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I’m in an artistic mood, ladies. Of course, our talented Richard played the passionate artist Claude Monet in The Impressionists, and I just happen to be a huge fan of the Impressionist school of art. So I give you more of Impressionist artist Pierre August Renoir’s luminous paintings–and two of Renoir’s portraits of Claude himself. Oh, and a little bit of RA, too!

Renoir's portrait of Monet reading.

Renoir and a little Monet (real and reel)

OT: Sometimes you just need a dose of beauty . . .


Today was very mild here in LA (Lower Alabama) and while the clouds started moving in, for a change  it wasn’t raining or muddy from the rain.

Benny came home early to take advantage of the weather and do a few outside chores, and he suggested I come out for a stroll in the yard while he was there to keep an eye on me (my balance isn’t great and I have a real fear of falling again).

And so I did. The wind was kicking up, sending my hair into my face, but it felt good to be outside. The two dogs in the yard, Elvis and Rascal, seemed happy to me and didn’t manage to knock me down with their enthusiastic welcome. I petted and sweet-talked them and they responded with wagging tails and, in Rascal’s case, “talking” (he is part German Shepherd and they can be chatty).

I saw the blueberry bushes were beginning to bud and patches of grass as green as emeralds were sprouting up here and there.

“Those two pear trees down at your folk’s are blooming. Oh, and the daffodils are blooming in the farmhouse yard,” Benny told me.

I smiled.                                                                    07 First Impressions

“Those daffodils are always a sign to me spring was on its way,” I said. (click on First Impressions above to hear Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Mark O’Connor)

The landscape is still a bit brown, but I think ahead to the coming months, the beautiful lavender blue of the hydrangeas, the royal shades of the irises, the soft pink of the wild roses that grow on the banks that flank our  red clay country road. The intoxicating scent of the honeysucle and lively oranges and yellows of the tiger lilies that seem to abound everywhere.

The thoughts of flowers lead me to thoughts of Monet and his fellow Impressionists, who worked so hard to capture the beauty of the natural world and of everyday life.  And  so I started look at Renoir’s paintings, and listening to Yo-Yo Ma and his friends, and enjoying a dose of beauty, which is very good for the spirit and soul.

After eight years in Russian prison–a haunted, beautiful man.


When I first meet him, he’s just been removed, his head covered in a bag, from a car trunk.

An MI5 agent held in a Russian prison for eight long years, he is finally gaining his freedom through a swap with the Russians to get one of their own back from the Brits.

A Russian agent removes the bag, revealing a dark, disheveled head of hair, framing a pale, almost gaunt face wearing a heavy stubble. The man possesses an angular, unearthly beauty. Eyes squint in the sudden glare of headlights. His grubby-looking sweater and track pants appear loose, as if the tall man had lost weight since he’d first worn them.

He stumbles forward, his steps quite shaky in the beginning before becoming more steady. He flashes a smile. The white, perfect teeth are surely in too good a shape after his ordeal. Do Russian prisons offer dental plans?

No matter. I have met this haunted man, and I am entranced.

The fascination only increases as I see his naked torso and discover the strange tattoos covering much of it. If you want to survive in such a place, you show that you belong by having your body inked with these symbols, he explains to his boss.

His body is thin and yet muscular and well-defined. He looks fragile.  He looks–beautiful.

His blue eyes plead as much as that husky chcolate voice for a chance to get back into the fray. He is physically at home once more. Now he wants the chance to prove he deserves it.
His name is Lucas North, and he was, is and always will be MI-5.

More proof nobody rocks the leather like RA & ChaRActers . . .


Porter--Katie's hero and ours in black leather.

In a continuation of our study of leather and RA (and how he and his chaRActers wear it better than anybody else), I bring you some more photos of RA and his alter egos in leather to compare with lesser mortals. Lucas, Porter, Guy, Ricky and Mr. A–we love you all in leather. Enjoy!

Belstaff Dark Leather Blouson

Belstaff Dark Leather Blouson (Photo credit: tommy.chang)

The Man himself after signing autographs outside ITV Studios . . . holding a card given to him by a fan

Sir Guy, baby, show 'em how the head-to-toe leather is done.

I think these folks are imitating our Luscious One . . . in their "cruel black"

Model in Belstaff--a pretty boy, but Lucas would have rocked it better.

Sorry, Vin. But nobody does it better than Richard.

Lucas captivates as a courier in black leather--you can deliver to me anytime!

A milestone: our first 1,000-plus day at TAE


Lucas is racing to the celebration. Hooray! Thighs in motion . . .

Young Richard is excited, too!

The Bearded Beaut with the Bodacious Biceps also sends his greetings. Yummmm.

It’s 11:30 p.m. Wednesday night and I have been watching my stats with interest. It looked as if we just might beat the one-day high-to-date of 962 views. And sure as shootin’, that’s what we did. At last check, 1,011 views for Wednesday. I love celebrating the small achievements along the way in life. So Happy Blogging to one and all and thanks so much for joining in the fun. 😀

 (screencaps RANet and allthingsrarmitage)