Some things do get better with age . . .


Richard, age 22. Sweet, shy smile and the promise of great beauty ahead.

Photos courtesy of RANet

Richard in a 2002 photo shoot. The hunky young man.
“Middle-aged” has surely never looked better.

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    • The athleticism and grace and stylishness of the man in pic 3–a man comfortable in his own skin. I love that photo. Such a classic look with the black and white photography.

  1. First pic, S3 Guy hair!
    In his early pictures he’s cute and good looking in a boy-next-door kind of way (clean-shaven, lighter hair) but I adore his more mature look. From his mid-thirties on he has grown more stunning by the year. I’ve become so used to seeing him with a beard, it’s going to be like discovering him all over again when and if he appears again with a light stubble or clean-shaven, if that makes sense. Like when he first appeared with the beard, there was definitely that WOW moment for me. I rather expect it will be another moment like that when the beard disappears.

    • That’s what I always think of when I see that photo, Guy’s long tresses. I have to say they got the texture right with those extensions, too.
      When I see certain photos of him from Ultimate Force and BTS I really do think “boy next door.”

      By the time he played Gisborne his masculine beauty was really blossoming–of course, he was lovely as Thornton, but when you saw him off-screen in the N&S interview, he still looked rather full-faced and very boyish to me.

      I look at the Hood Academy pics and think, “Wow, that is a stunning man.” And yes, every year it seems to me he gets more attractive.

      I agree, I’ve gotten the beard so firmly entrenched in my pysche now it will be an adjustment to see him clean shaven or with stubble.

  2. That’s exactly right. He’s matured very well! That makes him soooo sexy! That’s why we enjoyed him so much as compared to Robin…Guy was a MAN. Richard is very manly and has grown into his own skin. That makes his good looks so spectacular! So many good looking boys, mature into not very attractive adults. But Richard seems to grow more handsome every year.

    • Totally agree. Cute boys don’t necessarily morph into attractive men. Sort of like some cute child actors grow up to be less-than-attractive adults.

      Every time I put photos of Robin and Guy in the same post, it just reinforces for me why it was a major fail in my opinion casting Jonas as Robin opposite Richard as Guy. Jonas sort of had the boyishly handsome cheeky charmer thing going on early in the series, but by Series 3 he’d lost even more hair and gotten stockier and I just don’t think he’s going to be “cute” for much longer.

      It was hard to believe there was a decade’s difference in age between Jonas and RA by S3. Guy, however, just kept getting hotter and more attractive. A man who is comfortable in his own skin and is quietly confident and secure in his masculinity is VERY sexy.

      • Definitely! That quiet confidence is so sexy. Especially when we know he’s got a shy side. If he stood in front of me in that poise, giving me that look, I would melt into a puddle on the floor. (in the last picture that is.) It’s hard to believe women don’t pass out at his feet on a daily basis:)

  3. I think I could fall in love with this youn guy with long hair and soft dreamy eyes:)*sigh*
    Middle-aged( :D) men in the last photo takes my breath away!;)

  4. Even in that first youthful picture his beautiful eyes just grab you and you find you can’t look away! I always have the feeling he can look into my very soul!! In the last picture it is very obvious that he has emerged into the most devastatingly gorgeous man, and I mean MAN, that I have ever seen. He leaves me quite breathless and I agree with Laurie, if I was in that room watching him in that pose I think I would find it almost impossible to remain upright! 🙂 That is one “killer” look!! I don’t think he has a clue what effect he has on women of ALL ages!! But maybe that is part of his charm and appeal. He is no strutting peacock, but modest and gentlemanly, bless him, and thank goodness he is.

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