Glamour Guy is back beautifully turned out and wearing an attractive little smug.

I think my computer just caught fire.

No one needs to teach Sir Guy how to smoulder. He's already earned an A.

Smugly confident, Sir Guy makes one fine-looking dark knight.

One of my all-time fav Sir Guy poses, this combines a smirk with a very smug attitude. "Yeah, baby, I'm hot and I know it."

( Author’s Note: Obviously I am not getting enough sleep. I put this together late last night but never actually published it. Well, tante mieux que jamais!)

So many “s” words work when describing the multi-faceted Sir Guy of Gisborne. Sexy, sensual, seductive, swaggering, slinking, scowling, snarling, screaming, surly, suspicious, sly,sarcastic, even sweet at times. But we’ll just focus on three for this photo essay on our ever-expressive Sir Guy. Tomorrow–Strike Back Saturday (John Portah, another SND hero).

One more for Guyday Friday: Smirking, smouldering, smug

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  1. Yes Angie, Mieux vaut tard que jamais. I am now richarding (I love this new word) on youtube videos of Sir Guy (I’m a jealous Guy of JulietD00). Mmmmmmm

  2. You’ve add some unbelievable wonderful photos today. Every one of those shots take my breath away. I don’t know how any woman can have a coherent conversation with him when he does that! I’d be melting into a puddle at his feet!!!!

    • I am glad you enjoyed. There is no doubt, when the man chooses to go on the charm offensive, the Armitage Effect is amazingly, unbelievably overwhelming–and we don’t mind being overwhelmed at all.

  3. Just got back from my birthday partying weekend. OMG are these Guy pictures HOT!!!! Don’t you just love him? Didn’t think my weekend could get any better but it just did lol!!!

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