Gustatory Pleasures with Mr. A . . .


John Mulligan pauses whilst enjoying his juicy steak for a little "fork porn."

Wow, I go away for a while to  try to sleep and mend (Even Worse Knee took the brunt of the last fall and is starting to kick up a fuss aided and abetted by the damp weather) and discover Monday turned out to be the day with the most hits so far! Good work, my darlings.

Now, back to Mr. A.

As I was contemplating what I would like to  eat this morning, having skipped lunch and supper yesterday, visions of Richard’s characters eating popped into my head. I love watching them eat and drink. They always seem to do it with such–gusto. I like to see a man enjoy his chow.

Whether it’s Sir Guy quaffing wine or scarping down prunes (prunes. The new sexy food), Lucas sipping champagne as Banker Pete or sucking the choccie frosting off his shapely thumb, Thornton enjoying a cuppa or John Mulligan and his “fork porn” . . . watching that stubbled jaw chewing, the bob of that tempting Adams’-apple as he swallows, the pursing and smacking of those lovely lips, tongue darting out to catch a morsel . . . I only regret I never got to see Sgt. Porter eat. You know a big, strapping soldier like that would certainly enjoy his victuals. So I made sure he was fed well in my fanfic. Let’s look at Mr. A’s characters enjoying good food and drink.

A prune-eating Glamour Guy is absolutely irresistible.

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  1. I just bought and downloaded the “Will you tolerate this?” episode of RH from Audible. I will tolerate even bad writing for the sake of my beloved Guy, erm Richard. And, I needed a new fix having finished listening to Venetia yesterday! Addicted to Richard’s voice I’m afraid. 🙂

    • What’s funny is when I listen to the RH audiobooks narrated by Richard, I like Robin a lot more. Even when he’s saying a line lifted directly from the series, I find him a more sympathetic character as interpreted by Richard. I love Richard’s description of his Sheriff voice, a combination of Zippy and a Dalek from Doctor Who. I am not sure who Zippy is but I’ve heard the Daleks saying “Exterminate! Exterminate!” 😉

      • I have no idea who Zippy is and I have never watched Dr. Who…But I’m sure he does a great job with Sherry’s voice! Truth is, Richard could read me the phonebook and I’d still be enraptured. 🙂

        • Yeah, it was a great scene. He’s just so good. Makes me wonder what he’s like when he is actually buzzed on his favorite vodka. I haven’t been inebriated since my college days, but supposedly I was very giggly and funny and sweet when tipsy. For some reason, that is how I envision RA behaving. Some people get mean and moody and others are the opposite when under the influence.

          • Listening to “Will you tolerate this” now and I’m really enjoying it! He’s so much better as Robin than Jonas is as Robin! And his Much is absolutely adorable and spot on! I was curious what audio Guy would sound like and he does sound different from the TV Guy! He did say he adopted a different tone in order to express “the evil intentions” of the character better! A masterful performance! Again, I’m sorry he only did 6 of these RH audiobooks! Should have done the lot. Maybe he was too busy! 🙂

            • Well, he did get busy between Spooks and RH and his other projects. I knew you would enjoy the audiobooks. 😀 I could see where I could have actually liked Robin if Richard had been playing the role. But of course, we would have missed out on his wonderful sexy Sir Guy. Can you imagine Jonas as Guy??? Actually, the scripts would have made more sense–we could understand why Marian would be repulsed by Guy’s attentions and why she preferred Robin . . . but Jonas in Guy’s leathers?? Perish the thought. *cringes*

            • I have actually seen manips with Jonas, Lucy and Allan in Guy’s leathers (waist up with arms folded). Allan and even Lucy looked fine, (if a bit bulky 😉 for a girl)–but Jonas looked ridiculous. Didn’t work at all.

  2. I recently choked on my coffee when I saw what I swear was a “Between the Sheets” cap manip, full-page colour, advertising a body-sculpting product for men. I noticed the ad was pulled the next day, but mercy!

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