Something about his stance here and the tilt of the head reminds me of Guy. *thud* (screencaps courtesy of RANet)

That is one sexy-looking 200-plus-year-old dwarf. I am in love. And i do mean the hottie onย our LEFT.


Words I once never thought I would say: That’s one hot hairy dwarf!

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  1. “Regal” is the first word that springs to mind when I look at these pictures, especially the first one with that lift to his head. I’ve noticed him doing that more than once in other roles he’s been in – John Thornton for one! I’m thinking that when we finally get to see him as Thorin in digital 3D and on the BIG screen we will be quite overwhelmed. Do you think smelling salts might be a good idea to bring with us or will we actually need an oxygen tank!! I can imagine I’m going to be trembling in anticipation waiting for the movie to start.

      • I’m actually a little worried about how I’m going to be when I finally get to see TH…seriously considering going to a cinema well away from home where no one will know me! I’m somewhat prone to tears when I’m very happy so I rather think I’ll be sitting in my seat crying from the sheer joy of finally seeing Richard on the big screen.

  2. Teuchter, you are so right about the word “Regal”. I think they couldn’t have picked a better actor to play Thorin, displaced King Under the Mountain!! I remember that Saturday morning when I read that Richard was to play Thorin, I cried! then, I yelled, “Perfect!!!” And he will be perfect!

    • I think of how very noble Richard could sometimes look as Guy–his bearing, the way he sat astride his horse. The man was born to play a king, as far as I am concerned. And he will be simply magnificent as Thorin.

    • Regal. THe first word that came into my head when I saw the picture of Thorin on his horse in the trailer! ๐Ÿ™‚ My heard skipped a beat. As you say Angie, RA was born to play a king! Bless his beautiful heart! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I’d say he looks more regal than any king I’ve ever seen, factual or fictional. There are plenty of paintings and statues of kings that were meant to flatter, to portray power and personal greatness, but compared to a shot of Richard as Guy or Thorin on horseback, they’re zeroes. I wouldn’t follow them to the corner market. Thorin, on the other hand, if he wants to go on this crazy journey to find a badass dragon and a bunch of other dangers, count me in. And if Richard calls me to fight for him at Bosworth Field, let me grab my sword…

          • You’d follow him to the ends of Middle Earth and back wouldn’t you? I know I would…*sigh* Peter Jackson…what an inspired choice you made casting RA as Thorin! And Richard said he didn’t believe he’d got the part until he was in front of PJ in his costume. So endearingly humble.

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