A prime example of medieval masculline hotness.

I'd offer friendship--and a whole lot more--to this guy. *thud*

Smoulder alert.

Let's play peek-a-boo with Glamour Guy's tongue.

Carla, it’s time for “Guy candy . . .”

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  1. I’m just started on season 3! Poor naughty Guy. I like when he stands up to the Sheriff. I have to admit I do miss Marian, I liked her character a lot and am surprised they disposed of her.
    Then again watching Guy lose his rag amy well be worth it 😉

    • One of my all-time favorite lines is Guy to the Sheriff: “You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t like you.” Go, Guy!!

      There is some question, and we will likely never know the answer, as to whether Lucy’s departure was really her idea or the machinations of one of her co-stars (NOT Richard) to get rid of her. Lucy and Guy had great onscreen chemistry and she described him as a great screen partner.

      Watching Guy lose his rag IS pretty darned enthralling. 😉

      • I expected not to like her, as I am usually underwhelmed by RA leading ladies, but I liked her strength, how she played all the guys and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty 😉 Shame.
        Isabella has appeared. I loathed the actress in Spooks 10 and True Blood, but I buy her as Guy’s sister. Let’s wait and see 😉

        • It doesn’t hurt that Lucy can actually ACT, whereas some of the other leading ladies (particularly Spooks) . . . hmmmmm. Isabella. Be prepared for frequent bleating of “You married me off as a child!” Oh, how do you like “You killed my brootha!” Kate? *evil grin* I didn’t watch Spooks 10, so the only other thing i have seen Lara in was as the fairy in TB.

          • We started watching season 10 of Spooks but she crawled under our skin and we gave up. Then again she was really good as Irene Adler In Sherlock. So good in fact that I had to IMDB her as I couldn’t believe it was really her 😉

            • Well, I HATED Joanna Froggatt as Kate in RH. Hated her voice, her hair, her character’s irritating personality. She redeemed herself in my eyes with her role in Downton Abbey.

          • I loved Joanna in Downton Abbey! I didn’t realize for quite a while that Kate and the maid (can’t remember what her name was) in DA was played by the same actress! Then it suddenly dawned on me towards the end of RH3, that it was the same person. 🙂

            • I knew that Anna was played by JF from the beginning but decided I would give her the benefit of the doubt. Her voice is much more pleasant in DA. Apparently a couple of the gang members on RH used to imitate Kate’s voice for kicks on the set.

          • I bet Richard wasn’t one of those cast members who used to imitate JF on the RH set… She was really sweet in DA, supportive, loving, kind. I only saw series 1 and 2 then Armitage mania took over so I have yet to watch series 3.. So please don’t tell me too much about it! 🙂

      • Dominic Minghella and Foz Allen(?) would have you believe that they wrote Marian’s death as a way of turning Robin’s world upside down, or words to that effect, no mention of what it would do to Guy. In the end it was Guy’s life which was turned upside down, and then around. Apart from S3 ep 1, Robin didn’t seem to be grieving at all, making lovey-dovey with Isabella and Kate in turn. After Richard blitzed the second season, it looks like the writers saw the potential of a Gisborne tortured by grief and self-loathing. Guy’s redemption is certainly a much more rivetting story arc than any other in the third series.

        • Yeah, you know if you go and look at the number of screencaps of Guy in S1 compared to S2, the number is pretty much doubled in the second series. The henchman was so good and had such chemistry with the female lead his part got fattened up and deservedly so. I thought Robin pretty much came off as a big jerk in most of S3. After his initial blustering and treating his gang members like dirt, his supposed grief over Marian seemed to vanish and he started playing tonsil hockey with Screechy Kate and Izzy.

          It was Guy who sincerely grieved, Guy whose heart was truly broken. Robin was back to using his smarmy charm that made me want to upchuck (the strawberry eating scene? Puh–leeze.)

          Guy turned out to be a much more compelling character than Robin because you had an experienced, charismatic and detailed actor in that role, while Robin was played by a younger, less experienced, less attractive and less charismatic actor who just couldn’t hold a candle next to RA.

          And so it became for all intents and purposes the Guy of Gisborne Show because his was the most interesting character and his story was the one that drew you in.
          As for Dominic and Foz–let’s say I don’t believe everything that came out of their mouths and leave it at that. 😉

  2. As I’ve said before, you can never have too much Guy! And that kind of candy isn’t fattening. Thanks for more of the yummy dark knight.

  3. The tongue…enough said. It joins the ranks of the eyes, the hair, the peaches, the chesticles, the raspberries, etc. SHUDDER!!!!!

  4. Don’t take this the wrong way…but I would kiss you. I love all the Guy candy and the videos and the pics. This is really heaven. lol

  5. I am a fellow Alabamian,(LA) and have the week off for Mardi Gras. I am loving this site like crazy. Your viemeo site has been my other residence before this lovely address popped up in the RA neighborhood. You and bccmee keep me going. The thought of having this week to stroll through these sites at my leisure is better than CHristmas. I’ve also read some of your work on live journal. You are multi-talented, and I so appreciate you sharing with us. Have a great week!

    • Have fun at Mardi Gras! I was just telling someone offblog that Mardi Gras in the US originated in Mobile, not New Orleans. It is really nice to know there are other RA fans in muy neck of the woods. There are times when I feel a bit–isolated. Thanks for your kind words, and I am glad you are enjoying it here. For me, that’s what it’s all about–to enjoy swooning, thudding, squeeing, laughing and sighing together as part of the United Nations of Armitage. 😀

  6. Gosh! Give me an alert next time, Angie, before I open your post, or I will faint like a Regency lady (that I truly am)!!!

    You know the effect HE has got on me!
    Well, let me say something rationale about the subject…..ehmmmm…. sorry, I can’t find anything at the moment. I will just stare and feel confused! 😉

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