Sir Guy: A little bit rock n’ roll? Pt. 2 (with videos)


Expert use of Guyliner? Check. Heavy stubble? Check. Seductive glower? Check.

John Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Pirate and predecessor of rock gods of the future?

Boy-next-door and AI winner David Cook goes for the rocker look.

Steven Tyler. Dude DOES look like a lady.

Jared Leto. You're a very pretty boy, Jared, but this is just plain scary.

Musician Dave Navarro.

Sir Guy, you're beautiful. And your eye shadow rocks.

One of my favorite parts of Sir Guy’s look (well, there are many favorite parts) is his Guyliner. Richard has extraordinarily beautiful eyes to begin with, and the use of makeup only enhances that and gives a further smouldering edge to his already smouldering edginess as Sir Guy. Being of fair coloring to begin with, Richard, like Elvis before him, better carries off the dark hair he was given for the role of Guy by having his brows and eyelashes darkened as well. The makeup artists further intensified Guy’s look by artful use of eyeshadow.

I felt the application of Guy’s eye makeup was at its zenith with the return of Glamour Guy in S3. There are shots of him glancing down and I thought, “Damn! He’s beautiful. And his shadow looks really good!” (I confess I am a real girly-girl who loves her mascara and lippie, in spite of having done little to my face over the last few months).

Lot of actors/musicians like to rock the liner to give them that edgier look, but not all do it as well as Sir Guy, I fear.
Even with the long hair and the makeup, Guy’s ALL boy. Nothing androgynous or effeminate about him. Of course, in the case of some performers, that ambiguous look is what they are aiming for. Think David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust.
I have included a few photos for your perusal.

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  1. He really does wear the makeup well, whereas some of those others seem to be worn by the makeup. His look is so masculine that it would be hard to make RA look effeminate, and that eyeliner makes his eyes pop so beautifully. I got a nice laugh out of your Steven Tyler caption. Sometimes the dude really does look like a lady! 🙂

      • Yes, I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. He would be appalled to hear it, too!! It’s kind of sad to see him now.

        • I will tell you what i consider to be the scariest-looking group of musicians alive right now: The Rolling Stones. None of them have aged very well. But then the lifestyle they’ve lived isn’t exactly conducive to aging gracefully.

          • You’re not joking. Two of my friends went to see them in concert a few years ago. They said that women were still throwing their undies on stage…ugh. They also said the scariest thing that they’d seen in a long time was Mick whipping off his shirt! Apparently, his skinny, shrunken chest was disgusting!! I can only imagine…wait, on second thought, I won’t even try!!

            • It is amazing how rock musicians can get women falling at their feet right and left no matter how unattractive their appearance or personality. They seem to exude some sort of aphrodisiac for their groupies. Of course, serial killers also sometimes end up with fans . . . so there’s no accounting for tastes. In the latter case, that is really taking the love of bad boys beyond the pale.

              And the thought of seeing Mick’s scrawny old man’s chest . . . really, there comes a time when you need to keep your clothes on.

    • It reminds me of the advice the milliner gave me concerning my Victorian wedding derby. “My dear, you must wear the hat, and not let the hat wear you.” 😉 I think part of it is his excellence as an actor, and part of it is simply that he is so comfortable in his own skin and has the confidence needed to wear it. And his features are a perfect balance of feminine (the long lashes, the delicately-shaped lips, beautiful complexion) with the masculine (the aquiline nose and strong jawline with its heavy stubble).

      Judiang and I were discussing the fact that at times Richard was wearing about as much makeup (sans lip color) as Lucy was, but he never looked “girly” with it on.

      As for Steven Tyler, when I found that photo of him, between the eyeliner, hat, long hair and jewelry, dude DID look like a lady IMHO LOL

      • Richard does wear his make-up well. You knew he had it on but it was never obvious. And he could never be feminine! Even with the above stated features, Richard is definitely all man!!!

        • Beauty experts always say your makeup should enhance your features without overwhelming them. That’s what happened with Guy. You noticed his smouldering, intense gaze without thinking, “Wow, look at his liner and i wonder what kind of mascara he uses?” 😉 For me, the makeup works really well for the character and it just enhances his masculine beauty–makes him sexier.

          And yeah, he’s a MAN, baby. Yummmmm.

  2. I thought Johnny Depp really rocked the “guyliner” look too. And he was excellent as Captain Sparrow. Should have gotten an Oscar for it really. Apart from Guy (obviously) and Captain Jack, the other guys featured in the post left me rather cold! Guyliner or not.:)

    • Johnny pulls off the look really well. Jared Leto is such a pretty man–prettier than a lot of women I have seen–all that liner around those big blue eyes just looks strange instead of sexy. I know he also has a rock band in addition to his acting career and I suppose he is trying to achieve that rebel rocker look. Actually, I think he looks a bit like one of the Olsen twins. The Americans here will know who I am talking about. 😉

      • I know what you’re talking about too!:) The Olsen twins like that “goth” look don’t they? And they always wear clothes that look like they’re from their granny’s wardrobe! Weird dress sense those two have got!

  3. Finally after a busy weekend I have a chance to catch up with what’s been going on here. TEN posts Angie? You have been busy, and certainly inspired!
    I agree with Judit. Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow is the only male other than Guy who rocks the eyeliner without looking effeminate or weird. I’m not a big Depp fan, but I loved Captain Jack, and found him strangely sexy.

  4. As far as I’m concerned, Sir Guy takes the prize for eye makeup that’s never overstated, just part of his look, and what a smouldering hot look it is, too. I’m not normally enchanted by a man wearing eye makeup. Even when I applied it to men in am-drams, they were just gits in makeup. Richard became Sir Guy, the black knight of our dreams, kohl-lined eyes and all.

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