Spotlight: Flirty-Girty Lee, Lifeguard & Ladies’ Man


Lee draws the ladies like moths to a flame,

In 2003, Richard played a character that was the polar opposite of the awkward and shy John Standring: Lee Preston, a supporting character in S5 of the popular comedy-drama Cold Feet.

Lee, a self-described flirty-girty, is gorgeous and charming and he knows it. Working as a fitness instructor at a health and recreation center, Lee comes in contact with lots of ladies, and he makes the most of every opportunity to flirt. He loves the thrill of the chase.  And when an au pair proves hard to get, Lee sets his sights on winning her over.  Not that that means he’s done playing the field . . .

Richard is quite convincing as lothario Lee, putting those pleading puppy dog eyes and sweetly suggestive smiles to great use. And of course, there’s the infamous poolside scene that introduces the character. Lee striding in, wearing nothing but a track jacket and  blue Speedos. Very, very few men on this planet should attempt wearing Speedos. Richard Armitage is one of the very few. Thud.

You likely can’t trust Lee as far as you could throw him, but no doubt he could be good fun–as long as you don’t expect commitment of any sort. And for heaven’s sake, don’t fall in love unless you want a broken heart.

And if he’s a devil when he’s awake, he looks like an angel when he sleeps.

One of the more interesting aspects of Richard taking this role is the fact Lee also serves as lifeguard and has scenes in the pool. And Richard has a longtime fear of deep water, which we might detect in one of the scenes. I do sincerely admire him for not just facing his fear, but tackling it head on by auditioning for, and getting, a role that requires him to literally “jump in (the pool) with all the ladies.”

(screencaps courtesy of RANet)

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  1. Btw, I never realized watching the RA bits of Cold Feet on YT that this Spanish girl was an au-pair?
    I thought she was Hermione’s character’s friend. Whatever. RA’s “puppy dog eyes” were absolutely heart-melting. I guess Lee is a character RA could very well be in real life (if you know what I mean), but it doesn’t seem to be the case. 🙂

    • I think it would be hard to tell from just watching the YT scenes she actually worked for the characters of Hermione and her husband. There is a scene earlier where she is trying to talk the couple into paying for her membership at the health club because someone else’s nanny got one.

      Yes, I think if Richard wanted to be a total womanizer, he has all the prerequisites–tall, handsome, with an Adonis-like physique, a deep sexy voice and charisma to spare. It’s the way some people might expect someone like him to be. That’s what makes RA all the more appealing, of course. He IS “all that and a bag of chips,” and yet doesn’t think of himself or conduct himself in that manner.

      • My employers never paid for a health club membership for me! Huh! Plus, wasn’t she a bit old to be an au-pair? She looked much older than Mr. Flirty Girty! 🙂 I was listening to some radio interviews on RANet yesterday evening and when he was asked about the average age of his fans he said: one is 25 and the other one is 35! 🙂 I thought it was really sweet.

        • You know, with his schedule over the last few years, maintaining a romantic relationship wouldn’t have been easy, and he has said he isn’t someone “to put it about.” Although I am sure a lot of women would queue up to wait their turn if he were that type. 😉

          • I’m no prude, but I love that he is reserved when it comes to “putting it about.” It reinforces my feeling that he truly is a gentleman.

            • Amen. I am so sick of celebrities who seem to feel the need to jump from one bed to another constantly, as if they are trying to prove how sexy and desirable they are.

              It makes me lose some of my respect for them, frankly. And the ones who kiss and tell–I mean, literally talk about how the women were in bed. How crass is that?

              I could never, ever envision Richard behaving that way because he is, as you say, a gentleman.

  2. This is yet another trait of Richard’s that is so appealing. He’s not out there hopping from one bed to another, or if he is he’s not telling. In one interview, I remember him telling the reporter that his romantic life was sparse. I think he can’t get over the fact that women see him as incredibly attractive. It’s as if the whole world is crazy, the magic spell will end and he’ll turn into an ugly duckling! He just can’t believe it!! He’s also said he would never date a fan. He also doesn’t want to date anyone in show business. It’s going to be very difficult to find a woman will who fit that category.

    • I think there’s a part of this handsome, sexy, manly fellow that still feels a bit like that giant of a 14-year-old kid, all long, lanky legs and arms and a big nose that led other kids to tease him.
      Sometimes those sort of self-concepts can stick with us many years after a particular phase of life has passed. He has long since turned into a beautiful swan, but maybe the “ugly duckling” raises his head now and again 😉 and tells him, “This is all quite mad.” Yeah, given what he does for a living and how well he does it, most of the women he would likely meet are likely actresses and /or fans of his.

      • We’re definitely on the same wave-length about this. I wonder what all of those kids who teased him back in the day are thinking about when they see all of the hoopla about RA. I bet none of them turned out so well!!!

        • Darling Richard can have the last laugh . . . I love that he defended Joe’s nose on the RH commentary when a couple of the other cast members were poking fun at it.:D

          I am sure it brought back unpleasant memories of being teased himself.

          I am so proud of RA and all he has accomplished and the classy way he conducts himself. It’s as if he were my family member or dear friend. 😀

    • Well, there are female crew members, journalists, agents and the like… Not actresses but not fans either. But, again, it’s hard to maintain a serious relationship what with all the travelling from location to location, from continent to continent, especially if your other half has a career of her own. No wonder professional tennis players have their other halves travelling with them at all times. They can afford it though. Plus those ladies mostly give up their own careers (which in a lot of cases is modelling 🙂 )to be with their men.

      • Perhaps one reason he prefers not to be with an actress is knowing how their careers might not mesh in terms of their schedules. They might have a hard time being in the same place at the same time. It would probably be better if she had some sort of portable job (writing, for instance) that would allow her flexibility.

        • I agree. There are all kinds of professions these days that do not require one to stay put. Perhaps if the right woman has been buried alive without a TV or a DVD player for the last decade, she would not be a fan. Or if she really thinks that Richard Armitage was that diplomat involved in an espionage scandal … On the other hand, if she is smart, she might admit to seeing some of his work but not to the level of admiration most of us feel.

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