It’s Rockin’ Wednesday, guys & gals!


Time to get re-energized via some videos with a good beat you can dance to (anybody remember American Bandstand?) Luscious screencaps and photos of you-know-who in his Lucas, Guy and Porter modes with sexiness and some laughs along the way. Enjoy!

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  1. Loved all three of the vids! Just a few random thoughts: how is it possible nobody noticed that the “Nightwatchman” had breasts? They (costume dept.) didn’t do anything to disguise them! At least Guy got his revenge on “Preachy” in Strike Back as Porter! Ha! “We will rock you” really suits Sir Guy and Portah! A fine choice! Lucas sure could hypnotize any red-blooded female, too bad Ms. Ice Queen had..well, ice in her veins! 🙂 My fav screencap in the last vid is at 3:03 looooooove it! *swooooons*!

  2. Acrually, I address the whole “Nightwatchman was clearly a woman” issue in a couple of my vids. I think one is the Robin Hood Ke$ha Style vid where Sherry creates a medieval disco 😉

    Richard once said something to the effect that Guy had to be “the stupidest man in England” not to realize he was a she. I tend to think he subconsciously knew it all along but couldn’t admit to himself, because what big bad henchman wants to admit he’s being bested by a girl? 😉 Yes, there was definitely a certain satisfaction in Preachy getting his due in SB for pretending to befriend poor tortured Guy.

    • Oh,yes, you did address the issue, I remember that vid! 🙂 And you’re right, Guy must have known it in his heart but obviously it was to embarrassing for him to face up to the fact! 🙂 I thought Preachy behaved abominably in that episode. Have to admit I wasn’t keen on the actor who played Preachy (don’t know his name). He was better in SB, I thought.

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