When the subject of RA’s hair came up on another blog entry (specifically, what is his natural color?), it popped into my mind that perhaps I should add a post featuring some of the many shades of Armitage, from medium brown, to dark brown to black. Which is your favorite, or do you find him equally dishy no matter what the hue of his hair? Do tell.

Is this Richard's natural color these days? The little flecks of gray are endearing to me.

Richard on GM TV with his "Lucas Black" hiair.

The bearded beauty at The Hobbit press conference. Not his natural color, but getting closer.

Richard in the interview extra on the "Frozen" video. Love those smiles.

The boy from next door. Richard as Ian in Ultimate Force with (we think) his natural hair color.

Shades of Armitage: which hair color (s) do you like the best?

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    • The lighting on Spooks gave him this otherworldly sexy angel vibe with the black hair, the pale skin and those blue eyes.

      But he is lovely, really, with any haircolor. And yes–those grey flecks are simply endearing to me. I love the grey streaks in Thorin’s mane of hair. It suits him so. 😀

  1. You have set us an almost impossible task Angie – choosing which of Richard’s “looks” we like best! I’ve always loved his “Lucas look” with the dark brown/black hair and dark stubble, but there again he looked quite stunning as John Porter where his hair looked more brown yet with hints of red when the sun was on it, not to mention how he looked as John Thornton! Wow!! 😀 Of course he looked fantastic again as GoG in various lengths of that dark brown/black hair!! 😉 Then we come to your top “Thorin” picture where he is just adorable in what seems to be his natural colouring. Of course I just have to look at the bearded beauty in the pink shirt on your wallpaper and I’m darned if I can choose one way or another. He just looks gorgeous whatever his hair, beard, or stubble looks like, bless him, as ALL the “looks” seem to complement those beautiful blue eyes of his!! Having said all that, I doubt if he would look good as a blonde! I think his skin is just too fair for that.

    • I know, it’s very, very hard. He really is such a beautiful human being, isn’t he? As for blonde, I could never envision him as a pale white-blonde or flaxen blonde, but I do think he could pull off a dark honey blonde. Something along the lines of Sean Bean’s hair color.

  2. I vote for any shade of brown or black. You’re right, blonde would look awful and gray won’t be any better. The few flecks are all right but when he gets too much more it will wash him out. He’ll have to continue to dye his hair like I do. I’m gonna be one of those ladies who is 90 with light brown hair!! Richard has “winter” coloring like my mother. He looks wonderful in all of those blues, blacks and bright colors like that orange jumpsuit and the “hot” pink shirt:)

    • My hair is rapidly turning white all over. I was blonde in my youth, very fair complexion, blue eyes with flecks of gold. I started going noticeably grey in my early 30s and had to switch from highlights to all-over color. My mother had medium brown hair with this wonderful white streak through the front–completely natural. I inherited her prematurely grey hair and my dad’s warm coloring (I am a spring). Richard really does look gorgeous as the Hot Pink Hottie, doesn’t he? 😉

      • I’ve been dying my hair since I was 28 and a mother of one of my students commented that the kids were making me go gray…ugh!

        • My husband claims I am making him go grey, but I show him my white roots and say, “Two-way street, baby!” 😉 Actually, his mom had white hair for years just as mine did.

  3. I’m with Laurie, love RA with all shades of brown hair, however I think the dark brown/black hair suits him the best as it brings out the blue in his eyes. Blonde is definitely not his colour. Grey- not sure! A small amount of grey hair would make him look distinguished, I think.

    • I think a touch of grey at his temples could be very attractive. Actually, if you look at some of the screencaps of him as an older Monet where they have added some grey to his hair it really suits him.
      Anyway, I think he is going to be a gorgeous older man, too. *sigh*

      • Pic no. 1: He’s got such a beautifully shaped head too! And bone structure to die for. And that long neck…wow I want to do things to his neck…

        • He does have a really well-shaped head. Even if RA did go bald, he’d still be very handsome. I see some guys who shave their heads and their skulls just aren’t that attractive. I loved how beautifully his cheekbones were lit in several scenes in RH S3. As for the neck–ahhhhhh. Surely it was made to nibble, nuzzle and kiss. 😉

  4. Unfortunately, I have to dye my hair too as I’d be completely grey without it, and I think I’m way too young for that. (my original hair colour is dark brown).

    • Back a number of years, I remember my hairdresser telling me people were going to think I was an older woman with a young-looking face if I didn’t cover the grey. And once my hair was more than 30 percent grey, the highlights no longer worked. 😦 And so a-coloring we will go, a-coloring we will go. 😀

  5. This is like trying to choose a facial hair look…very difficult, but I think the darker shades maybe have the edge. They definitely have more “oomphh” about them, setting off his beautiful eyes and skin; something about the contrast maybe? After years of colouring his hair I wouldn’t blame him if he’s quite happy to go grey naturally, and let’s face it, it’s easier for men. IMO Thorin’s hair colour indicates he will look very distinguished and still gorgeous when, and if, the grey takes over. It certainly shows up his eyes.
    I wish I could say goodbye to my hair dye, but I’m not brave enough or old enough yet. I’ve been going grey since my early thirties, first highlights, then as they lost the battle, all over colour. Waxing and hair colour, and I don’t even consider myself high maintenance, although I do admit to the occasional pedicure because I can’t get down to my toes like I used to! 🙂

    • It’s been said that the lighter brown hair makes him look more “boy next door” while the Lucas and Guy hair gives him a sexier, more dangerous edge. Oh, those photos of him in his Thorin guise–I think he really looks gorgeous–so distinguished and regal and handsome.

      I had to get Benny to paint my toenails holiday red at Christmastime because I couldn’t manage it. He did a good job. 😀

      • I don’t feel quite so old by comparison when he is dark haired, it certainly is a more mature look. The beard helps in that respect too!! 😉

        • I know what you mean, Mezz. That last black and white photo that surfaced from the Recognise shoot–wow! The outfit, the pose, the hair and beard–he looked like a proper grown man and a very irresistible one. 😉

  6. I think I’d have to vote for his Lucas or Guy hair colour as my favourite. Though, to be honest, I have a strange inkling that, even if he turned up sporting flourescent pink hair, I’d still be drooling! I’m just a hopeless case, I think.

    • LOL well, judging by how good he looks wearing the hot pink shirt on my wallpaper . . . I am thinking he might really be able to rock that pink hair 😉 It is amazing what that man can pull off in terms of costume, hair, etc.

  7. I love men with blue eyes and dark hair and his dark hair in RH is perfect for me.
    BTW, I’m a happy mother of three grand children and have only a very few grey hair. I’m ash-blond and don’t tye my hair. I believe it’s genetic.

    • Nadia, my dad died in his 80s with less gray in his hair (and still a good head of hair, too) than I had in my mid-40s. I can never remember my mother without that white streak in her dark hair, which eventually went completely white. Her beautiful white hair was her trademark. So, yes, it is genetic. I got my dad’s coloring and hair type–wavy golden blonde hair with yellow undertones to my skin and the premature grey from my mom. You know blonde hair tends to grey less obviously because of its lightness. Now that my hair is completely white on top, I can put off retouching my hair for longer periods–no obvious regrowth.

  8. The mention of Thorin prompted me to look at the Hobbit trailer again, for the first time in a little while; luckily the intial compulsion to watch it over and over, day in day out, has worn off, LOL, but it was like seeing it for the first time again…our beautiful, noble, sexy dwarf, his voice, THAT song … *sigh*

  9. For me, the black hair belongs to specific characters, who, for all their allure, are still characters. I loved the Hood Academy shots where Richard had his own hair colour and light brown stubble. The “Ian” picture is lovely, but those flecks of gray that show in the first picture are charming. I want to see him play Richard III (“the dark one in a fair family”) with the historically accurate, dark auburn like in the shot you use for the wallpaper. It would be great if he could do the part with his own hair, rather than extensions, even if he had to hide the gray for a couple of years. I can imagine Richard made up with white blonde hair for a specific role, devastatingly attractive, but once again, it would be a character and a very specific one.

    • Good point. Depending on the character he is playing, various hair colors work better than others. With the right shade of blonde hair I think he would look like a very sexy angel.

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