The iconic role I’d like to see Richard play . . .


Mr. Armitage has the look of a true film star, n'est-ce pas?

I have mentioned I would love to see Richard play the role of Atticus Finch in a remake of To Kill a Mockingbird.  Ordinarily I am not one who cares to see true classics remade.  But then again, Richard Armitage is not your ordinary actor.

A half-century ago, Gregory Peck played the iconic role of  Atticus, the small town southern lawyer, widower and loving father of two who defends a black man accusing of raping a young white woman in fictional Maycomb, Alabama. Peck was a commanding presence with both gravitas and approachability, a professional unafraid to take on an difficult case and  a family man dealing with bringing up his motherless children.  Peck’s Atticus Finch is a honorable and down-to-earth man who wants to do the right thing,even if that isn’t the popular thing, and to  set a good example for his son and daughter.

Somehow I can imagine Richard sporting Atticus’s vest–waiscoat to those of you across the pond–and his horn-rimmed spectacles as he sits down in a rocking chair on the Finch home’s big, shady veranda to enjoy a talk with Scout and Jim.

Of course, I want to see Richard do original characters all his own in the future, too. But I think he could do a lot worse than the role of Atticus. There is also a stage version of the story, if he was hankering to work before a live audience. And if he wants to really soak up the atmosphere and work on his southern accent, I reckon I would be mighty glad to offer linguistic assistance and play tour guide. Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

Is it a positive sign Mr. Peck has appealing crinkles, too?

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  1. Of course, a girl can dream… If someone were to do “To Kill a Mockingbird” again, whether on film or on stage, yes, Richard would be great as Atticus Finch. He could bring the dignity and the gravitas to the role, as well as the feelings of the man for his children.

    • For some reason Peck reminds me of Richard, or Richard reminds me of Gregory. They are both examples of gentleman possessing masculine beauty with, as you say, dignity and gravitas. And we have seen, particularly in Porter’s interaction with Alex, Richard is very good a portraying a loving, caring dad.

  2. Yes, I’m with you there, girls. Because I’ve loved Gregory Peck for my whole life, I have never imagined a remake of TKAMB. But, if it were to be remade, Richard would be perfect for it.

    Oh, those lovely photos of the dreamy Mr Peck – absolutely breathtaking! Thank you, Angie.

  3. Have to confess, I read the book but I haven’t seen the movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird. Oh my oh my, Gregory Peck was exceedingly handsome wasn’t he? Strangely enough, I can only recall seeing him in Roman Holiday. Surely I must have seen some of his other work? 🙂

    • Gregory was lovely and he made quite a few movies, so it’s likely you have seen him in something else other than the charming Roman Holiday. He also played Horatio Hornblower, Capt. Ahab in Moby Dick, a lawyer in The Paradine Case and many more roles. He had a sort of elegance and gentlemanly quality that I also see in Richard. And he had a beautiful deep voice, too. 😀

    • When I saw that photo of Gregory with forehead crinkles, it was too serendipitous. 😉 I wonder if Richard has read TKAM or seen the movie and ever considered, “That’s a role I would like to tackle?”

  4. I’m with you…RA would make a great Atticus Finch. I was thinking just the other day that would be a great role for him. And I would love to hear him do a southern accent! I saw a documentary about Gregory Peck recently and he said it was never about the fame and glory for him. It was all about the work and the the joy of telling a story. I get the impression RA may feel the same way. He reminds me of Gregory Peck and other actors from that era who were more elegant than actors are in this day and age.

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