I would love to see Mr. Armitage do this . . .


(photo karen.blixen.com)

From the 1985 movie Out of Africa. Robert Redford as Denys Finch-Hatton and Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen, better known by her pen name, Isak Dinesen. There is something incredibly sensual about this scene in which Finch-Hatton washes the hair of his lover, Karen. I can easily imagine the nimble fingers of Richard’s strong, elegant hands working the shampoo into her hair, then cupping the back of her head as he lifts the pitcher and pours the water to rinse her tresses.

(Finally eaten my first meal since Monday night. Toast and jam can be truly tasty.)

(photos from EW.com)

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    • Very true. I was re-watching the movie this morning and I thought of what a terrific scene it was, the sort of scene Mr. A would do so very well. And of how good he would have looked amidst the African scenery (we already know how attractive he was in S. Africa in Strike Back) Of course, RA was all of 14 when this movie came out LOL

      Robert Redford was absolutely gorgeous, of course–I have always had a thing for him, in spite of my preference for dark-haired blokes–but I do wish he had at least attempted a British accent. Maybe he thought he couldn’t live up to Meryl, who knows?

      • Maybe if the do a remake (which I hope they won’t) Richard could play Redford’s role in it! Who would play Karen though? πŸ™‚ Any ideas? I don’t think I watched this film with the original voices as almost every foreign language movie shown on Hungarian TV is dubbed, so I can’t comment on the accents, unfortunately. RR is a good actor but has never done anything for me. I remember watching All The President’s Men and thinking Dustin Hoffman was infinitely better looking than Redford. Am I a nutcase? πŸ™‚

        • I doubt they would ever do a remake. I think it’s too iconic. It would be like remaking “Gone with the Wind.”

          “Out of Africa” is such a stunningly beautiful film, and I loved Meryl’s hats (they don’t call me fedoralady for notning πŸ˜‰ ).

          Robert just sounds like Robert always does. Actually, it reminded me of the old Hollywood films where Robert Taylor or Franchot Tone would be playing a Englishman or Frenchman or whatever but retain their American accent. That always bugged me a bit. Of course, Meryl is known for her authenticity with accents.

          She is one of my favorite actresses, someone who really does work hard at her craft.

          I love Dustin Hoffman, too. He has this lovely twinkle in his eyes . . . πŸ˜€

          • Oh, I adore Meryl Streep! πŸ™‚ And weren’t they great with Dustin in Kramer vs. Kramer? I had a HUGE crush on Dustin when I was in my late teens (not as huge a crush as I have on Richard now but it was a big crush nonetheless). Couldn’t stop watching The Graduate. Well actually I taped and watched and re-watched everything he was in. πŸ™‚

            • Benny and I watched Kramer Vs. Kramer together and during the scene where he is running with his little boy after his injury, I felt tears come to my eyes. I glance over and there were tears in his eyes, too. I love a man who is not afraid to show his emotions.

              A great movie, indeed. Meryl is a wonderful actress. Like Richard, I always feel as if I can count on her performances even if other aspects of the production aren’t great.

          • this “Yep!” was in resonse to Judit’s asking if she was a nutcase in preferring Dustin Hoffman’s looks to Robert Redford’s.

            Dustin has always been one of my favourite actors but as for looks…Robert Redford was one of the most gorgeous men of that time!

        • Stress and anxiety are what tend to trigger my grazing. During the years when we were dealing with our parents’ illnesses and grow fragility, with both of us unemployed at one point and my own health issues–well, I don’t smoke or drink or abuse drugs, so I took solace in Blue Bell Ice Cream, which, I truly believe, was invented by the devil. It IS sinfully good. πŸ˜‰

          • Blue Bell may have been invented by the devil, but it is GOOD for you. When you feed Guy Blue Bell in Sloth Fiction, I know what I want for dessert! What a combination…

            • It is wonderful ice cream. Moo–llenuim Crunch is just divine–homemade vanilla with chunks of dark chocolate, caramel, and several kinds of nuts. Guy really likes it. πŸ˜‰ It’s the perfect combination of sweet with a touch of salty and mix of textures that give you a “Mouth full of joy.” πŸ˜‰

  1. Yeah, me too! I don’t care about food and I’m not interested in sex,as well.;)
    My Mom made fun of ‘my’ Dustin Hoffman because she loved Robert R. and Omar Sharif.:)

  2. Like you angie, Robert Redford was one of the very few blonde actors I was keen on, usually preferred the dark-haired men ones too. He and Paul Newman; loved them in Buth Cassidy & Sundance Kid, and The Sting.
    I loved OoA when I saw it many years ago, but haven’t seen it for some time. As usual, Meryl Streep was fabulous in it. It’s one of those movies that doesn’t crop up on TV much, if at all. My mother has the dvd, so I’ll borrow it from her. πŸ™‚

    • Oh, yes, Newman and Redford made one fine-looking pair when they worked together. Redford also looks very attractive when feigning sleep. Another one with long eyelashes. *sigh*

      I just happened to run across Out of Africa this morning on one of the premium channels and settled in to watch it. The scenery made me long to visit Africa, only the only shooting I would wish to do would be with my camera. πŸ˜€

  3. Aaaah yes! I’d love to see him do that too, but perhaps not in a remake of Out of Africa. That’s not to say I don’t think he would be wonderful in it. πŸ™‚ There are just some movies that are best kept to their original versions. N&S is one example. I would think it sacrilegious somehow it they wanted to remake that with other actors. After all you can’t improve on perfection now, can you??

    A little OT here but when my brother-in-law and his family lived in Denmark they lived on a street called Karen Blixens Vej! I’m guessing that “Vej” means either street, road or way! Maybe a Danish speaker could answer that for me?

    • I would simply like to see him wash a lady’s hair in that way. I love seeing those hands in action. πŸ˜‰

      Certainly wouldn’t have to be a remake of this movie. As I mentioned earlier, some movies are so iconic, I can’t see doing a remake.

      • I agree, don’t remake “Out of Africa”, just have a lovely sensual scene of hair-washing! And is turn-about fair play? *thinking wicked thoughts, purring*

  4. He could just come over to Virginia…I have a lovely deck and patio, shaded by a big oak tree. He could wash my hair all day…and then….well we’ll leave that up to his imagination!! Oh wow, his hand in my hair, shivers all through my body!!!

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