Richard’s headgear & silver screen chapeaux


Silent screen star Betty Bronson in a charming chapeau.

Bette as the newly made-over Charlotte Vale in Now Voyager.
Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Richard has worn various types of hats, helmets and headgear in his roles, from Mr. Thornton’s sober black top hat and Capt. Ian and Sgt. Porter’s berets to Monet’s jaunty caps. I generally quite like Mr. A in his headgear(Percy’s top hats actually helped to detract from RA’s less-than-flattering haircut for that role).
And I found myself drawn to look at some fabulous hats from the movies. You know me, I am a sucker for a great chapeau.

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    • I have called him an acting chameleon before, but he is a chameleon with his appearance, too. He can rock so many different looks, make them his own. I love that quiet confidence of his, the way he seems comfortable in his own skin. I need to do a sunglasses post at some point. We’ve got some great John Porter in sunglasses looks in particular.

      • It is also a very coveted beret 😀

        I do so like a man in uniform. I was also surprised how good he looked in all that camo and khaki. That’s what the slight suntan did for him 🙂

        • You and me both with the uniform love. He really did pull off the camo and khaki well, with a little color and those amazing eyes turning that crystalline green. I loved how he looked in the watch cap with the camo makeup all over his face, too. Those eyes!!

  1. He rocks the headgear!! From hats, to sunglasses, scarfs, to wigs and hair extensions, he can wear them all!!

  2. I must be the only person who thought Richard looked just as gorgeous as ever with his Percy ‘do!!!

    There was even more of that beautiful clean-shaven face to stroke! hmmmm – I can almost smell the shaving soap that Percy used each time i watch “Miss Marie Lloyd”! I have very strong memories of my father’s shaving soap and he died when I was 10! I always imagine Percy’s smelled the same and I can remember how smooth my Daddy’s face was after he’d shaved with his cut-throat razor.

    Ahhh, I’m getting maudlin now.

    On a happier note…..yep, that guy up above can wear anything, can’t he?

    • I think if Percy had sideburns I would have liked it better. RA didn’t have sideburns with his Heinz hair when he was promoting Spooks but had the floppy fringe, so it all balanced out for me.

      I like imagining how Richard’s various charRActers smell. 😉

  3. Doesn’t Audrey Hepburn look absolutely stunning in that “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” hat? I think it’s the most gorgeous hat ever. And Audrey was beauty personified.

    • She was adorable. I have another photo I snaffled of Audrey in another BaT hat. See, that’s the kind of hat I like. 😀 She’s become one of those iconic figures of fashion and beauty. Even very young girls today often know who Audrey is.

      • So, the Good Taste Gene works for hats too! 🙂 I’ve always adored/admired Audrey, I think it has something to do with her inner beauty shining through…

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