Early start: Movie Star Monday


Just a few shots of the man who has the magnetism, charisma, sex appeal, good looks and incredible talent to be a true movie star. A man who looks great on the red carpet and seems made to wear a tux. He hasn’t won an Oscar or a Golden Globe or a Bafta yet. But he will. His time is coming . . .Β  (screencapsΒ courtesy RANet)

Jonas, Lucy and Richard . . . doesn't RA look gawjus??

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  1. In the second pic, that looks like his leather jacket hanging up behind him, but what is hanging down below it? A skirt?
    With the Oscars happening today, I’m wondering if we’ll see him on the red carpet this time next year, maybe with PJ and Co?

    • It looks like some sort of asymmetrical wrap skirt, but it is a little hard to tell with black against black.?? I am assuming that isn’t his. πŸ˜‰

      The Oscars are, of course, what put me in this mood. I would love it if he does show up for the awards. Another chance to see him in a tux, I never, ever tire of that. *sigh*

    • I love that angle, the sort of three-quarter view. It shows off his beautiful bone structure. And then you’ve got those eyes, the smile, the floppy hair falling over his forehead. And that white shirt with the open collar , , , I love that look on him. I really do think it would be criminal if that man’s DNA isn’t passed on to future generations. I mean you’ve got the physical beauty of face and body, plus the intelligence and talent–what a package. *sigh*

  2. Sighing and fanning right with you ladies!! πŸ™‚ That’s exactly what I was thinking, Mezz!! I kept saying to myself, “This time next year we could be watching him on the red carpet.!!” But it would be even better to see him on that stage – if not getting an individual Oscar (even though I know he is worthy of one) but as one of the cast of The Hobbit which has to be Oscar-worthy in at LEAST one category!! And yes Angie!! He does look “gawjus” in that last picture, “eyes, the smile, the floppy hair” and all. I’m always a sucker for the floppy hair! *Sighing again*!!!!

      • I think he always looks great, but I really do like the look of a white open collar shirt and grey suit on him. That’s what he wore for the NY premiere of CA and I preferred it to his LA premiere look.

      • As much as I like him with short hair (see the bearded beauty pics), I’m partial to the floppy hair myself! LIke you, Mezz, I’m hoping it will return once he’s done with The Hobbit. I guess it depends on what kind of project he’ll take on next. πŸ™‚

        • I first knew him as Guy with his floppy hair–a few well-positioned strands of hair over his forehead or hair all over the place when he was fighting with Robin–so I have always been a softie when it comes to the floppy hair. It will be interesting to see what he does with his hair once TH filming concludes. As you say, a lot of it depends on the roles he takes.

    • Unfortunately films like The Hobbit tend to get Oscars in technical categories only such as special effects and things like that. But I was thinking the same thing, that RA would be on the Oscar red carpet next year and the year after too…

      • Even if TH doesn’t get nominated for anything, you would think that PJ and some of the cast and crew would be putting themselves out there, pressing the flesh. They would have to get invited of course, but I doubt very much if that would be an issue, given how big TH is going to be! πŸ™‚

      • Absolutely true about the types of awards won by such a movie, but no doubt as high a profile a film as this is, I would imagine Sir PJ and the key players in cast and production will be invited.

  3. He looks you YOUNG in the last picture too (not that he looks old on the other pic, mind you), not a day older than Jonas and Lucy! πŸ™‚

  4. Gawjus? I learned my word of the day, today! Gorgeous, hot, beautiful. OMG, yes!

    I love pic No. 4. He looks like he is enjoying being photographed but he doesn’t care too much in the end! He is detached from the mess of flashes and people around (of course, it’s only my imagination, LOL!).

  5. Yes, I want to see Richard on the red carpet, getting an award, yet I recall that quite a few gifted actors were not recognized that way, or if they were, it was much later in life when the industry at last remembered them.

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