Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

Rainy day thoughts fill my head . . .


Rain, rain go away . . . (this made me think of Edward Gorey's artwork. By horrormove of deviant art)

A storm system is moving through, cold fronts and warm fronts colliding, and the torrential rains were battering the house for a bit. There is a tornado watch out until 4 p.m. but so far, so good. Just heavy rain, some hail and a bit of thunder.
One good thing about the rain. It quietened down the poltergeists in the walls whose antics woke me up from my shut-eye.

And my thoughts return to my novel (dear Leigh sent me some more musings over the fates befalling our characters)  I have been wrestling with managing the plot threads to make sure it all makes sense.

I am determined to do better by the characters than certain television scriptwriters have done by Richard.

I am watching The Sundowners on TCM and wondering how authentic Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum‘s Australian accents would sound to the Aussies out there. I think they’re pretty good. I’ve another idea for a Guy post milling about in my head. I’ve a need to involve my brain in something fun and creative to help me ignore the stubborn aches and pains but my body is also arguing it wants more sleep. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

"Rain Storm" by Childe Hassam, an American Impressionist painter. For some reason, I am envisioning lanky Harry Kennedy strolling through the rain with an umbrella, wearing that cheeky, sweet grin of his.

Ah, Harry. You provide mental sunshine, you dear boy.

It’s Guyday Friday!


This promo still shows off Guy's peaches in his Marvel of Engineering Trousers extremely well.

A half-naked gorgeous knight in the torchlight. And you just want to be friends?

In case you haven’t noticed, Sir Guy is sexy. And the video above reminds us of that, showcasing Guy’s long list of thud-worthy qualities. Enjoy!

Haunted? A spooky situation


OK, I am beginning to believe in ghosts.

I sometimes hear odd sounds when I am in the house alone which I generally attribute to the cats having one of their crazy moments.

But there’s the periodic vibrating mattress, the overhead light that keeps switching on and off by itself and the all-too-frequent rattling and banging and scrabbling in the walls and ceiling.

Have my parents somehow decided to come and hang out with us in spectral form?

I am sure there are rational, logical explanations for it all (mice, squirrels, magnetic fields, dodgy wiring).  But even Benny is beginning to be a tad spooked and he is a very difficult fellow to rattle..

And now I am royally POed because just when I was trying to get some sleep, the %^&&$## light came on again and I can’t find my sleep mask (presumably it’s with my ATM card). So I got up to switch it off and nipped into the bathroom. Well, my eyes had obviously not adjusted well to the dark as I managed to fall trying to get back to hed. I am sitting here with sore knees and a wrenched shoulder, knowing I will pay for this when the BLOODY light comes on again.  Gave up on sleep for now. I think the other half of that LorTab is calling my name.

Frankly, the only spook I want to have around here is 6 feet 2 inches of chocolate-voiced yumminess.  Something along the lines of the photo below . . .

And . . .the light just went back out.

And . . . it just came back on. Whom I gonna call?  Ghostbusters!!

The only spook I want haunting me.

I’m in an Impressionist kind of mood . . .


Another of my favorite artists is Degas. Considered an Impressionist, Degas didn’t like the term and preferred to be called a realist. His vibrant paintings of dancers are my personal favorites, although he also did outstanding work capturing horses on canvas. What’s our connection to the lovely RA? He used to be a dancer . . . and he’s artistic . . . and Degas was one of the artists depicted in The Impressionists. Now I am going to try to catch some ZZZZs. Carry on, ladies.

A glimpse at young Armitage

Eurovision Song Contest 2002

Image via Wikipedia

I am always on the lookout for anything new (or at least new to me) in information or photos  re Mr. Armitage. While browsing through “Richard Armitage photos” on Google Images the other day, I found this pic. Naturally, I was  curious about the young woman in the photo and did some further investigation.

She is Veronica “Roni” Hart, a native and current resident of Huddersfield, England. Roni performs with her friend Philip Cluskey, also known as “Often” as part of the musical duo “Little & Often.” Roni, a dancer since the age of four, has a background in theatre and performed in a number of stage productions, including Cats, Hair and Annie Get Your Gun. She once appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest. I am guessing her connection to Richard is likely performing together in Cats or AGYG–  but I can’t say for certain. What I can say is this picture is in a gallery on the website, with lots of pics with “Little” and/or ” Often” posing with various celebrities. I think Richard is the only name I recognized.

If you want to know more about Roni and Little & Often, pop over to their website at www.littleandoften.net.  Doesn’t Richard look like a darling? And that’s one big-a** mug of beer.

A photo from Roni Hart's website. Roni is an entertainer who appeared in West End musicals in her younger days, including "Cats."