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Sir Guy as proud stallion . . .


The last person he wanted to return to. The Treacherous Troll.

Hold your head high, Sir Guy!

Baldy gives him the usual dressing-down. But it's never going to be quite the same between those two again.

Takes a licking but keeps on ticking. That's our Sir Guy.

Sir Guy returned at his glamourous, gorgeous best to Nottingham with soldiers, a “weapon” (oh, that sad old lion!) and a plan to flush out and destroy Robin and the gang once and for all . . . alas, like so many other plans, it came to naught. And he was forced to return to the loathsome, crowing Vasey. Still, Sir Guy retained a sort of defiance seen in the way he held his head, flicked back his lustrous mane of hair, and thrust out that beautiful jaw. Down he might be, but not yet defeated.

Guy Candy Time! Whip. That. Hair.


Preparing to whip. that. hair.

Whip it good now, Guy!

He's beautiful when he's thwarted.

I love how Richard incorporated his hair extensions so seamlessly into the character of Guy in the third series. He hid behind that curtain of dirty, tangled hair as the drunken madman in despair, only to transform into the triumphant and beautiful Glamour Guy, who could toss his magnificent mane like the proudest of stallions. Which he is, of course.


I do not want to leave out fine actresses of a certain age whom I would love to see in a film with Richard. No, not necessarily in a romantic way; but I am sure plenty of other women of a certain age wouldn’t mind the tables being turned for once.¬† ūüėȬ†¬† After all, leading men are all too often decades older than their co-stars . . .¬† what I am truly interested in is the intelligence, wisdom and class these ladies bring to a project.

Helen Mirren, a glorious dame who has played both Queen Elizabeths.

Dame Judi Dench, who has played everything from the sitcoms to M.

These ladies are all great talents who are aging gracefully (i.e.,  without loads of plastic surgery) and I love reading/seeing their interviews.  Like RA, they are all true class acts.

Most recently "The Iron Lady" and Queen of Accents, Meryl Streep.

Let’s hear it for the dames (and iron ladies) . . .


Emily Blunt. (afterellen)

Natalie Portman and a dog who looks amazingly like our late, great pooch. ūüėÄ (EW)
Kate Winslet(starpulse)

Gwyneth Paltrow (mainstylelist)

Naomi Watts (fanpix.net)
Cate Blanchett in her role of Galadriel. (photo by fanpop)

I’ve been trying to put together a poll this morning but polldaddy/wordpress¬†just isn’t cooperating. So if you want to put your two cents’ worth in on this one, you will need to leave a comment. I have photos of some potential leading ladies for Richard, ranging in age from twenty-somethings to forty-somethings of American/British/Australian nationality. All have proven their acting abilities onscreen with several Academy Award winners . And a couple of them (Portman¬†and Blanchett) Richard has worked/will work with, albeit not in a major capacity. I don’t know if he will have any screen time with Cate in The Hobbit; his work on The Phantom Menace was very slight. Richard has also mentioned Cate as a potential screen partner whose work he admires.

Romola Garai, (gentsanddames@blogspot)

Possible leading ladies for RA? Take a look.

It’s Rockin’ Wednesday, guys & gals!


Time to get re-energized via some videos with a good beat you can dance to (anybody remember American Bandstand?) Luscious screencaps and photos of you-know-who in his Lucas, Guy and Porter modes with sexiness and some laughs along the way. Enjoy!

My imaginary Leap Year letter to RA


Dear Richard,


I suppose it’s already well into your extra day this year. I keep forgetting exactly how far you are ahead of me in time zones (¬†although having several readers from Down Under, I should be more knowledgeable). My insomnia troubles mean that some of my Aussie friends and I are on the blog at the same time.

Will your Leap Wednesday be just another long work day? Or will Sir Peter have some sort of surprise, something special planned to mark the sort of occasion that only happens every four years?  It sounds as if you are having such a wonderful adventure with this once-in-a-lifetime experience. You are committing a bit chunk of your time and plenty of energy to this project; may it benefit you in a myriad of ways.

Speaking of insomnia,¬†I¬†hope you are no longer plagued by it. Your schedule requires lots of stamina which means¬†proper rest and proper refueling to keep your mind, body and soul strong and well.¬† I hope you have plenty of good food, a comfortable bed long enough for that frame and dreams that are sweet and invigorating;¬† I wish you many opportunities for laughter and comraderie, time to reflect, time to simply–be.

And I admit I do hope you’ve found someone special.¬† Oh, overlook me if I become too personal; it’s simply that¬†I want the people who mean a great deal to me, the people who have positively impacted my own life to¬† love and be loved in return by someone truly worthy of them. And I think you are very worthy.

Goodness knows, your characters rarely seem to experience those sorts of relationships; I would like real life to be much better for you. I am the fairy godmother of my fanfic; deep down inside, I wish I could be one in real life.

I just finished watching ¬†Lawrence of Arabia.¬†I¬†don’t believe I have ever seen¬†the entire movie and certainly did not see it in its fully restored¬†wide-screen glory as it was meant to be seen. Watching it made me think of you.

The cast had to commit more than a year to shooting the film; O’Toole said that¬†when a¬†portion of a scene taking place on a staircase¬†had to be¬†reshot, he¬† was fully¬†one year older at the bottom of the stairs than he was when he started walking down the steps.

Lawrence was the movie and the¬†role that made Peter O’Toole an international star. Interestingly he was also¬†a lot taller in real life than the character he was playing; Lawrence was nine inches shorter than O’Toole. And, while a few¬†female characters will appear in your film, LOA had no female speaking roles at all, just some women milling around in the background of a few scenes.

The film was a box office success that¬†won many awards and earned O’Toole an Oscar nomination. We know it is unlikely a fantasy film such as The Hobbit will receive a high number of Oscar nominations¬†even though¬†I’m sure it will¬†richly deserve them.¬†¬†But we have no¬†doubt these two films will be huge successes financially and very likely critically.¬† PJ is no slouch and there’s a ton of talent working on this film in every aspect. And I¬† believe Richard Armitage will be a name known by millions.

I hope you are ready for, as John Rhys-Davies said, the women all over the world who will be chasing you.¬†Ready for¬†audiences¬†everywhere thinking that guy playing Thorin was terrific. ¬†Of course, some of us will take a certain¬†pleasure in the fact we knew you were “one to watch” long before others did.¬† We are pretty proud of having these Good Taste Genes.

Anyway, I have rambled on long enough. Just know that¬†I am proud and happy to be a part of¬† “our little community.”

With love from your devoted admirer from LA,