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Some people can rock the black leather better than others . . .


Oh, dear. (halloweencostumes.com)

This is a “hard-studded street peeper.” Uhmmmm . . . OK. (urbangent)
Ricky certainly rocks his biker threads. (sodapop.com)
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

A chaRActer in disguise . . .


What is it about RA and those middle Eastern scarves? Yumm. My harem boy.

We’ve discussed how Thornton’s cravat and the removal of it can be very, very sexy.   Glimpses of his lovely column of white throat and the patch of smooth fair flesh beneath it have an erotic appeal.

And I thought of how Richard’s characters in disguise can also be very enticing. Part of his beautiful face is hidden; we only see the eyes or the eyes and mouth.  There’s that hint of mystery, the speculation over what lies beneath.  Those eyes and lips are so very expressive.

We want to see more . . . I offer as evidence these screencaps of Sir Guy in S1 wearing  his disguise for his assassination mission to Acre and the guard’s helmet when he is on the lam in Series 3. There is something about a man with an air of mystery . . .   (screencaps courtesy of RANet)



In case you were curious . . . here’s Miss Capper.


There’s been a lot of curiosity over the years about the women in Richard’s life. We all know he is a private person, and I certainly respect that. But I can say one woman, actress Annabel (Annie) Capper, has been identified as Richard’s (former) girlfriend.

The two apparently met while both were attending LAMDA and they still appear from time to time at functions together. They once lived together. Although the romantic part of their relationship seems to be over, RA and Capper appear to be supportive of one another’s careers with a strong friendship.

 Annie is a striking woman with a lovely speaking voice. Much of her work has been on stage, but I have seen snippets of her acting roles on film and she’s very talented. I will say this: she looks refreshingly normal–not a skeletal plastic Hollywood bimbo with bolt-on breasts.   Here are some photos of the two of them and some of just Annie. ( Photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Fan Blog)

A Guy post a day–keeps the blues at bay.


I don’t just do these for Carla, my delightful Milanese friend, of course. It is no secret that I love Sir Guy of Gisborne, the character who introduced me to the magic that is Richard Armitage.

My first novella fanfic featured Guy and Marian in an AU version of their story, Dangerous to Know.Practically everyone in the story seems to have a crush of some sort on Sir Guy, which seems perfectly reasonable to me.  I turned a character Lucy Griffiths played in one episode of the paranormal drama Sea of Souls into multi-chapter fic Night Falls.  Lucy and Richard looked so good onscreen together I just had to give them stories that allowed the sparks we saw turn into a fiery flame. Judging by the tons of G/M fanfic out there, many others felt the same as I.

At any rate, my deep affection and admitted lust for the character has lead me to produce prose and poetry, fanvids and blog entries about the Nottingham’s Finest, the Sultan of Smoulder and Swagger, the Deep, Dark, Delicious Knight–the one and only Sir Guy. He is also the first chaRActer Ladywriter Loved Into Being.

 “You will always love me the best, Lady Writer,” Guy rumbles, flicking back a stray lock of raven hair as he gives me a distinctly smug smile, arms folded across his broad chest.  I shake my head and sigh. “Yes, you incorrigible creature, you. I always will.”


Spotlight: Flirty-Girty Lee, Lifeguard & Ladies’ Man


Lee draws the ladies like moths to a flame,

In 2003, Richard played a character that was the polar opposite of the awkward and shy John Standring: Lee Preston, a supporting character in S5 of the popular comedy-drama Cold Feet.

Lee, a self-described flirty-girty, is gorgeous and charming and he knows it. Working as a fitness instructor at a health and recreation center, Lee comes in contact with lots of ladies, and he makes the most of every opportunity to flirt. He loves the thrill of the chase.  And when an au pair proves hard to get, Lee sets his sights on winning her over.  Not that that means he’s done playing the field . . .

Richard is quite convincing as lothario Lee, putting those pleading puppy dog eyes and sweetly suggestive smiles to great use. And of course, there’s the infamous poolside scene that introduces the character. Lee striding in, wearing nothing but a track jacket and  blue Speedos. Very, very few men on this planet should attempt wearing Speedos. Richard Armitage is one of the very few. Thud.

You likely can’t trust Lee as far as you could throw him, but no doubt he could be good fun–as long as you don’t expect commitment of any sort. And for heaven’s sake, don’t fall in love unless you want a broken heart.

And if he’s a devil when he’s awake, he looks like an angel when he sleeps.

One of the more interesting aspects of Richard taking this role is the fact Lee also serves as lifeguard and has scenes in the pool. And Richard has a longtime fear of deep water, which we might detect in one of the scenes. I do sincerely admire him for not just facing his fear, but tackling it head on by auditioning for, and getting, a role that requires him to literally “jump in (the pool) with all the ladies.”

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)

Remember what I said about the thighs? . . .


Mr. Armitage is, as we have clearly established, a magnificent example of masculine beauty. Great eyes, great smile, strong jawline, gorgeous long neck, broad sboulders, sculpted chest . . . well, I could go on and on. But as promised, I have written a poem saluting one particular atttribute that brings us joy,  Richard’s thighs.  Written and read with tongue firmly tucked into cheek, accompanied by photos to illustrate, I give you this gift: