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Looking ahead to Thornton Tuesday


An image from the 1818 Neckclothitania demonst...

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By special request, here are some photos of our tall dark, and handsome Victorian cotton mill owner, none other than John Thornton of Elizabeth Gaskell‘s North & South.

Cravated or cravatless, he is always absolutely gorgeous.  But which do you prefer, Mr. Thornton’s sober black cravat for everyday, or his wine-coloured cravat, his  gold cravat for formal occasions, or no cravat at all with an open collar?

Screencaps courtesy of Richard Armitage Central

The iconic role I’d like to see Richard play . . .


Mr. Armitage has the look of a true film star, n'est-ce pas?

I have mentioned I would love to see Richard play the role of Atticus Finch in a remake of To Kill a Mockingbird.  Ordinarily I am not one who cares to see true classics remade.  But then again, Richard Armitage is not your ordinary actor.

A half-century ago, Gregory Peck played the iconic role of  Atticus, the small town southern lawyer, widower and loving father of two who defends a black man accusing of raping a young white woman in fictional Maycomb, Alabama. Peck was a commanding presence with both gravitas and approachability, a professional unafraid to take on an difficult case and  a family man dealing with bringing up his motherless children.  Peck’s Atticus Finch is a honorable and down-to-earth man who wants to do the right thing,even if that isn’t the popular thing, and to  set a good example for his son and daughter.

Somehow I can imagine Richard sporting Atticus’s vest–waiscoat to those of you across the pond–and his horn-rimmed spectacles as he sits down in a rocking chair on the Finch home’s big, shady veranda to enjoy a talk with Scout and Jim.

Of course, I want to see Richard do original characters all his own in the future, too. But I think he could do a lot worse than the role of Atticus. There is also a stage version of the story, if he was hankering to work before a live audience. And if he wants to really soak up the atmosphere and work on his southern accent, I reckon I would be mighty glad to offer linguistic assistance and play tour guide. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Is it a positive sign Mr. Peck has appealing crinkles, too?

Monet, Armitage, Yo-Yo Ma & Local Beauty

Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son

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(Screencap courtesy of RAC Gallery)

Mr. A is a thing of beauty . . . so is his performance as Claude Monet.  If you are an art lover, particularly of the Impressionist school and you haven’t yet seen The Impressionists, I encourage you to check it out.  Monet loved flowers and said they might very well be the reason he became a painter in the first place. I live in a part of the world that has a long growing season, so the landscape never goes completely brown in the winter. There is always something green growing, something blooming . . . God’s artistry at work.

I have included a video of my own photographs to give you a glimpse of our blooming beauties here in the South, set to the beautiful music of Yo-Yo Ma and Edgar Meyer.


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A truce between colleagues: TAE Word for the Day


I subscribe to a couple of word-a-day sites, adapting the information for my TAE Word for the Day posts. Funny thing is, Judit just finished reading my novel-length John Porter fanfic Truce. And what was my daily word from Wordsmith today?

That’s right. Truce. Serendipity? Perhaps.

Well, I never mind talking about John Porter, our brave, resourceful, tough yet tender and sexy-as-hell soldier, and considering his occupation and my fanfic, Porter is also the perfect character to illustrate this word.

Truce: (noun) 1. A suspension of hostilities by mutual agreement; armistice; cease-fire.
2. A temporary respite from something unpleasant.

I named my fanfic Truce because the main characters, Porter and Layla, decide to set aside their initial differences and mutual disdain and learn to work together. Their cease-fire, or truce leads to unexpected and not unwelcome developments in their relationship.

I have also made several JP videos, and here is one that ties into my fanfic with a great song from Linkin Park. Waiting for the End to Come. And it’s on Vimeo, because YT blocked this song. *grumble, grumble* Hope you enjoy another dose of Portah goodness. 😉


Some days I just feel like a dunderhead. Yesterday, I realized my ATM card was missing from my wallet. I just got my new one a few weeks ago, and I had had to go in and update my info at Amazon, iTunes and other places. I used it to pay some bills by phone. Where it is now, I haven’t a clue.

Now, I know the card is here in the house. Very likely in this bedroom which has sort of been Command Central for me since the Day that Dare Not Speak Its Name aka Angie’s Adventures in Ditch-Jumping in a Crown Victoria.

I can only sit up in a chair for limited periods of time without discomfort so I sit here on the bed to watch TV, read, use my laptop and the phone.
I have not left this house and my wallet has not left this room since I got the new card.
It should be here. It’s got to be here. And yet Benny and I spent the better part of a morning yesterday turning the room over trying to find said card.

Have I ever mentioned I have a lot of books? And magazines?
And stuff in general? Arrgggggh. And it’s been piling up worse than ever over the last few months.
I did as much as my back/tailbone would allow me to do. Judging by the pain and spasms that woke me after only three hours of sleep last night, it was too much.

And we never found the card in spite of all our efforts. We did fill up a garbage bag with stuff I didn’t want or need, however, so some good came of it.

I am holding out for a day or two before cancelling it, because I just know once I do, it will turn up. That is the kind of luck I have, ladies.

I was cussing myself out yesterday because there are days when I am so much the Absent-Minded Blogger it is maddening. It is not that I am empty-headed; quite the contrary. There seems to be too much going on up there some days. Call them Blonde Moments; call them Peri-Menopausal Moments. They simply happen much too often.

Is it a system overload? Could be. Might have something to do with averaging only three hours of sleep a night. Some people do just fine on that; I am not one of them.

Lucas, baby, I can truly empathize. And I am sure I don’t look nearly as fetching as you when I am struggling with insomnia.
Of course, it’s possible looking at you and your brethren– Portah, Guy, Thornton, Deeming, Mulligan and the rest—is keeping me awake.

And I can’t get you out of my head . . .

Absent-minded in Alabama or Insomnia strikes again.

More Mulligan . . . at Vimeo!


Oh, to be that fork.

It has come to my attention that the Hypnotize Me vid was blocked from view for some of you. So I have posted it linked to Vimeo (as I should have done in the first place) and for no extra charge, included a second JM video that is exclusive to Vimeo. Enjoy all the bad boy goodness! 😉

(screencap from Richard Armitage Central)

Mulligan for Monday: A Smooth Criminal?


John invites Ellie out to dinner. It's an invitation she just can't refuse.

John Mulligan, the character Richard played in Drowning, Not Waving in the first series of Moving On is one of my favorite “bad boy” characters of RA’s. Perhaps my very favorite, as I can’t really think of Guy as bad, just–misunderstood. 😉 And the “evil henchman” is redeemed in the end. With John, it isn’t that simple . . .

John is the boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in and out of trouble as a youth. Nobody expected much out of little Johnnie Mulligan when he grew up.

Years later, he shows up on the doorstep of an old schoolmate who is mired in serious debt due to living beyond her means. She has been sacked and is now doing her best to avoid the bill collectors. Ellie is the smart girl who came from a stable home and always did the right thing back in the day. Now it seems she has made a thorough mess of things.

So, when this gorgeous, successful man from her past–tall, dark and handsome with a disarming manner, seductive voice and charm to spare–asks her out to dinner and offers to take the house off her hands, Ellie is tempted. Can we blame her? But is John Mulligan all he appears to be? Here are some photos and a Mulligan video, “Hypnotize Me.”

“Could you be an angel? Could you be the devil? . . .”

(photos courtesy of RAC Gallery)