Angsty Guy, you made me want to do bad things to you--and give you a nice shampoo and scrub.

Ah, those fetching curls at the nape . . . so touchable.

Floppy raven locks paired with a sexy smirk and those eyes. Irresistible.

Guy, sporting his longish tresses and those hot sideburns . . .

Glamour Guy--fresh from PJ's Red Door Salon and Spa. A stunner!

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)

Sir Guy: The Rightful Hair

A lighthearted little homage to Sir Guy’s tresses . . .

Sir Guy, dear Guy, I love your hair;
Sometimes it seems to be unfair
For the villain of the piece to be so blessed
While the hero is rather—scantily–tressed.

Oh, some may jest at your mullet medieval
with its cluster of lush raven curls;
Or at your floppy Guy locks
their derisive, dismissive howls, hurl . . .

But surely none can deny the power of the Angsty Guy Mane
Those long, unkempt jetty locks, so wild and untamed,
Never have lank and greasy been quite so—fetching,
And the glory of Glamour Guy—aah, makes our hearts sing!

Oh, yes, you work it, that amazing mane,
First as a curtain to hide your deep shame,
Then as an arrogant, proud dark stallion stamping its feet;
Is it any wonder watching you, I always feel such—heat?

And meanwhile, your nemesis, what of he?
His receding hairline, we now clearly see.
Sweaty combat reveals his balding pate,
Makes us understand why you he hates.

For you have the hair, the teeth, the physique;
“But I am the HERO!” he cries in a fit of pique–
And clutched his locks in full-blown despair,
Oops—watch out! More comb-over needed there.

Guyday Friday: It’s All About the Hair

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      • Enjoyed it enormously! 🙂 Finally finished watching RH3 last night. RA did a fantastic job in the death scene. It was very moving. Not overdone. And he did redeem himself in the end so that was a comfort.

        • Richard does die beautifully. I am already anticipating stocking up on boxes of tissue for the second Hobbit movie. The way he looks up into Archer’s eyes and says, “Brother” with that angelic smile. “I die proud and free.” *sniff* I did not realize just how much of a comfort Guy’s “good” death would be to me until Lucas’s and Porter’s fates became known. *grrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhh* It is good to know they are all So Not Dead!!

          • Yes, it was a dignified death wasn’t it, whereas Lucas’ was far from dignified. (damn those stupid scriptwriters). I don’t like Jonas all that much but thought he was good too in that scene and I liked it that he called Guy “my friend”. 🙂

            • Yes, SOOOO much better than what they did to poor, dear Lucas. *shakes fist^ I am not a big Jonas fan, either, as you know, but I actually thought his acting improved in those last couple of eps and yes, he did well in that scene. You notice how they finally started calling each other by their first names in those last couple of eps? And I loved the scene in the tavern where they are arguing over how they should get into the dungeons at York to rescue their brother. 😉

            • The silly smirk on Guy’s face when he starts to walk out and then his reaction when the guards grab him. Guy did a lot of yelling “Get off me” in the third series. 🙂

    • No, indeed. The mullet actually improves after his own hair grows out a bit–if you look at shots of RA from Hood Academy, it’s longer on top but still shorter in back. So they used some sort of extensions to lengthen it. I like it when he has the curls at the nape of his neck. I LOVE it with the long extensions for S3.

      And then you’ve got Robin with his Justin Beiber bangs. To hide his receding hairline at 26. 😉

      • I know discussing a man’s receding hairlne is kicking him when he’s down, but Robin really is follically challanged. Guy is lovely and I forgive the hair because by trying to avoid it I focus on his face 😉 man, I’m shallow…

        • Aren’t we all a little shallow when it comes to that masculine beauty we so admire? 😉 At first I honestly wondered why in the world they came up with that silly hairstyle for Robin, and then I saw a black and white publicity still of Jonas with shorter hair and realized the poor guy had a seriously receding hairline for someone his age.
          By the time they shot the third series it had receded even more and in some of the fight sequences–especially the one in the very first ep–when he gets sweaty you can really tell. And you could have said to avoid the medieval mullet you focus on his fine posterior, so it could have been worse. 😉

  1. Ah Angie brilliant post. You know my favorite character is Guy and it’s my birthday tomorrow so thanks for the lovely early birthday prezzie.

  2. What a wonderful poem, it really made me laugh.
    I have to say the last picture is my all time favourite……I can just picturing running my hands through that hair, looking into those eyes, tracing those lips with my finger tips…..I think I need a minute!

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