Sir Guy as Swashbuckler? Or Angie’s longings for a PiRAte.

Cover of "Captain Blood"

Cover of Captain Blood

Rackham, Jack, aka Calico Jack, Pirate of the ...

Jack Rackham, known as Calico Jack, a real-life pirate of the Caribbean. Image via Wikipedia

It was this sort of look in RH S3 that made me think of RA playing a swashbuckler.

I think Richard Armitage would make a swell pirate. S3 Guy may have been what entrenched the idea so firmly in my mind, although I have long been a fan of swashbucklers. There is something about adventures on the high seas, great ships with billowing sails, lots of swordplay and handsome, dashing rogues in billowy shirts and thigh high boots, wielding gleaming cutlasses as they fight over possession of chests of gold doubloons and pieces of eight . . .

A highly romantized view of piracy, I know, but what fun such movies were. The Sea Hawk, Captain Blood, The Black Swan

Richard has the athleticism, the charisma, and the masculine beauty to certainly pull off such a role. Pirates of the Caribbean helped renew interest in real-life pirates like Blackbeard and Calico Jack and I love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack.

(I do think the franchise also should have ended about three movies ago. I guess Disney wasn’t quite willing to give up that cash cow.)

At any rate, if a good screenplay, a good director and the right love interest came along for such a project, I wouldn’t mind if Richard and his long locks and eyeliner resurfaced wearing  a billowy shirt, snug-fitting breeches and thigh-high boots.

After all, a girl can dream. (RH screencap courtesy of RANet, other images courtesy of Wikipedia)

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  1. Angie, I completely agree about the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, I loved the 1st one, wasn’t sure about the 2nd one, and thought the 3rd installment was truly awful! I’m not going to watch any more of it, that’s for sure. And yes, Richard would make a really dashing pirate! 🙂

    • I watched the first one on satellite TV and really enjoyed it–thought it was great fun!– and on my recommendation, we went to see the second film in the theatres. I didn’t like it as much as the first. Didn’t bother to see the third one until it made it to TV and I was singularly unimpressed. I certainly won’t go out of my way to see any others. The idea has simply run out of steam.

  2. I’m so desperate to see him in something new (I still have the Impressionists DVD waiting) that I will go for pirate, astronaut or drag queen, I really don’t care 😉 I’m really excited about the Hobbit, but what is taking so long! I need him on a new project already!
    ps. long day and feeling whiny 😉

    • Now I am imagining RA in a dress and high heels. 😉 And stubble;
      I think that is part of the reason I like envisioning him in various roles–a way to deal with the drought.
      We can hope he films/records something on his next hiatus (assuming there is one during the summer/winter), but even if he does, we likely won’t see until it after The HObbit comes out.

      • You know he would be a fab queen, he’d play the part so well! And we’d all probably find him really attractive 😉
        Right now I’d settle for an interview, would prefer an audiobook (I’m just finishing Venetia), would love a guest appearance in something. Anything. At this point I wouldn’t be picky!

        • Well, we know he know he could manage a credible woman’s speaking voice (having heard the audiobooks) and as gifted an actor as he is, yeah, he probably would be ab fab! I am hoping he will have enough time to do an audiobook and/or a guest role on some TV show. I will also take whatever I can get.

        • I’ve just started listening to Venetia, having finished Sylvester yesterday. As much as I liked The Convenient Marriage, I enjoyed Sylvester a lot more, the leading characters were better developed, I thought. Of course, it didn’t hurt that I fell in love with Sylvester! 🙂 I’m already thinking ahead and wonder what I’ll listen to next when I’m done with Venetia? Have to get Lord of the North or Robin Hood… I suppose I’m lucky because being a “baby fan” I still have a lot of Richard stuff I haven’t seen/listened to yet! 🙂

          • As someone else said, I am a bit envious of you still having so much to discover, but I am also very happy to know you have so much to look forward to. 😀 Happy Richarding!

          • Thanks Angie, they can only get better! 🙂 I really don’t know what would I do without Richarding, I’d be truly lost! I’m living proof that your theory about him entering someone’s life when they need him the most is correct! 🙂

  3. I too think he’d make a fantastic pirate but I also have a hankering to see him in an up to date romance where he finally “gets the girl”. We’ve waited SO long for him to be in something like that! After all, he said himself that he wanted to do “something calm and all about love”!! He must know that his multitude of admirers are right behind him in that wish!! 🙂

    Hopefully he will get the chance to do something when this block of Hobbit filming is over. Maybe, as others have mentioned, an audiobook or guest star in some established series. How about Downton Abbey if they make a third series? Those in the UK must be hoping he manages to get back on stage as he planned to do before being cast in TH.

    I have wondered repeatedly why in the world none of Georgette Heyer’s books have been adapted into movies and I recently found out that others have apparently been petitioning for that to happen for years! (See link below)

    I think Richard would be the perfect romantic lead in so many of her “Regency Romances” – Damerel in “Venetia” for one!! I began collecting her books some time ago and have already bought 25 of them. I just can’t resist buying them after hearing Richard read “The Convenient Marriage”, “Sylvester” and “Venetia.” and naturally have all three of these audiobooks!! Mind you THAT VOICE does help and I find that I can still “hear” it as I read the others!! 😀

    • I remember reading somewhere that Heyer was very unhappy with the quality of the films made based on her works and effectively said that if they couldn’t do better than that, they shouldn’t do them at all. I watched part of The Reluctant Widow on TV and it wasn’t very impressive. I would love to see Richard appear in something like “Downton Abbey.” And I would love to see him in a good contemporary romantic comedy and as a pirate and —well, I would just like to see him.

      • I didn’t know that any of her books had actually made it onto the screen. Are there any others apart from The Reluctant Widow? Even if they’re not very good, I would still be interested in seeing them.
        Yessirree, Richard would make a wonderful pirate…you had me at thigh high boots! 😉
        I’m with Teuchter though on wanting to see him in something that’s all about love. A classy chick flick with a good leading actress, romance and a solid story line. Oh, and I wouldn’t be adverse to lots of kissing and semi-nudity as well. 😉

        • There that’s German one–can’t remember its name. If you are interested, The Reluctant Widow is actually on YT. Video quality is not great. Thigh high boots and Mr. A are surely a match made in heaven? 😉 Yep, in total agreement concerning a witty, warm, classy romance with a literate script, a good actress with strong chemistry with RA (none of this “having to manufacture it” nonsense) and there are plenty of mainstream movies with A list actors taking off their clothes . . . 😉

          • I found The Reluctant Widow on YT thanks Angie, watched a couple of parts but couldn’t stick with it.
            One of the comments mentioned that Heyer herself put paid to any more films being made of her books; she was so disappointed with TRW that she put a rider on her others that they couldn’t be adapted to the screen. How true that is, I don’t know, but it could explain the total lack of any adaptations in decades.

            • You had the same results that I did when I tried to watch it. 😦 Yeah, that is my understanding, Heyer was just so disappointed in the that film she didn’t trust the studios to do any better by her. I wonder how Richard would feel about the possibility of appearing in a film adaptation of one of her works?

    • I thought they have already made a 3rd series of Downton Abbey? Anyway a well-written romantic comedy where he doesn’t get beaten up or kill anybody would be fantastic for him, hopefully with a leading lady who is worthy of him, AND involving plenty of kissing and being in a state of at least partial undress.Being naughty again, I know. Sorry

      • Or get killed. And a leading lady who can not only act but has chemistry with him–unlike the unfortunate Genevieve O’Reilly. 😦

        And then the kissing and semi-nudity will be a LOT more enjoyable for us all. 😀

  4. While I was watching Series 2 of Downton Abbey, I kept imagining Richard playing a role. I don’t think he will be done with the Hobbit in time for Series 3 but there’s always hope for Series 4!!

  5. If we had our way, the way we do in fanfic, we’d just keep dressing and undressing him, plopping into bathtubs and pleasant ponds, and keeping him well and truly busy kissing and all those other activities. I still think Richard paperdolls would be lovely, especially interactive holographic ones… (Hey, if you can’t have the real thing, what’s wrong with getting as close as you can?)

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