The dwarf of my dreams.

(images from RANet)

Dear Thorin,

I must tell you that I can hardly wait until you hit the big screen in December. The tantalizing peeks that we have received through the video logs and trailer and photos so far leave me yearning for more. Sir Peter is one very canny guy. He certainly knows how to dangle the carrot, doesn’t he?

I was already quite entranced with the look of you and what does Sir Peter and company do? Put together a trailer which introduces you to the audience, this handsome, proud figure sitting so regally on that saddle. And then we heard you sing and speak in that deep, honeyed baritone. What a commanding and charismatic screen presence you are!

I have to tell you I normally go for–somewhat taller males. With less hair. Who are of same species.

But for you, O King Under the Mountain, I shall happily make an exception. Suddenly a four foot hirsute dwarf is the guy of my dreams. I imagine combing that mane of hair, plaiting your braids, trimming your beard for you. Keeping Orcrist polished.
I am at an age when I really shouldn’t want to rush things along, and yet–I really, really can’t wait for you to arrive in theaters and win the hearts of many, many audience members.

You already have mine.

Your ardent admirer,


A fan letter to Thorin

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  1. I’ve always a grin when I read you prose Fedoralady. It’s so funny, adorable (sans prise de tΓͺte : translation : not serious with humour), Why am I not English speaker” afin de pouvoir exprimer mes sentiments” ?

  2. I just wonder, are the horses like “dwarf horses” too? πŸ™‚ Surely a “normal horse” would be too big for the dwarves?

    • My understanding is they are using regular full-sized horses for the actors–Richard would look ridiculous on a pony ;)–and adding extra hair to the horses to make them look more like ponies. Now, when their mini-mes are being used in shots, I would think they’d be using ponies as they would look ridiculous on horses. πŸ˜‰

      • IMO they are using the Shire horse:) uhmm..uhmm,,”Shire stallions may be black or grey,the neck of Shire is long and lean, with large eyes,set on the neck that is slightly arched and long in proportion to the body. The shoulder is deep and wide,the chest wide,the back muscular and the hindquarters long and wide…the hair is fine ,strigt and silky. Taller horses especially thouse over18,2 hands(188cm:)),are used for show and promotional purposes:) The breed is known for it’s easy-going temperament”..
        ..reminds you of someone?:)

    • I know. Just from the snippets we’ve gotten–and my knowledge of what he can do with small roles in mediocre projects, let alone something of this calibre–I am certain he is going to WOW us as the King Under the Mountain.

  3. Aaahh, did you go and have another look at the trailer?!! πŸ˜‰ It certainly set me to yearning all over again! *sigh* Loved your fan letter, says it all for me too!

    • I am glad you liked the letter. I hope RA Frenz won’t mind me posting my fake fan letters. πŸ˜‰ I find I can’t watch or look at the Thorin stuff TOO much or I feel as I am going to burst with anticipation!!;) But I have to have a treat now and again.

  4. I am thrilled to learn that there is a multiplex in Gibraltar that shows English-language, original soundtrack films. Yippee! That means I’ll be making a trip to Gibraltar to see “The Hobbit” come December!

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