Rainy day thoughts fill my head . . .


Rain, rain go away . . . (this made me think of Edward Gorey's artwork. By horrormove of deviant art)

A storm system is moving through, cold fronts and warm fronts colliding, and the torrential rains were battering the house for a bit. There is a tornado watch out until 4 p.m. but so far, so good. Just heavy rain, some hail and a bit of thunder.
One good thing about the rain. It quietened down the poltergeists in the walls whose antics woke me up from my shut-eye.

And my thoughts return to my novel (dear Leigh sent me some more musings over the fates befalling our characters)  I have been wrestling with managing the plot threads to make sure it all makes sense.

I am determined to do better by the characters than certain television scriptwriters have done by Richard.

I am watching The Sundowners on TCM and wondering how authentic Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum‘s Australian accents would sound to the Aussies out there. I think they’re pretty good. I’ve another idea for a Guy post milling about in my head. I’ve a need to involve my brain in something fun and creative to help me ignore the stubborn aches and pains but my body is also arguing it wants more sleep. Dilemmas, dilemmas.

"Rain Storm" by Childe Hassam, an American Impressionist painter. For some reason, I am envisioning lanky Harry Kennedy strolling through the rain with an umbrella, wearing that cheeky, sweet grin of his.

Ah, Harry. You provide mental sunshine, you dear boy.

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  1. Dear Angie! I worry for you. Please, just close your eyes and think what Richard is doing right now, maybe this will help you fall asleep.

  2. We’re getting that mess here now. Tornado watch, high winds and the sky has turned black. Hope all is well at your house…and you get some well deserved rest!

  3. Thinking of you with earnest and heartfelt wishes for your well-being and safety. May Harry’s smile bring you the sunniest of feelings as you struggle with the weather; sometimes, just the thought of Harry’s smile makes the FMS less of a trial. (BTW, there’s a provincially sponsored therapy group for FMS here. I don’t know if I’m eligible, but it might be worth a try.) Here, it is sunny and bright, but f***ing cold, 4 degrees C on the railway platform this morning. Need cuddly Harry (or equivalent) though he’d not thank me for sneaking my freezing hands under his jumper to warm them against his chest. Failing that, a cat would be helpful…

  4. Grateful there was no damaging weather. It’s much cooler here in the wake of the front’s passage.

    Love the painting- was not familiar with Hassam’s work. Praying you have a restful weekend.

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