Some people can rock the black leather better than others . . .


Oh, dear. (

This is a “hard-studded street peeper.” Uhmmmm . . . OK. (urbangent)
Ricky certainly rocks his biker threads. (
Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

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      • Indeed! The industry ought to send him a meaningful thank-you for what he does for black leather clothing. Never has black leather looked so good on anyone. I can even get over the anachronism that the quality of the tanning and dyeing processes to create Guy’s outfits never existed in the 12th century, or even for many centuries to come. I wouldn’t miss the fine scenery of Guy in his leathers for a silly thing like historical accuracy! Then to have the treat of Ricky Deeming in motorcycle leathers, and Lucas as the motorbike messenger and … Oh, yum! Then we get the delight of him in those jackets in “civilian” life — dang!

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