Guy’s look: A little bit rock n’ roll? Pt. 1


We know that the costume designer for S1 of Robin Hood  imagined Guy taking on the look of an Italian racing car driver–sleek and sexy, I am supposing and he certainly delivered.
Even though the black leather is completely anachronistic, I doubt many of us who are Guy fans would quibble over the matter ( I mean, considering camo pants, stretchy poly-knit tops, bustles, cardigans and other inappropriate items appeared–why fight it?)  

But I also think Guy's overall look has more than a touch of "rock god."Heather made that splendid Sir Guy Havoc Tour T-shirt for Richard a few years ago, which he went on to mention in an interview, as I recall. When she got to meet him at the CA premiere, I believe Heather had the opportunity to mention said T-shirt to him, eliciting a smile of delight from RA. (Oh, I would do just about anything to elicit a smile of delight from Richard Armitage).  Sir Guy as metal rock god seemed so right.

Many a fanvid, including some of my own, has been made using 80s rock and metal songs for Sir Guy, and it is like they were made to order.Guy's longish black hair, which became a mane due to some extremely well-done extensions in S3, his regular use of makeup, particularly that smudged kohl eyeliner, and all that sleek black leather combined with a sexy swagger–well, give the man a microphone, a stage, a fog machine, strobe lights and let him rip.

After all, the King of Rock n' Roll himself wore mascara and liner, black leather and he certainly had some sexy moves (described as "pornographic" by some back in the day) and it worked for him! BTW, did you know Elvis was actually a blonde? Yes, even more fair than RA's natural coloring. Hard to imagine him with blonde hair and fair lashes, isn't it? Black certainly gives a fellow an edgier, more dangerous look.









Guy of Gisborne. Sexy. Swaggering. God of rock n' roll?

Elvis performing during the '68 Comeback Special. Remind you of anybody?