In case you were curious . . . here’s Miss Capper.


There’s been a lot of curiosity over the years about the women in Richard’s life. We all know he is a private person, and I certainly respect that. But I can say one woman, actress Annabel (Annie) Capper, has been identified as Richard’s (former) girlfriend.

The two apparently met while both were attending LAMDA and they still appear from time to time at functions together. They once lived together. Although the romantic part of their relationship seems to be over, RA and Capper appear to be supportive of one another’s careers with a strong friendship.

 Annie is a striking woman with a lovely speaking voice. Much of her work has been on stage, but I have seen snippets of her acting roles on film and she’s very talented. I will say this: she looks refreshingly normal–not a skeletal plastic Hollywood bimbo with bolt-on breasts.   Here are some photos of the two of them and some of just Annie. ( Photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Fan Blog)

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  1. Wow, you’re quick, Angie! Annabel is definitely not a “stick insect”! Good to see. 🙂 Shame the relationship didn’t work out. They probably never saw each other with Richard being away most of the time…Nice that they remained friends though.

    • Yeah, I am on top of things. 😉 As I said, Annabel is refreshing. She has a healthy-looking physique and a face that hasn’t been drained of its character by face lifts and other types of plastic surgery. Good for her! And good for Richard for appreciating a real woman. 😀 I think that they split up during the time Richard was filming RH . . . he was away in Budapest (in your neck of the woods!) half the year and then he started filming Spooks . . . absence may make the heart grow fonder but it can also make relationships harder to maintain.
      Richard seems to me to be someone who would always try to part amicably when a romance ends.

      • RA doesn’t seem to be the kind of man who’d go out with a “plastic plaza kitten” type of woman. I’m not surprised he chose someone with substance. Yes, long distance relationships are very, very hard to maintain. I speak from experience. 😦

  2. I guess she is alright! (grudgingly). Marian wasn’t all that great for Guy either and never mind that Sarah Caulfield, what was Lucas thinking? And Porter, well……I guess the only real woman that would work for Richard and every role he plays would be……….ME! Hey, I too am a woman of substance too, you know. LOL….

    • I have no doubt you are one, Gracie. 😉 Sadly, Richard’s characters have not been terribly lucky in love. I can only think Lucas had a case of temporary insanity re Sarah Caulfield. Marian, well, we’ve already established she did not possess the Good Taste Gene on the show, preferring the scruffy Justin Beiber clone over Magic in Black Leather. But at least Richard had chemistry with Lucy, unlike GOR in Spooks. Margaret finally saw the light concerning Mr. Thornton (but treated him pretty poorly earlier on). Danni’s relationship with Porter begins under false pretences . . . the Vicar is the only one who adores RA’s character from the word “go.” Which makes one suspect there are a lot of stupid/jealous scriptwriters out there. 😉

      • How dare you cast aspersions upon the love of my life, Jonas Armstrong (who is most certainly NOT a Justin Bieber clone!!!). He’s as lovely a person as RA: I had the pleasure of meeting him, and he was very kind to me and caring, esp. when I told him that my special needs daughter makes life hard, but watching him on telly makes me happy. He hugged me and posed for pictures w/me and my friends.

        • Demelzabunny, I have to ask. Don’t you ever get tired of trolling sites devoted to Richard Armitage, looking for opportunities to laud “the love of your life” and/or denigrate Richard, whom you’ve long blamed for killing Marian (last time I checked, it was a fictional character killing another fictional character. Lucy Griffiths is very much alive and well)? You’ve been at this for several years now and frankly, it’s beyond old and ridiculous at this point. I am happy you’ve had nice experiences with Jonas. That’s great. So share them on sites/videos/whatever devoted to Jonas, because that is who will be primarily interested.

          But don’t EVER think it’s acceptable to come and tell me what opinions to express here on my own blog, which , in case you didn’t notice, is named The Armitage Effect, not the Armstrong Effect.

          • I was not “trolling,” as you put it (I leave that to the Trolls in The Hobbit). Actual trolling would have required me to put down your fav guy. I was simply asking that you make disparaging remarks about my fav guy; there are those of us who actually like him. I did say JA was as nice as RA. If I made you upset, I apologize; it was not my intention.

            • I’m not saying Jonas Armstrong is a terrible person; I don’t know him.

              It is my opinion he is not an actor on the same level of talent and versatility as Richard Armitage. Nor do I find him particularly physically attractive.

              I know many who do, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. That’s what individual fandoms are for. I am a Richard Armitage aficionado. Therefore the blog.

              I just know someone using the same username you have employed in your email address–remember, I can see these things–has a history of attacking Richard Armitage at various places online.

              Now, here’s my thing: I don’t go on sites devoted to Jonas Armstrong or Robin Hood for that matter and discuss Richard Armitage or insist people not say anything remotely negative about him. I just don’t. I don’t even go on a lot of the more disreputable online sites with RA threads and discuss RA.

              And I certainly wouldn’t say something like “How dare you cast aspersions . . . .” unless I was joking, which I do quite a lot.

              That’s where you offended me; by being so high and mighty in your comment. That turned me off right quick. You might want to lighten up a little in your approach to such matters.

              • 1. When I said “…cast aspersions….,” I felt that I was joking, but you obviously didn’t understand that. I was a little offended by your comparison of JA to JB, but I wasn’t trying to pick a fight. To each his own, but hopefully without being subject to put-downs from those who don’t share one’s preferences.

                2. I only counter “attacked” on those other sites to which you refer; this was in response
                to JA haters’ comments. I know two wrongs don’t make a right, but I was in defense-mode, upset by the many disparaging comments made by many (not all) RA fans to the effect that JA was an unfit RH, and that RA should’ve been cast in his role. All that stuff was at best, rather unnecessary, at worst, just plain mean.

                Truly, my personal opinion of RA is that he does not possess the same level of talent and versatility as JA. In all the roles I’ve seen him in (Guy, Lucas, Thorin, etc.), he just seems to be RA playing RA. But if that’s what floats your boat, that’s great. Of course, I do find JA ridiculously physically appealing, but that’s never a matter for discussion, as there’s no accounting for taste; wouldn’t you agree?

              • The JB comparison was due to the brush-over bangs hair style Jonas wore, which, along with the hoodie and the boyish looks, reminded me of Beiber. Hey, Beiber’s not my cup of tea but he’s talented and has tons of fans, lots worse one could be compared to. I recall people describing Richard as “old, greasy, ugly” etc. by some JA fans. Sorry, but you all aren’t angels, any more than all RA fans are perfect.

                As to RA’s versatility. Ah. You apparently haven’t seen Richard playing John Standring in Sparkhouse or as The Handsome Stranger in Vicar of Dibley–two very different roles-a cripplingly shy sheep farmer and a cheeky, bookish accountant– and each very different from Guy or Lucas or Thorin. Richard really immerses himself in every character and I am hardly the only one to believe that. It’s not just Jonas I find lacking, it’s plenty of other actors in comparison to RA. So don’t feel as if I am solely “picking” on JA–I find many a well-known actor wanting in comparison, including Tom Cruise.

                I stand by my belief in RA as the more versatile actor and no one is going to sway that opinion, so you might as well give it a rest here, sweetheart. 😉 He’s obviously stirred a great deal of interest as he is now number 2 on the IMDB starmeter, pretty good for an actor still mostly unknown here in the US save Tolkien/RA fans. I am so happy people are interested in learning about his past projects. RA is impressing people with his performance as Thorin (even if he didn’t impress you LOL) and I am enormously proud of how far he has come. He’s worked hard and is so deserving of it.

                I honestly don’t know what Jonas is up to as I do not follow his career, but wish him all the best in whatever it brings. I’ve been pleased to see Lucy featured in American TV. I wish all the cast all the best. It’s been three years since the show ended, so it’s time for all of us to move on.

                As for tastes, no, there definitely is no rhyme or reason to it all. And I don’t think you and I will ever agree on the Ideal Crush 😉

      • I totally agree with you. There are too many stupid scriptwriters out there. For me Richard is my only crush in my life and I will be 74 years old next month. He is just great in every way and that is why I am sad as there are no children to receive his wonderful kind traits.

        • Richard is a special crush for women of all ages who have what I call the Good Taste Gene. Only the best will do. I still hold out hope that he will find the right one and that children will come, even if it has to be through a surrogacy. I do want to see that genetic material carried on and I think he has the capacity to be a wonderful father. He’s just been so busy building his career and going all over the world to do it, it hasn’t been very conducive to maintaining a relationship/having a family. RA strikes as someone who wouldn’t do things half-heartedly, either.

          • Remember that RA’s gene’s would be half of any offspring he produced. A lot depends on what the mother contributes although many people do look so much more like one parent over the other. I have also seen children born of physically beautiful parents who did not get those “good taste” genes. On the other hand you can have two very ordinary looking people produce a visually stunning child. I have seen that quite a few times.

            I am sure that when RA is happy with his career and feels that he can slow down enough to have a relationship he will. And if he still wants to be a father at that point he will make that happen too. If not remember that it is his choice to make and either way I wish him the best. Like everyone else though I do hope that RA has a family, or at least find the love of his life and gets married.

            • I think you may have misunderstood to some degree from where I am coming. I choose to think RA would also choose a very special woman with wonderful genes–not necessarily the most gorgeous, but a person of talent and intelligence with strong character and beauty inside. I am not talking of engineering the World’s Most Beautiful Child, Xenia. but a child possessing many of the rare and wonderful qualities we find in him beyond his physical beauty. Some of those qualities seem innate and others instilled from his own upbringing by two very progressive and outstanding parents. There’s something in that mix that I would sincerely like to see passed on. The world needs more people like that.

              I am the last person to insist as the poor deluded creatures on Toddlers and Tiaras do, that facial beauty is THE single most important thing in the world. I cringe every time one of those makeup-caked tots parrots their mothers in saying that.

              Of course, I want to see him live his own life as he chooses. But he has at least expressed in the past a desire to have a wife and family. He’s a late bloomer in many ways and that may also be the case with the whole family thing. Who knows? I do know he could sing a heck of a lullaby. 😉

              • No, I did not misunderstand your comment. I was adding an angle to this thread that popped into my head. I have never watched Toddlers and Tiaras. I never even heard of it before. Yes, I bet RA could sing the heck out of a lullaby. That thought makes me giggle. 🙂 I wonder if he would change the diapers too.

              • Glitz pageants–meaning little girls with fake hair, fake tans, fake teeth, fake eyelashes, lots of makeup and “glitzy” outfits paraded on stage like mini-adults. Fascinating and creepy all at the same time. The emphasis on appearance above and beyond developing, oh, good character, an analytical mind, creative talents, and so forth is disturbing.

                Change diapers? Probably, but he might put a clothespin on that handsome aquiline nose of his. LOL

  3. Thanks…very interesting! She does have beautiful eyes. Imagine what beautiful, tall kids they would have had!

  4. I just don’t think Richard would take up with anyone based on what people thought, or some trend in the flavour of the month, or whatever. I think he would respond to someone he likes and then see what developed. When lightning strikes, then … I know from experience that long-distance relationships can work, but only when the connection is so extraordinary that there is no other real choice. I hope that Richard will find lasting joy with the right person, and that she is able to be at his side, wherever he is.

  5. Just to say, Ms Capper has NOT been identified as a former girlfriend. She is apparently a long-term friend he has taken to events over the years, that is all we can say. We don’t know if they ever dated or if she was the woman he said he lived with.

  6. OK: saw RA in Vicar; still thought he was playing himself. Actually, that’s what people always said about Clark Gable, and that seemed to work well for him. Hmmm……I seem to have seen RA in many more things than you’ve seen Jonas. So who’s more qualified to compare? But as we’ve agreed, taste is peculiar to the individual taster; you either find someone appealing or you don’t. And after JA captured my heart, many of his fans (myself included) also sought out his previous work, like Teachers, Ghost Squad and Losing Gemma.

    Just one question: is your mention of Tom Cruise in reference to the fact that Jonas is now filming his new flick w/him in the UK? I can’t stand TC, either! So I personally hope people notice JA and realize that TC is a has-been (or, in reality, a never-was).

    • I’ve only seen Jonas in a couple of things because very little of his work has been aired here on satellite/cabe (or Richard’s, for that matter. I’ve had to resort to extraordinary means to see some of it, such that I’ve never done for any other actor). Ghost Squad and RH. So, agreed, I am no authority on him.

      But, you see, JA simply hasn’t led me to be so intrigued that I want to pursue seeing him in other things, as I have with, for example, David Tennant, an actor I liked before he played Doctor Who, or Martin Freeman, who I’ve enjoyed in films and TV for several years.

      However, having seen EVERYTHING that Richard has been in–yes, everything that has been filmed or taped–I know he is very gifted.

      BTW, he has said in interviews Harry Kennedy is the character most like him, so to a certain extent he IS playing RA there.

      But I see no correlation between Harry and John Standring and Guy. POLAR opposites. So how can he be “playing himself” as the easy-going, slightly cheeky accountant AND as the painfully shy, self-sacrificing Yorkshire farmer AND as the ambitious, seductive and volatile master-at-arms? He doesn’t even sound the same in any of those roles. Or look it. Ah, well, we are obviously going to disagree here. I just know that after discovering him in RH, I got the DVDs for Sparkhouse, North & South & Vicar of Dibley and was blown away by how believable he was such varied roles. I knew I was an admirer for life.

      I didn’t even know Tom was making a film in the UK or who was co-starring in it with him, TBH. He’s just an example of someone I think of as more “celebrity” than “actor.” You and I can agree on this: we are not fans of Mr. Cruise. 😀

      • Oy! Whenever I see Richard in any role, he just looks to me like Guy of Gisbourne in different clothes: his voice, intonation, movements are just the same. Oh well.

        Yes, Mr. Cruise is definitely more celebrity than actor; but he is certainly popular, so I’m hoping this film will allow Jonas to be noticed by the Hollywood TPTB, and we’ll thusly be seeing him more on the silver screen or telly.

        • LOL PLEASE tell me you haven’t seen him as John Standring? Because honestly they don’t look or sound anything alike. Standring’s a big guy who purposely tries to look smaller, due to his extreme self-consciousness. He has a heavy Yorkshire accent, too.

          Well, I will hope for once a Cruise film is popular just for Jonas’s sake, then–not for Cruise. He’s already got a big enough ego, that Mr. Cruise. 😉

          • This is too true! Well, as Mrs. Slocombe says, “All the WRONG people have the money!” And the fame it seems, too.

            You are very lucky you’ve been able to see RA’s work here in the U.S. I have yet to see his latest TV shows “Prisoners’ Wives” and “Hit and Miss.”

            • I had friends who assisted me re seeing the shows when they aired. 😉 Some thing are available on videostreaming, but–our connection is just not high speed enough to watch without a lot of buffering. So if I don’t download something or have it on DVD, it takes forever sometimes to watch anything beyond a short video. Not that patient. Really annoying, but there’s not much I can do about it. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about the TH junket was seeing Richard live on American TV instead of having to download clips from RANet or YT. Maybe that will happen with Jonas, too, one day! A lot of British actors are working at least part-time in the states today.

              • I so need to see something that he has been in besides “The Hobbit” (which I will, without a doubt, buy on Tuesday-trip to Walmart-and set up to play over and over again ;D) and Captain America 😦 However, I live in the States and my YouTube connection is simply horrid… any advice on how to get a hold of some Armitage-y goodness to watch?

              • Dwarfy, I have the same issue with watching things on YT or trying to live stream; my connection simply won’t allow me to do it without a lot of buffering and it’s an annoyance. *grumble grumble*

                So first step is to check out what Amazon has to offer re Mr. Armitage. As I recall, I got my North and South, Vicar of Dibley and The Impressionists DVDs through them. North and South was his first iconic role and if you appreciate good period drama and an angsty, temperamental Northern mill owner with a foolish passion for a young lady from the South, a tall, handsome man with the the ability to give the most swoon worthy kisses ever, you’ll appreciate Mr. Thornton. Like many other fans, I invested in a region-free player (very reasonable and you can play DVDs from the world over) and started ordering from AmazonUK because a) they had a much better selection of his work as you might expect and b) I actually saved money on the costs of the DVDs compared to what I would have paid in the US even factoring in the overseas shipping. Some people has said they have found some of his work at places likes Sam’s Club and Costco, too.

    • I compared every character that RA has played(that I have seen) to watching him being himself in interviews and I could not disagree with you more on your opinion about RA.

      What I would agree on is that certain characters that RA portrayed in the past has similar personalities and that is one reason why I wish that RA would get away from the action packed shoot em up type of projects. Lucas North and John Porter both had the same type of intense personalities. I think that RA also has an intense personality but in a different way than his characters, so no I do not see RA playing himself in every role. RA is super talented. What I have not seen Richard do yet is cry convincingly on screen. That cry that Lucas gave in Spooks when Maya died wasn’t up to snuff (IMHO)…LOL I have still have not seen Strike Back so I don’t know if he did any convincing crying in that. I went to acting school in my teen years and crying is one of the most challenging emotions to do. It is easy to make the facial expressions associated with crying but having the sound come out authentically and tears falling is a whole other story.

      • The problem with comparing John Porter and Lucas North, Xenia, when you haven’t actually watched Strike Back, is that they are two very different personalities. The only similarity, really, is that one works for MI5 and the other, MI6. Yes, there is a certain level of intensity in both characters, both Lucas is much more contained, more cerebral, if you will. Their backgrounds and elements of their characters are quite different. They are both flawed heroes, but their flaws are not necessarily the same. Mustn’t make assumptions when you don’t have all the facts . . . 😉

        And yes, Porter cries a couple of times in Strike Back, once while talking to his daughter via webcam after his estranged wife’s sudden demise, and you can clearly see the tears in his beautiful eyes.

        It worked for me.

  7. I have to say, if RA was with anyone (other than me of course lol) i am glad he doesnt like those plastic barbies. Gives us real girls hope that we could land a guy as awesome as him.

    • Hi, Francine, thanks for commenting and welcome. Richard is so refreshingly down to earth and as much like that nice “guy next door” as you could wish, if that guy was also multi-talented, charismatic and gorgeous. 😉 He’s a “real” person and I think he is drawn to others who are the same. 😀

  8. I love RA ever since I watched North and South ard 2 yrs back. I thought he did a good job as Thorin as well. So, as much as I am happy that his career is going well, I do wish him happiness in his personal life as well.. Its a pity they broke up. Hope he finds some personal happiness really soon. He deserves it.

    • Hi, Anusha, and welcome! Yes, I think we all hope Richard finds happiness and contentment in his personal life. He is such a dear human being as well as a talented actor and indeed—he DESERVES it.

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