And the results are in: S3 Guy is winning look!


One of my favourite promo stills. That profile. The hair. Gorgeous.

A impressive and regal figure. Much more imposing than that poor, moth-eaten lion.

With just 50 percent of the vote in our recent poll, long-locked Sir Guy’s Milanese threads with all those straps and buckles, paired with the Marvel of Engineering Trousers and the Floppy Black Pirate Shirt, was your choice for Favourite Look.

Coming in second with 40.63 perfent of the vote is S2 Guy with his head-to-toe leather.

So to celebrate here are some more pix of sexy, angsty, gorgeous S3 Guy for your enjoyment.

Guy, please. Go ahead and kill Screechy, too. Put us out of our misery.

3 responses »

  1. Love that look! I’m not really into long-haired guys but Richard can even make a mullet look good

    And as for the series 3 look…………I’m melting into a puddle on the floor!

    Sex on legs or what?

    • Richard can work a lot of different looks with his hair (although the Marie Lloyd hair was definitely not a great look) . . . I found his mullet with the curls in the back and the stubble very appealing, actually. One could imagine twisting the curls around your fingers.

      Sex on legs??? Oh, yeah.

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