Daily Archives: February 14, 2012

Here’s to our romantic hero . . . and THE kiss


We all love the romance of North & South. Poor John Thornton goes through a lot of headache and heartache before Margaret finally sees the light, but oh!–the train station scene at the end is just–sublime. Sure, it is anachronistic. Two respectable people in mid-Victorian England would never kiss like that in public.

But there are times when you simply choose to suspend disbelief. North & South has marvelous production values, with authentic locations and costumes, a talented cast, a literate script and a lovely musical score.

There’s a good reason it has one of the highest ratings of films reviewed at Amazon and IMDB.

But most of all–it has the tingle, the spark, the chemistry between Richard Armitage and Daniella Denby-Ashe as Thornton and Margaret Hale. There’s the clasp of her small hand in his, the brushing of the fingers as a tea cup is passed; the longing glances, the impassioned gaze as Thornton pleads for Margaret to “Look back. Look back at me.” The tender expression in his eyes, showing John’s deep regard and concern for Margaret as she talks to him on that station bench, the way he takes her hands in his. He speaks volumes without saying a single world.

He is a man madly, deeply, passionately in love, ready to cup her pretty face in his strong hands, to touch those ripe, soft lips with his own; ready to show just how much she means to him. And thus follows the best, most beautiful and swoon-worthy screen kiss I have ever seen. Tender, loving, romantic, ardent. The sort of kiss every woman surely dreams of receiving.

Thank you, Richard, for giving the world such a wonderful kiss. Surely the menfolk could take lessons from watching your technique?

You play the ardent lover so well. One day, in the not-tou-distant future, we hope you will have another opportunity to show off your kissing and wooing skills in a film all about love. A well-scripted film with another co-star with whom sparks fly. A film in which you not only get the girl, but also get to live past the closing credits.

That would be a wonderful present for us all any time of the year.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and to all your wonderful fans. I hope you get to share romantic moments with some special person. You deserve it.