Miss Lee in a hat. I dig it.

She gave us fever.

A few months ago, I decided to make a Guy video using Peggy Lee’s version of Fever. In the midst of working on it, I discovered, or re-discovered in some cases, several of Miss Lee’s wonderful performances. For a North Dakota girl of Scandinavian descent, the lady could certainly sing the blues–and the jazz. She also was fond of hats, it seems.

I ended up going on to use several more of her songs for RA-related vids. I fear I make Carla cry with some of my selections, but this one set to Fever surely makes her smile. 😀 And thank you, Miss Lee, for making such terrific music. You were a class act, just like a certain TDHBEW.

(photos Getty images)

Sir Guy & Miss Lee: They Give Me Fever

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  1. Angie, I confirm, you made me cry with a couple of videos of yours.
    I’m thoroughly avoiding Miss Lee since that very day…..LOL!

    Peggy is a blonde beauty – like you – and has got the voice of an angel, but something in the match Lee/Armitage makes me feel pain and distress!

    I love this video. It’s Guy’s Day, Friday.
    Rejoice and think naughty! 😉

  2. You’ve created wonderful works of art by putting those two together. And yes, I’ve gotten misty eyed over those vids too.

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