This is how you do it, baby . . .


The real thing, baby.

Wannabes. Poseurs.

Sexy? Hell, yeah!!!

Sexy? Mehhhhhhhhhh . . . .

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  1. Only Guy looks sexy in leather!:) I don’t like all these short leather jacket,Richards figure seems disproportionate . Overall,I think that he should wear dark tailored(tigth) jeans and……and it’s all.;)
    Shirtless and barefoot …..yummmm!

  2. You know comparisons are grossly unfair, don’t you? Richard has IT(and I don’t mean “information technology”!). He can make a 2-D image smoulder like no one else; can you just imagine what he does in person?! Causing all kinds of melting, twitching sensations … I struggle to maintain intellectual fortitude and I’m losing the battle.

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