Be Dionysian with the TDHBEW–TAE Word for the Day Pt. 2


Richard. Chocolate. Dionysian Possibilities. I'm just sayin' , , ,

Lucas, hungry, darling?

Lucas North. Choccie-covered doughnuts. That thumb. *thud*

NIgella, the object of Richard's chocolate kisses fantasy. Very dionysian.

Dionysian: (adjective) uninhibited; undisciplined; spontaneous; wild; orgiastic.

Dionysis was, of course, the god of wine and fertility in Greek mythology (Bacchus to the Romans).

Richard once said he’d love to kiss TV chef and queen of gastroporn, the sensuous Nigella Lawson, whilst she had chocolate on her ripe lips. Nigella, it has been said, “revels in dionysian excess.” (Doug Lawson, Sydney Morning Herald).

Imagine sharing a generous dollop of rich, creamy chocolate with RA in a friendly liplock? Talk about a dionysian thrill!

Lucas North had his own dionysian moment chowing down on fresh chocolate-covered doughnuts and licking the frosting from his long, elegant fingers.

I am quite sure John Mulligan, Lee Preston and Sir Guy would all be up for a dionysian evening, ladies. It positively warms the cockles of a red-blooded female’s heart . . .

(photos RANet,

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      • I’m in line right behind you! I think if I whipped up a special extra-large batch of ganache glaze made with the best 80% cacao chocolate and heavy cream with Tahitian vanilla, and applied it while it was still warm, it just might cover. The combination of flavours defies the imagination…

        • Leigh…what are you trying to do to me? I don’t even know what some of those ingredients are… but they sound so bloody amazing!


          we get to spread this sweet chocolatey mixture


          I’m making those “awful” sounds and screams Geraldine makes when she finally realizes that Hary is indeed asking her to marry him!!!!

          But I will refrain from running outside and screaming…….oh, just imagine the poor bloody neighbours’ reactions …most of them are as ancient as I am!!!!!!! Someone might have a heart attack!

          Maybe the fact that I’m in pain from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and fatigued to boot is a blessing today!

          And I don’t even have to get to the thought of….well, somehow (giggle) ……removing it…..very…very slowly from that beautiful man……………..ahahahahahahhahahahahha……….I can’t go on

          • Bugger…this comment ended up in the wrong spot!

            Never mind…you ladies are intelligent enough to work out I wanted it under Leigh’s description of that wonderful chocolately mixture!

            Oh, man, my mind (the part that’s actually functioning today!!!!!!!) is boggling!

            Oh, the ecstasy of it………………………ahahahahah

            Sorry, but I must once again admit defeat and lie down.

            Have fun, kids, and I’ll see ya later

  1. I’m grinning like the proverbial idiot! Thank you, Angie.

    See ya later, guys _ I really do need to get into that shower immediately if not sooner, or I’ll eventually be late for that doctor’s appointment

      • Back again, my dear.

        The thought of Richard and chocolate together – of course I forgot my bad mood the minute I spotted the photos when the post first appeared and grinned from ear to ear! Oh, Lucas, you absolute wonder and SND!!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

        Actually, Richard said he would like to kiss Nigella just after she had eaten chocolate cake in that red carpet interview at the 2007 BAFTAS. And he mentioned just Nigella and chocolate and food in at least 1 other interview but I can’t remember exactly which one while my head is so fuzzy.

        I love Nigella and I could easily develop a girl crush on her, too! Never had that sort of feeling about another woman in my whole 65 years! I think it’s mainly because she has such a great attitude to eating and good food that appeals to me – the evidence is wonderfully borne out by her luscious curves, too. On a recent cooking episode, she practically drooled when she said she couldn’t live without chocolate or lemons or garlic or chilli! A girl after my own heart – just lurve anything with even a hint of chocolate and would die if I couldn’t eat spicy foods. As for lemons, I can even eat the peel on some of the fresher plumper ones! quite happily!

  2. OMG….SUCKING THE CHOCOLATE FROM HIS THUMB… and, and..and……I am now delirious from all that chocolate and RA…

    fedorlady you have certainly made my evening.

  3. He said he wanted to kiss Nigella? He’s got the good taste gene! I’m a straight woman but I think NIgella is really, really sexy!

  4. Actually, Richard has cured me from my chocolate addiction! Ever since he came striding into my life I noticed I don’t crave chocolate like I used to! Strange this! Oh dear gotta go to bed it’s half 3 here and I have to go to work tomorrow.. I’ve been watching Strike Back and I’m head over heels in love with John Porter. ..

      • Ah that scene with Danni when he says “Oh I’m a good boy” ….That was the sexiest line, ever. The way he delivered it in that deep voice of his with that naughty glint in his eyes.. I thought it was rather nasty of that Layla woman to tell him that Danni was “assigned” to shag him..As if she wouldn’t have done it otherwise.. !

        • I like to think Layla was secretly jealous she didn’t get to do it. 😉 Yeah, the look, the smile, the words. Very, very sexy.

          Seriously, I didn’t like that the character of Danni was basically written in both the series and the book as a jargon-spouting government prostitute–she probably had to do the same sort of thing with men not nearly as appealing as Porter. 😦 Can’t envy her there.

          And Layla redeems herself and joins Team Porter once she realizes what kind of man he truly is. 😀

          When I wrote my fanfic for JP all the female characters play more significant roles in the story, including his daughter. One problem I had with the script is characters keep disappearing from the story and we don’t know what happens to them.

          • I find it hard to believe that such a thing really exists (a government prostitute)! The marital status of JP was a bit confusing for me, wasn’t it implied in the beginning they’d split up, and yet, he kept wearing his wedding ring? Re Layla, I’m glad she’ll come to her senses. She’d have to be really stupid not to!

            • I would like to think such things as govt. hookers didn’t exist, but I also know a lot of stuff goes on that shouldn’t in our government.

              OK, John and Diane were still married, but they had been living apart for almost seven years, since shortly after he left the military. Whether or not it was an official separation, I am not sure, but my impression was they lived separate lives. If they hadn’t shared a child, I doubt there would have been any contact. But since they were still married, perhaps John felt the right thing to do was wear the ring . . . I don’t know.

              It really upset me when Diane told Hugh they would be better off without John when they thought he had been killed on the mission. Even Richard said it shocked him to hear Diane say those words at the premiere, making him feel sorry for John. So did I!

              And one thing Layla isn’t is stupid. She starta putting two and two together . . . 😉

          • The wife didn’t come across as a particularly pleasant/understanding sort of person..I agree, it was a horrible thing to say that they’d be better off without John! But I was also shocked that Collinson went to see the family before John’s death was even confirmed, I mean surely he should have waited until they got confirmation of the fact that he was dead??? After I finish watching the 6 episodes, I’ll start on your JP fanfic to satisfy my craving for MORE JP! 🙂

            • Yeah, Diane was hard for me to like. JP had undergone the horror of the Bratton extraction going pear-shaped and leaving the life of a soldier, which he was clearly good at. He couldn’t get a good job, was humiliated when he went to Bratton, the family had to move–and then Diane doesn’t give him the moral support he needs and deserves. And I agree, it certainly seemed as if Hugh was jumping the gun. 😦

          • Every time I watch SB and the scene comes up where Diane tells Hugh they’re better off without John, it riles me. I’m not a violent person but I want to slap her for being so cruel and unfeeling. My heart aches for Porter.

            • Me, too. I am not violent either, but for her to say that–and to say it within earshot of their daughter–was totally callous. All you had to do was watch that scene where John shows up at the door and take note of how Alex launches into his arms and he holds her–oh, how easy it was to believe that was a daddy holding the little girl he thought he might never come home to–to know there was a lot of love there, in spite of their difficulties.

    • John Porter is the bomb. Smart, resourceful, kick-ass; brave, yet gentle and tender when it’s needed–a hero we can all look up to. And he’s gorgeous and sexy as hell. What’s not to love?? 😀

        • It’s mahhhhh-velous he is SND. 😀 Nigella is quite glorious. I couldn’t remember exactly what Richard said, just that it involved chocolate, a kiss and Nigella. 😉
          That was enough for me. Have you ever tried chili and cherry chocolate? It’s really good. There is the cool liquid cherry center, which combines with the creamy chocolate and then the bite of the chili hits you. Decadent. I think they make it with other fruit flavors, too.

          • Judit, I choose to remember Porter riding off in the jeep at the end of the first series, and ignore what happened to him in the next series. I haven’t and will never watch it; it would break my heart. I saw the screencaps fleetingly when they were released and that was enough for me, I was in tears. Im with the others firmly in the SND camp. 😀

            • Sorry to say, no. He was hired for The Hobbit but was still contractually obligated in some form to Sky for SB. There was no way he could do both. So he filmed a few scenes for S2 and is the ONLY character from the first series who appears in SB Project Dawn. He’s gone within the first half-hour of the first ep. There are a couple of flashbacks in the second ep but they from the first ep. You don’t want to watch it, Judit. I wish I hadn’t. I really do. I can barely even look at the screencaps. 😦 I deny the existence of the events depicted. It didn’t happen.

          • Don’t do it, please. I made the mistake and watched it and was devastated for days. I openly cried in front of OH, who was surprisingly understanding given the fact that he can’t stand Richard. And he even said that no Westerner should die in hellholes like Afghanistan or Pakistan, which is rather strong for a calm and diplomatic type like him. I wonder what people who lost husbands, fathers and sons in Afghanistan thought of that scene. 😦

          • Angie, I felt like a wuss being in tears when I saw the screencaps, as fleeting as it was; it was that kind of fascinated horror, you don’t want to look but you can’t help yourself. After your comment, I feel better about my decision, I would be feeling the same way, I’d be wishing I hadn’t seen it either.
            Richard did say he had to do some wangling to get out of a contract, but what they did to him as a result…
            Judit, I’m sorry my comment set off the thread leading to your realisation that JP doesn’t last long at all in the second series. As angie says, savour every moment of the first. And perhaps avoid looking at the SB2 screencaps! 😦

            • Mezz,

              No one ever has to feel bad around me concerning shedding tears over bad things happening to RA’s characters. Even though I had a really, really bad feeling before SBPD aired, I told myself I had to watch in support of Richard. I wanted to believe it might not be as bad as I feared. But it turned out to be even worse. And for not just what they did to Porter, but what they did to the entire series. I mean, Strike Back’s first series had its weaknesses in its scripts, but compared to PD it was bloody Shakespeare.

              You know, in a print interview prior to the PD airing Richard mentioned in a sort of joking manner the various ways he had died onscreen, and he mentioned being shot in the head as one of them.

              And I knew I’d seen everything he’s done and that had never happened. I think, in his own way this man who doesn’t believe in spoilers was trying to let us down gently by giving us that spoiler.

              It might be my paranoid delusion, ladies, but I am convinced TPTB at bother Kudos/BBC and Sky decided to stick it to the actor who got hired for a plum role in two sure-to-be blockbuster movies–this ever-dependable, hard-working, well-mannered gentleman who gave each part his all–because he was leaving.

              And they wanted to somehow punish him because he was going on to something much, much bigger and better. As I said before, b**tards. 😦

          • When Richard referred to being shot in the head I can remember puzzling over that for ages, wondering what show I had missed where that had happened! I didn’t realise at the time of course that it hadn’t aired yet, and I think you’re right, Richard was trying to drop a hint.
            As for the way TPTB treated his character, it’s not being delusional or paranoid…well, if you are, you’re not the only one! *grin* In my previous comment I actually thought that myself as I was typing, but refrained from saying so because I thought I was being paranoid! 😉

          • It’s OK, Mezz, don’t worry about it. I’ll savour the 6 episodes of season 1. Although I must say I don’t enjoy watching scenes where he gets beaten/tortured/humiliated! I know it’s not for real yet those scenes upset me. 😦

            • I always hated seeing Lucas tortured in the flashbacks . . . any time one of his characters is suffering, I feel it somehow. Perhaps part of it is knowing that for him at the time it is quite real. I know filming that scene in Spooks where he attempted to hang himself really shook him up. 😦

          • Angie, your theory makes a lot of sense to me(as usual!)! I can quite imagine the TPTB wanting to punish him for leaving. How petty of them. 😦

            • Yes, and he has that fear of water from that childhood incident. Yet he keeps challenging his fears. He auditioned for a role as a lifeguard–Lee in Cold Feet–and underwent the waterboarding in two different series, and THEN was underwater in that mini-sub in Captain America . . . and even when it’s not real, as when he is being shocked with electrodes by Oleg while crouching naked on the floor, you know that in Richard’s mind, it’s all too real in that moment. I think he’s a brave guy.

            • There was an incident when he was very young where he fell into a pond. He said ever since then he’s had a bit of a phobia regarding deep water. He later learned to swim but he says he doesn’t do it more than necessary.

          • Even when I know logically that something’s not real – a beating, torture, death – Richard’s compelling portrayal makes me react as if it were.

            As much as I’m enjoying this exchange, I’m going to have to call it a night, it’s 1am Sunday and I should be in bed! Have a lovely weekend, girls. Rest up angie!!! 🙂

            • I think Mezz meant to Saturday! Yeah, it’s 2am on Saturday here now,


              ‘night, ‘night……. Oh.Lordie, I should know better than to say that…now I want to watch one of Richard’s CBeebies bedtime stories!!!!!!!!

              But I won’t = I’ll try to be brave and just go listen to him read me a Georgette Heyer story instead.

          • Kathryn, 1am Saturday night is actually very early Sunday morning LOL! Don’t mind me, I tend to be very pedantic with time!! 😀

            • Hmmmm…are you sure, Mezz?

              I was of the opinion that you and I lived in the same time zone.

              All I can say that is that my computer is telling me that’s it’d 6pm Saturday 18 Feb 2012 in the ACT, NSW and VIC. That means that Sunday doesn’t arrive for another 6 hours unless someone went and change maths just recently without telling me about it!

              • Kathryn, when I posted the intial comment about calling it a night, my computer said it was after 1am, 18th Feb…early hours of Sunday morning! I know it was very late because I had reached the stage of being hardly able to keep my eyes open! 😦

          • It’s 2:50 am Central European TIme and I can’t stop watching SB! I’m in the middle of ep 5. Love the occasional flashes of wit from Porter such as “Calm down Braveheart” and “let’s go swimming with the Sharqs”. 🙂 I’m in looooooooooove! Btw, what do you Americans think of Toby Stephens’ American accent? To me it sounds pretty convincing but I’m not an American..

            • My husband really enjoyed SB, as I thought he would, and he liked the humor in the little bromance between John and Gerry. 😉 John is just gorgeous, isn’t he?

              I think Toby’s accent was pretty decent–not perfect, but trust me, I have heard much worse.

              Stephen’s southern accent as Bill on True Blood comes to mind–too OTT.

          • I love it when Baxter asks him, “Is there no end to your talent?”! And, apparently, there isn’t an end to RA’s talent!!! 🙂

            • It’s so bloody awful to think Richard would ever have to disguise his lovely way of speaking!!!

              NO NO NO

              I couldn’t bear him to ever speak with an American accent….there’s enough Americans with American accents. aren’t there?

              I mean no offence to Americans but……

              let’s all keep our own ways of speaking and doing and thinking and embrace our differences as well as our similarities, please.

              I couldn’t cope with Richard as anything as an English man for 2 hours!

              and I’d hate him to ever have to use an Australian or New Zealand accent just as much.

              I’m just too in love with Richard’s natural voice that any thought of changing it in any way even temporarily is just painful for me!

              Now, I really will have to hit the sack for a while……do I have any chocolate in this bloody house to help me get over the thought of changing RA in any way? I might need that first before I’ll be able to relax a bit!

              • He used an American accent in CA (albeit for just a couple of lines). And he performed some of the poetry he was reading for BBC radio with an American accent, so you’d better not listen to that, KG. We don’t want you to have a conniption. 😉

                This begs an interesting question I put to all of you.

                If there was a really, really good part for him in a motion picture or TV series, a part that was well-written, with a good director in place and a strong cast, would you insist he not do it because it required an accent other than his English accent? Not as a Frenchman, or a German, or Italian or Russian or (perish the thought!) an American?

                As much as I love Richard’s native accent, I honestly cannot say I would ever wish for him to turn down such a role if and when the opportunity arises. It’s kind of like his hair and beard; the change would not be permanent, you know. He would neither be the first nor the last English actor with a beautiful voice to adopt a foreign accent for a role. Alan Rickman. Michael Gambon, just to name a couple. Yes, I know–it’s RICHARD and his voice is very special. I agree.

                But let’s put things in perspective, OK?

        • Oh, yes! I think in the fanfic “Truce” he really got what TPTB should have given him. I am very glad he’s been Loved Into Being.

          • hehehehehe

            But only once, though, OK?

            And only for the bestestest part in the whole wide world for a production company which would pay him MILLIONS so he’d never have to do it AGAIN!

            our ABC not only showed 2 episodes of “Expedition Tiger” tonight but


            “Too Poor For Posh School”!!!!!

            I’m still in heaven from listening to Richard narrate for 3 hours! Such bliss!

            The only other actors whose voices could ever make me drool so much are/were Sean Connery and Richard Burton. Some others have come close…….and some have even been Americans! I’m remembering Gregory Peck’s dulcet tones here in particular.

            My favourite Australian voice belongs to Geoffrey Rush….I’d be happy if he read my grocery list, too!

            Oh, btw, listened to the 2 “Rood Hood” audiobooks Richard narrated yesterday and then started on “A Convenient Marriage” again.

            OK, girls, it’s getting on for the witching hour here so

            “must away”

            • I love the voices of all the gentlemen you mentioned. I find there’s something about Gregory Peck that reminds me of Richard. Both such handsome, classy gentlemen with beautiful speaking voices. You see, I would love to see Richard play Atticus Finch, the role Peck played in To Kill a Mockingbird. He hasn’t played a lawyer yet, and he has just the gravitas for the role. And he’d need a southern accent, which I think could sound lovely if he could master it.

            • Honestly, up until Richard came into my life, I never thought about anyone remaking TKAM. I loved Gregory Peck’s performance. And since Nell Harper Lee is practically my neighbor (well, she lives an hour or so away) I certainly wouldn’t want to put such an iconic character in just anyone’s hands. But then, Richard has extraordinarily beautiful and gifted hands and I believe he would give the role all the care, attention and sensitivity it deserves. I can see him removing his spectacles and smiling at his little girl, and saying, “Scout, I want to talk to you . . .” in that delicious rumble. With a gentlemanly southern flair. I am a bit prejudiced, of course, but the accent of a well-educated southern gentleman can be music to a girl’s ears. 😉

  5. I want to lick his thumb. In fact, I want to lick him all over…ummm, did I just say that out loud? *blushes* That’s what chocolate + RA does to me…you gotta stop putting thoughts into my head, angie!!!!!! 😉

    • Hmmmmm—I wonder how long the line would be of women who’d eagerly line up to lick him all over?? I think he would blush to know it, bless his sweet, modest heart. He’s just so darned–desirable. And nice. Really, really nice.

      • Can I drag myself away from all the beautiful photos of Richard which have appeared in blogs over the past 24 hours? It’s going to be tough but I have to go out again!

        Got all the way home only to find that I hadn’t gone to the chemist to get my prescriptions filled!!!!!! The main reason I had to see the doctor again today was to get some repeats so I’m kicking myself now.

        But “must away…. ere break of day””….no, no, no….we are NOT going to sing any of “The Hobbit” songs right now!

        Must away…. ere the chemist/pharmacist closes!

  6. I just love Richard’s phallic thumb 😀

    Re Lucas, I read a lovely comment on a few Ros and Lucas icons at LJ “Spooky Doings”:

    “They should have got married and had a lot of gun-toting little babies..” I do so agree! 🙂

    • Oh, the joys of Richard’s thumb! Who would have ever thought a man’s thumb could be so–titillating!! 😉

      Oh, absolutely–Ros and Lucas were so wonderful together as colleagues and he had far more chemistry with her than he did with his “love interests.”

  7. kathryn, time for a new comment, lost track of the replies. YOU’RE RIGHT! Good lord, I’m a day ahead of myself…my apologies! 😀 😀

    • Mezz, Mezz, Mezz, not to worry, mate! I was just a little concerned that you might be suffering from my kind of “oh so blatant’ forgetfulness! LOL.

      My concentration and memory (you know, the good old FMS) have been so bloody bad recently that I totally forgot that I’d promised Matthew that I would babysit my darling little grandbabies the other night!!!!!!!!

      He rang me about 30 minutes after I should have been at his house and I could tell straight away that he was both puzzled and very angry with me.

      Matthew : Where are you?

      Kathryn (very sleepily): At home, of course. – after all, we’re on the home phone!!!!

      Matthew: You were supposed to be here half an hour ago

      Kathryn: Huh?

      Matthew: You’re supposed to be looking after the kids because Donelle and I have an appointment, remember?

      Kathyrn: Oh my Lord, .. I’m so sorry……I haven’t been well…..I’ll get there as soon as I can

      Matthew: You’ve really let us down.

      Kathryn: I very sorry. I’ll get there as soon as I can

      Matthew: Never mind. It’s too late now. Donelle will go and get her mother.

      Matthew is usually very slow to anger but..

      Oh, boy, when that boy (40) gets angry, he gets angry!

      • I don’t have the excuse of a health condition, it’s just plain old forgetfulness. I could blame menopause, but that’s only compounded what was an already dodgy memory. *sigh*
        Mmmm, or maybe it was all the talk of Richard and chocolate and licking and…… 😉

        • Right on!

          Bye for now, see ya later, alligator(s) …that “lie down” is getting necessarier and necessarier….do you like my addition to the “living” English language?

          Don’t have any chocolate but I found some Nutella in the pantry!

      • Oh, it is embarrassing when our brains just don’t cooperate as they should, isn’t it?
        Benny refers to my hair color paired with my FMS and calls me a “dizzy blonde.” 😉

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