Guy Candy Time! Whip. That. Hair.


Preparing to whip. that. hair.

Whip it good now, Guy!

He's beautiful when he's thwarted.

I love how Richard incorporated his hair extensions so seamlessly into the character of Guy in the third series. He hid behind that curtain of dirty, tangled hair as the drunken madman in despair, only to transform into the triumphant and beautiful Glamour Guy, who could toss his magnificent mane like the proudest of stallions. Which he is, of course.

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  1. I LOVE the hair flip! He complained that it was so hot under all that hair (temperature wise) during filming, but I think he loved flipping those extensions!!

  2. The word “hot” certainly springs to my mind when I see that hair whip!! 😉

    More than a little OT here but I had just had to share this really weird dream I had last night!!! I appear to have just watched Richard in a play of some kind – although I have no memory what it was about – and when the curtain was raised again for the first curtain call all the actors (there were only about 6 or 8 of them) were completely nude except for this sort of tube affair made of some sheer glittery see-through fabric!!! It didn’t cling to their bodies but seemed to hang from a circular frame which was just above their shoulders!! They all had their backs to the audience but as I seemed to be sitting close to the stage and Richard was on the far left and there were big spaces between the actors, and he was turned ever so slightly to his right, I had more of a side “view” which revealed more than his back, if you catch my drift!!. I can recall staring at his head (HONEST!!) to make sure it was really him and then saying, “Nice”!! in a VERY appreciative voice!!

    See!!!! I told you it was weird!!!! 😀 It sure gave me a laugh when I woke up!! LOL!!

    • LMFAO!! Well, I have some pretty weird dreams myself, Teutcher, you frisky, frisky girl, you! 😉 I once dreamed he was barbecuing hamburgers on my parent’s back porch and having this lovely conversation with them, being very funny and kind and a little shy as he flipped the burgers on their electric grill. He had on jeans and no shirt. He looked good. It was actually a very sweet dream.

  3. I have dreams in which Richard features prominently, not often, some funny, some just … well, what they are. I really chuckled at Thorin in a blue bouffant shower cap, singing “Love Me Tender” in the shower, as I was bringing more towels and a case of shampoo. I sighed as I was fitting a blue silk velvet costume on Richard for the Richard III project, making sure that the pleats and the slashes in the doublet were just perfect; he smiled at me and my heart melted.

  4. I wish my dreams of Richard were more vivid. I wake up knowing I have dreamt of him but can’t recall what they were about, just a vague elusive thread, which is very frustrating. 😦
    S3 Guy’s hair certainly took on a life all of its own!!!

    • So many of my dreams are a jumble but I prize the few I can recall featuring RA. I think Richard could have won an award in the category of Best Hair Acting. 😉

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