The unexpected pleasure of "Guy of Gisborne" smiling. Irresistible.

From an early RH interview for the Beeb. There's the necklace again. Love the way he tilts his head and the sweetness in his smile.

My gosh, but doesn't he look baby-faced and sweet here? And there's another necklace for you, Judit. It's hard for me to believe this is the same guy who played the sometimes stern and temperamental Thornton.

Our shy boy's reaction when John Rhys-Davies informs the cast women all over the world will be chasing the dwarfs once the movie hits the screen. Judging by my own reaction to what i have seen of Thorin, RA better start getting ready NOW for the onslaught.

Wow! I go away for a lo-o-o-ng winter’s nap and see thing have been busy (oh, tell the truth, fedoralady. Once you finally succumbed to Morpheus, it might have taken an orchestra on the doorstep playing the 1812 Overture to wake you).

More than 10,000 views since I began this blog late on the evening of February 2. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Obviously, I could not have done it without you all. Onward and upward!

And for you deserving ladies, more Armitage goodness. And for Laurie, the video she requested, “He’s So Shy.”
Don’t we just love it when he’s being his shy, sweet, modest self?
It’s as if we are all felines and he’s our catnip. We just can’t get enough (but that’s another video . . .)

10,034 and counting . . . and more Armitage yummmm.

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  1. Congratulations and celebrations
    I want the world to, know that I’m in love

    Ah, but you wouldn’g know that song. It was sung at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest by my favourite singer, Cliff Richard. He’s English and I’ve had a crush on him since 1958 when his first record was released! But that’s another story…

    Congratulations, Agnie – well done indeed.

    Thanks for the lovely smiling photos of one of my other favourite males!

    I’ve just spent the most delightful 51 minutes listening to Richard narrate the 1st episode of “Expedion Tiger”. Nice program, too.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t know that it was going to be shown on the ABC until too late. But thank the Lord for iView (ABC’s version of iPlayer). Programs are usually up on iView for 2 weeks before they expire. The only drawback with iView is that I can’t download/save anything!

    I’ve recorded the other 2 episodes so I’m saving them ’til I need the next pick-me-up!

    • Oh, I remember a lot of songs from 1968, but I didn’t know much about Cliff Richard back then. πŸ˜‰ Sadly, when they show the docs Richard has narrated for the Beeb or whichever channel he does them for here in the US, they substitute a narrator with an American accent. I want to hear Richard, of course.

      • How can they replace his magnificent voice with somebody else’s?? That’s a CRIME! As is this stupid custom of dubbing films in Hungary! The Impressionists was on one of the Hungarian TV channels the other day, but I just could not watch it because they dubbed it! They gave RA a terrible Hungarian voice that bore absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to his own, wasn’t even remotely close! *shakes fist in anger* 😦

  2. Congratulations, angie,and thankyou for providing a fun place to wax lyrical about Richard and his chaRActers with like-minded girls! Finding new posts and lots of beautiful photos in my inbox each day is a delight. πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for the necklace shots Angie! πŸ™‚ They look good on that gorgeous long neck of his, don’t they? Funny thing is, I saw those two interviews, how could I have missed the necklace??? I was probably too distracted by his beautiful face!

  4. Oh, and Angie, congratulations on the 10034 (and counting) hits! I feel so at home here (and I’ve never really been into commenting on board and blogs before), THANK YOU for creating this wonderful Armitage heaven! πŸ™‚

  5. Congrats! Your blog is addictive!! Thanks again for the video. Now, when I hear that song all I can think of is Richard. For me…a shy, introspective, girl, Richard’s shyness makes him that much more devastatingly handsome! To see him act so bold and self-assured and then to see little spots of that sweet shyness, irresistible! And on another note, when Rhys-Davies made that statement, first I saw his little shy head bob, then I thought “We saw him first!!!” We need to have some kind of code for the originals! Girls who’ve loved him since “North and South” or “RH”, etc.

      • 1999…Wow! I envy you! How did you first discover him back then? Baby fans, good word! All these new fans who just know him as a hot dwarf, they all think they’ve made a “new” discovery!! Ha, Ha! Like MTV’s ones to watch for 2012. We’ve been watching for a while now.

        • I’m so pleased you realized I was just joking! Sure, I love saying how long I’ve been watching Richard on television but it’s just so wonderful to see how the number of his fans just keeps growing and growing, day by day. I saw the 1999 “Cleopatra” television movie where he played the Roman centurion guarding Octavius.

          I live in Australia and we get many of the BBC and ITV programs free-to-air on our ABC (like the BBC) fairly soon after they appear on British television so I’m very fortunate.

          Unfortunately, I have never seen Richard on stage but I have no problem imagining him in “Cats” after seeing those rehearsal videos on YouTube. I loved “Cats” and went to Sydney to see it as soon as it hit Australia.

          Where I’ve been “late to the party” is in not Googling Richard until last year, would you believe? But ,hey, I catch up fast, even for an oldie! Absolutely love these blogs and all the “eye candy” and information they provide me!

          Oh, no…’s almost 2.30am again and I’m still on this bloody computer! That Angie just keeps posting too many great photos and such that it’s so very difficult to tear myself away!

          OK, kids.

          “must away ere break of day”!!!!!!

          I just knew I’d be able to actually use those words from “The Hobbit” at almost the proper time someday! Only a couple of hours early!

          • I really envy you now. Getting to see so much great British TV! We don’t get to see a lot of the things I’d like to see. So much of American TV is not my cup of tea. Then they remake British shows only to ruin them:) Maybe I’m just a sucker for accents!

            • I have a bone to pick with BBCA. We need more Richard and less Top Gear and Gordon Ramsey. Nothing againt Hamster, Captain Slow, Jeremy and Gord–but hours and hours of their stuff every day??

    • I do take a certain satisfaction in knowing I “knew him when” and all these other people are going to be wondering about this regal, hot dwarf and where did HE come from?? πŸ˜‰

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