Not that I think Richard Armitage actually NEEDs any sprucing up, but it did pop into my email today and some of his characters have undergone transformations . . .

Spruce: (verb) to make neat or dapper (often followed by up); to make oneself spruce (usually followed by up).(adjective) Trim in dress or appearance; neat, smart, dapper.

Before his wedding to Carol, Yorkshire farmhand John Standring traded in his crop of unruly curls and coveralls for a haircut and a new suit. He looked very spruce.

Sprucing Up Armitage: TAE Word for the Day

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    • You’re not the only one who has expressed that opinion. Actually, right now my husband’s hair has grown out–I am his normal “stylist” and since my accident, I haven’t been able to cut it for him–and it has natural wave and curl. I told him he looked like Sweetie John Standring. šŸ˜€

      I love the smile on John’s face when he is trying on the suit. It’s just the most beautiful, boyish grin. And that sweet, bashful smile when he is getting his hair cut. You just want to hug him and tell what a beautiful soul he is.

  1. It is no secret that John Standring is my favorite chaRActer. šŸ˜€ I like him both before and after the makeover. I love the scene where he is trying on the different suits – the curly hair and happy grin are so endearing!

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