How can you NOT love this guy?

Standard has their latest poll up asking fans which is their least favorite of RA’s characters.  Hydra spy and saboteur Heinz Kruger from Captain America is leading the pack with Paul Andrews of BTS coming in second. These results don’t really surprise me.

But what did rather astonish me were the 5.8 percent who voted for Claude Monet.

Really? Claude with his lovely smiles and infectious laughter, his incandescent blue eyes and his joie de vivre? Claude, who created all those magnificent Impressionist paintings? Look, I know the wig was dodgy and you might not be into the hircine look he acquired later in the series, but–least favorite character?  His attire was sometimes questionable and RA lacked the musculature developed for other roles, but–heavens, let’s not be completely shallow (it’s OK if we are a little shallow).

Granted, I have an art background and the Impressionist school is my favorite, so I might be a wee bit prejudiced, but–really? Monet? I just don’t get it.

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I'm an LA native--Lower Alabama, that is. My husband of more than 30 years and I live here on a portion of my family's former farm with two gorgeous calicos and a handsome GSD mix. My background is art education, and over the years I've been a teacher, department store photographer, sales associate and a journalist. My husband, his business partner and I have Pecan Ridge Productions, a video production company, for which I shoot & edit video and stills and manage marketing. I also still write part-time for the local paper. I love movies, music, art, photography and books, and my tastes in all of them are eclectic.

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  1. Thank you for this defense. I did not understand how so many RA-fans could vote in that poll. I just could not, as though I might like some roles less than others, at the heart of each role there is still a so very lovable character created by RA. How could I vote against one of those dear characters?

    • I know. I may not like some of the things they may do or stand for, but I feel as if there is a human being at the bottom of it all in each character’s case, and I know how hard Richard works to develop each character and give them depth and breadth and hearts and souls. I suddenly felt very protective. I know some people would find that silly, so I am glad to hear from someone else who understands, cdoart.

  2. I was baffled at the initial voting for Claude Monet too, but glad to see he’s slipping down the list.

    Many polls I’ve run in the past on the site have asked for your favourite ‘something’ so I thought it might be interesting to ask the opposite this time, at the risk of asking something a teensy bit negative. Also this poll was specifically requested by someone who emailed me a little while ago. I’m running out of ideas for polls!

    I usually cast a vote but on this one I couldn’t decide as I agree that each character has their shades of grey.

    Nice to find your blog and thank you for the links to RAnet!

    • I completely understand, my dear. I felt very protective of dear old Claude! 😉 I have just started running polls the past few days and I am already worrying about running out of ideas! Always glad to direct people to your site as it is such a valuable source of the latest RA info and the pic of the day. 😀

    • Sorry, RichardArmitageNet. I did not want to critizise your poll. I think it is a brilliant idea to turn the perspective round, though I was astonished how many found it so easy to condemn one role. I just could not. The thought alone was heartbreaking ;o)

    • The title of this post says it all – “How can you NOT love this guy?” “The Impressionists” is a fantastic series, not only for all the wonderful art that is shown but for Richard’s performance which was a work of art in itself!! I wasn’t in the least distracted by either the straggly wigs or the facial hair!! I was FAR too taken up with his portrayal of Monet, one of such an amazing group of painters who forever changed the way many people looked at the world around them. You just had to look at his beautiful and expressive blue eyes and watch the myriad of feelings he is able to convey with them alone without moving a muscle! When his eyes were filled with tears as he painted that picture of Camille’s deathbed scene my heart was broken and I wept with him. He convinced me that he “was” Monet!!

      Even people who are not admirers of Richard per se, adored the series. I know my granddaughter who is now a school teacher and an artist to boot, passed it on to her college art professor who just loved it.

      • Oh, Lord, and I cried making the video Lights and Shadows between the music and Richard’s expressive face and his quotes when he was going through the hard times. Richard is the perfect actor to capture the sensitivity and intensity of the true artist. That’s why I want to see him play a musician, too. Cellist is my first choice, but pianist or flautist would also work just fine. 😉

  3. This DVD is up next, but it seems to have the elements that I hold dear- Art, Impressionists, it’s a biography and it has RA in it! I’ve enjoyed things for much less! I just can’t see how this character would be less likable than Paul from Between the Sheets!

    • Then you will definitely like it. I have given my sisters several RA DVDs/audiobooks over the last few years (they both have N&S and VoD) and I gave The Impressionists to one of my sister for her birthday for just those reasons you cited. That is what made me scratch my head and wonder if people were going more on looks than the actual character–you know, maybe they think Paul looks hot naked and Monet is much lankier and has the dodgy hair/beard thing. So they prefer the guy who may be engaging in an inappropriate relationship with an under-age girl over this wonderful, incandescent, passionate artist. I don’t understand that.

        • Super! When the door is opened and there is this tall fellow with a congenial smile who says, “I’m Claude Monet,” I was won over. There are angsty moments in the series–struggles with his career, an unplanned baby on the way, his first wife’s death–but there are a lot of glorious smiles from Monet along the way, too. RA hasn’t had that many roles where he gets to smile a lot.

  4. Claude Monet is a favourite of mine, he always makes me smile. I love that for a change he is not brooding and dark and love his enthusiasm for his art! Actually I should rewatch it just for the colours, it is want I need at a time of the year when you long for spring and it still isn’t coming.

    • Yes, while Richard is clearly wonderful at portraying dark, angsty, brooding characters, sometimes it is just really good to see him smiling and laughing. And you truly feel he captures the spirit of the sensitive artist who is deeply passionate about his work and needs to paint like he needs to breathe. And gosh, yes–the colors!! What a feast for the eyes.

  5. I agree with CDart, I couldn’t vote for any of the characters. Some of them were jerks, I’ll admit, but Richard played them with heart and soul. So I couldn’t pick any!! And to pick Monet!?! I really enjoyed his portrayal of Claude Monet. His sweet smile, his dedication, his passion for his craft, when he played with the baby…these are just a few reasons why I enjoy this role.

    • Yeah, I simply had to stand up for Monet. Of all the characters, to choose Monet of all people as the character you liked the least just flabbergasted me. It made me wonder if they had actually seen the series. As you say, even the jerks have hearts and souls and are carefully shaded–not all bad.

  6. Oh I agree, how could you not love this guy?! I was surprised that anyone would vote for Monet as least favourite character. Then again, it surprised me that Heinz Kruger would get so many votes, simply because the character wasn’t developed; we really had no idea of who or what he was as a person. Obviously spy and asassin were enough!

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