVDs, sometimes even better than the prices on

          As my DVD players play all regions, I can buy from any country.

          There are a couple of websites that tell you the codes to input on your DVD player to convert to “region-free” or “all regions”

          • I live in the US and I have purchased a number of DVDS from Amazon UK. Even with the extra shipping coasts across the Atlantic, I actually come out cheaper sometimes than if I order them through the US branch. I also have a region-free DVD player and VLC on my laptop so I can watch movies from any region just fine on my TV or computer.

          • Kathryn, I always buy DVDs and books from they do have great offers. it’s just that at the moment our currency is so weak compared that to the pound that I have to think twice before I buy anything. 😦

        • The BTS DVD will allow you to see a lot more of Richard than usual, if you get my drift, Judit. Just be prepared for that and it won’t be such a shock. Paul was a tricky part. He could easily have come across as this skeevy guy but again, Richard gave him lights and darks and kept you guessing . . . he is so good, that one.

          • Angie, nudity/sex don’t bother me at all (unless it’s a gratuitous sex scene such as the one they put in Jane Eyre-the BBC one with Toby Stephens. I hated it because in the book Rochester and Jane most definitely did NOT have sex after the failed wedding), violence on the other hand bothers me much, much more. I went to see “Drive” because I heard it was a very good movie, but I sat through most of the 2nd part of the film with my eyes covered. It’s bad enough to kill somebody with 1 bullet through his/her head but WHY do they have to have one character beat the other to a pulp after killing him? Horrible.

            • Sometimes it really is overkill. There is such a thing as pornographic violence. Sex is fine between two consenting adults; but when it is humiliating or degrading to one of the parties involved, I find that objectionable.

            • I don’t like what seems to me to be dark and twisted and hate-filled. I once watched part of a movie that starred Gillian Anderson of X Files fame and in it these thugs attack her and her husband and one of them throws her across the hood of her car and rapes her. That really shocked me, it was like seeing Skully violated. Couldn’t watch the whole thing even though Anderson gave a good performance.

        • I started watching Sparkhouse again last night, and realized that Joe Armstrong DOES indeed resemble his dad, mainly his eyes and his nose! 🙂 What a fantastic actor Alun is. And the type of almost telepathic relationship Andrew and Carol had- well poor John Standring.. how can anyone compete with that? Having rewatched it I’m not sure now whether Carol will ever be able to move on from that relationship with Andrew and form a real bond with John. 😦

  4. Marion and Robin deserve each other! They both have serious character flaws. People thought Guy was mean…how about those little backstabbers! Anyway, I can’t believe what a dud actor they got to play Robin, especially when so many of the other actors were really great fun to watch! When I’m watching Guy and the Sheriff interact, I can’t take my eyes off of the screen in order not to miss any of the subtle little nuances they add to their scenes!

    • Yes, I fear they do. In the process of going back and rewatching the eps on my boxed set, I really found myself angry at her manipulation of Guy, who was already being manipulated by Vasey. Enough already! You will want to be sure and look at my “I’m feeling a little-mean” post. It is not kind to Robin. But pictures sometimes speak louder than words. *evil grin*

      Guy and Vasey were often hilarious together. 😀 And I liked the gang much better than I did their “heroic” leader. Vasey was a nasty troll but at least it was entertaining to watch Keith chew up the scenery. 😉 I find myself wanting to fast forward whenever Robin is onscreen. This is not a good sign when the character you pretty much like the least is the star of the thing!

  5. Not trying to be “the devil’s advocate” here, but I personally don’t want to forget the talented young actress, Lucy Griffiths, who young as she was and relatively inexperienced, was only playing the part she was given, after all, even though I deplored the way she had to manipulate Guy. From some of the comments she made she obviously loved working with Richard and I wouldn’t be surprised if she developed a bit of a crush on him! Who wouldn’t in her shoes!! 🙂 This little video is a good example I think, especially her last comment!

    I think elsewhere she said she learned a lot by watching him act and didn’t he say, sotto voce, on one of the commentaries while referring to Guy, “He should have married her” or words to that effect? 😀 Isn’t it wonderful that we have people who write great fanfic with a TOTALLY different outcome!! I still can’t watch Guy’s “death” without shedding a few tears. 😦

    • Lucy is a good actress, isn’t she? Did you see her in “Collision”?

      There was chemistry between Lucy and Richard alright – the twinkle in her eye in some scenes gave her away!

    • I agree as well. I think Lucy is a great actress and she seems very sweet. She and Richard seem like and respect each other on the commentary. And they definitely had chemistry!

    • Teutcher,

      Check out the next post. 😀 The “he should have married her” growl was actually a response in one of his radio interviews in which the interviewer asked if Guy should have murdered Marian,
      Richard said emphatically “NO. He should have married her.” It was a Guy-like response, I thought. 😉

      • Thanks Angie! I knew I’d heard him say it somewhere!! I was quite overwhelmed when he said he couldn’t sleep for nights before he had to “kill” Marion and my heart went out to him. Because of how he “became” Guy, I’m sure that to him it must have felt like he was actually doing that terrible thing – killing the woman he loved, even though he maintained on one of the RH interviews that he hadn’t meant to do it. Like you, I believe it was a “Guy-like response”, bless him!! 🙂

        • It was obvious that scene disturbed RA deeply. After all, he did say that after reading the script he called the producers or writers, can’t remember which, and asked, “Are you f**kin’ crazy??” Just as it hurt Richard when John Porter’s wife told Hugh, “We are better off without him” 😦 I am sure there was some pain to see Guy chosen as the one to do the awful deed.

          And I never thought Guy really intended to kill Marian. He was desperate, his dreams were turning to ash before his eyes as the woman he loved taunted him. It must have seemed like a bloody awful nightmare. It was a sort of temporary insanity (and methinks Marian might have had a touch of heat stroke).

          • I thought it was temporary insanity too. This is the only feasible explanation for me.
            Btw, does anybody else find it strange that people get stabbed in RH left, right and centre yet you never, ever see a single drop of blood? I mean, Marian’s clothes should be drenched in blood when we see her body being carried by Robin to her grave, yet they seem to be perfectly dry! So it must be some sort of BBC guideline, a “no blood” rule, or something. 🙂

            • I noticed that early on, and assumed that because it was supposed to be a “family-friendly” show, they opted to never show blood (except when that rotten Robin cut poor tormented Guy’s face. 😦 ) It did make it that much more unrealistic.

          • MInd you, it’s not that I particularly MISS seeing a lot of blood but I did think it was rather odd and unrealistic that we never see ANY blood where there should be bucketloads. Ah well. RH is not known for its realism after all, is it?

            • Nope, not a show set in the 12th century in which the hero invents hang-gliding, the bride wears a dress with a bustle, a casino is set up in the castle and the fiesty peasant girl apparently has access to hair colour and fake braids.
              And the gang members wear hoodies and camo pants.

  6. HAH! As if RH were at all “realistic”! Anachronisms right and left, spanning centuries, from textiles to tack, as if nothing was too outlandish. Actually, the lack of blood and guts is in keeping with Aristotle’s rules for drama. In most opera productions, there’s very little blood by tradition (an exception is the splatter on Lucia de Lammermoor’s nightgown), although many characters meet appallingly messy ends.

  7. I too feel that they kept the blood to a minimum because they knew young kids would be watching. Such a contrast to all the gore seen in many of today’s shows whether they are for kids or not. They did show some too when Guy stabbed the Night Watchman. Nice hand shot there holding the dagger – even with the blood! I loved the way he said “Gotcha!!”

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